Turbo round 745 is in the books and the win seemed to be a breeze so it appears I've been left on the hook yet again to exaggerate and hopefully create a smidgen of controversy. Chances are I won't be able to but I will try, for what that's worth. With that being said, let’s have a quick recap on the finer points of the turbo rules for this round:

• 20 members per family
• You were allowed to leave families.
• The family prizes were bumped up a good bit with the top family being able to rake in 75,000 turns for the gold.
• A 10:1 ratio on all turns added, which seems to be about the norm lately.

Now, with the bump in family prizes I was expecting to see a bit more competition in family banking but it was not to be so. Level 4 was taken by those flattering fellas in Super Mega Powers and it was never really in doubt. They also grabbed second place family as the green_cheese ran away with the family gold in about the same manner. As the comments will later state, it is said that Nexus was able to grab the win. A first time winner and a good all-around player which many of you have surely had the pleasure of being hit by or hitting with. Feel free to drop him a "congrats" and make his inbox TMB Famous.

-Level 4-

1. Brock_Samson $160,305,004,137,713
2. VOPOL $35,215,148,308,728
3. ThatGuy $20,656,688,310,334
4. C_bo $18,267,780,241,810
5. Swish_Clatter $13,703,541,947,146

Level 3 is a bit odd in turbo. I'm going to guess everyone has noticed and I'm stating the obvious but in turbo the level 3 gold is able to nab 100,000 turns, whereas in main the gold is a somewhat dysfunctional 50,000 turns. With that being said, I'm generally surprised that the level three ranks in turbo aren't more expensive on a consistent basis. I'm hoping by bringing this to the attention of more people perhaps that it will drive up the cost a little bit. It was quite separated with over 10 trillion being the difference in each of the top 3 ranks.

-Level 3-

1. NINTENDO $40,002,651,105,793
2. Incognito $26,147,531,820,938
3. Trichter $9,010,160,182,098
4. starburst $4,375,723,134,951
5. KrazyKine $2,655,920,831,532

Level 2. . . Good ole add a turn, add a star. One of the most democratic of all levels. Play for a couple of rounds and chances are you have won a single turn and can add it in and try and take a few more with a good group behind you. Why is it a "democratic level"? I have no idea. It sounded good. I like to watch level one at the end of the round and see who pulls a turn to try and hop higher in level two. For a 10:1 ratio round, it truly looks to me as though the ranks were extremely cheap as fourth had 1.1 trillion and fifth was taken with just 900 billion, respectively.

-Level 2-

1. UkuHunta $11,014,160,779,887
2. Meow $4,884,853,739,905
3. P51_Mustang $1,990,366,172,215
4. KingKill $1,141,783,381,467
5. Victor $900,911,069,473

Level 1. Oh what can be said about level 1 that hasn't been said a million times before. Yes, first place was overpriced when compared to level 2. First place and second place could have nabbed first and third in level 2 but that's where the "usual monikers" on level 1 stop for this round. Amazingly the next three ranks ranged from 574 billion to 354 billion. Personally I never thought I'd see the day. Congrats to every TMB player for not overpaying for level 1. This newsperson is pleasantly surprised and at the same time, oddly saddened that a round over round tradition has basically been broken.

-Level 1-

1. Peepingtom $12,646,576,064,123
2. Grumble_and_grunt $7,002,072,040,100
3. GOOGLE $574,236,906,544
4. 011 $514,152,700,201
5. Blah $354,292,694,258

Killers. Wonderful killers. I'd been waiting to come to this portion. Once again we had Gallio in the lead. Now some of you are in the know and some of you aren't so I'm going to take it upon myself to fill you in. Gallio in turbo has not been the same person as Gallio in main. Shocker, right? So who is it you ask? No idea. This is the part where I'm hoping conspiracy theories come in. I'll start the conspiracy off. I've heard murmurs that it is the ghost of Cypriot. See how easy it is? Ok, now it's your turn for the conspiracy theory. One thing I know is that once it is known who it is it'll likely be depressing and far less interesting than any of the conspiracy theories we can come up with. Fifth place killer came in with a surprisingly cheap 547,890 kills. That's the portion where most of you say "aww, if only I could have stayed alive during the round, I could have easily surpassed that".

-Best Supporter Killers-

1. Gallio 12,451,541
2. Chillie_Mcfreeze 2,671,509
3. NINTENDO 2,418,679
4. Bar-B-Que 2,059,511
5. VOPOL 547,890

Free killers is always a nice fight and definitely requires some skill. Skill to stay alive and not be hit by supporters. Skill to not be hit by friends of the other people trying to pass you. Skill of getting the right kills, killing at the right time. Any of you free killer turbo pros who are racking up the medals, please feel free to drop me a note and let us know a few of your strategy points. Of course you don't have to reveal all your secrets but I think the TMB community would like to hear some of it since we all know it's the rank that usually requires the most effort and task effectiveness. This round the player taking the gold had a decent lead on the rest so they get a "way to go". Fourth and fifth were both over 700,000 kills behind the coveted top spot.

-Best Free Killers-

1. Index 1,069,930
2. Dino 641,829
3. Bandito 631,393
4. heller 260,138
5. Tayto_11 217,799

As mentioned earlier, I imagine we were all expecting to see more effort put into the family ranks. green_cheese had the run away as they were looking to maximize the most for all of their members. Crackland wanted to be sure of the win so they banked up plenty for second place and called it quits while ChaSE_The_DraGon got a late start and saw they weren't making it into second so they easily ran into third and called it quits to spread amongst the ranks. The fake Gallio and his 'Roninites' (I think that nickname needs to stick) rounded out fourth with an easy 5.6 trillion and fifth place showed Rejects running around and tossing in just 1.7 trillion to grab the last family rank.

-Collecting Family-

1. green_cheese and_i_cannot_lie $272,523,928,993,152
2. Crackland bernie_bro $131,281,775,372,085
3. ChaSE_The_DraGon Crunk $51,614,869,894,364
4. Ronin Peepingtom $5,649,759,320,098
5. Rejects Wiggles $1,704,857,609,067

For the comments there was not too much but I did ask the main round Gallio how he felt about his newfound fake fame. I am sure the turbo round Gallio will be happy to know he has nothing to fear from the one they call the G-man (I'm probably the only one calling him that).

From Main Round Gallio:
Well all I can say is, if the guy wants to make my name famous then let him, not much I can do about it.

Gallio, your name is already famous, you've been around years. Have some more confidence buddy.

Eck and Lopov were approached for comments and Eck was nice enough to

From Eck:
Why would either of us give you a comment when you make up your own mind what we say.
That's unfair. I just shortened it. Your reply was good enough for me though.

Righty was nice enough to give me a comment luckily, even while knowing that for doing so he may be labeled an outcast of his family.

From Righty:
Well got the win, 1st in 3rd, 1st in 2nd and 2nd in level 1, 2nd in fam. We were happy with outcome and unwilling to spend to get everything. Hopefully someone will actually spend some time soon. Congrats to Nexus on his first win.
That's something we can both agree on. Usually every first time winner is something I am happy about. 'Usually' being the key word. This time I am happy about it. Next time, who knows.

ItasteLikeCandy gave me some deja vu. I'm pretty sure she just copied her comment from last round but she did add to it something nice.

From iTasteLikeCandy:
Congrats Nexus on your win!
Ha! Love it!!

From SexualChocolate:
I'm still waiting for the round 742 review to come out.
That is not my department sir. I am now waiting for a round 745 turbo comment. As is the rest of the TMB community because you hold us each in a level of suspense hoping to hear the next thrilling brain dropping that you can bring us.

Captain_Clutch loves to see his name in the comments. He was nice enough to send an unsolicited comment. I didn't have the heart to tell him that a sixth place rank doesn't receive any turns though because he seemed quite excited to mention that they received sixth in one of the tiers. Nice job, big guy.

From Captain_Clutch:

6th level 4
Silver level 3
Bronze level 2
Gold level 1
4th family

You're welcome mofuckers - I was INCOGNITO.
Blackswan gave perhaps the least insightful but definitely the most accurate and indisputable quote of the round.

From BlackSwan:
The turbo round ended.
That it did. That it did. I know somebody will try to argue and say that is false though.

To wrap up this review, with no fear of being ostracized by his colleagues, we were able to grab a quote from the man of the moment, Nexus himself.

From Nexus:
The win was a complete shock for me. I had no idea it was going to happen. No one told me anything. Then in the main round someone said congrats, then I saw someone posted the prize list on the union board. I was in complete shock and speechless. Took a long time, I never thought I'd ever win a level 4 medal, never mind the gold.

I'd like to thank everyone in the union for helping me achieve this, it was totally unexpected. Still not sure what to say, but thanks again to everyone who helped.
Congratulations to everyone in turbo and please remember, send in those conspiracy theories. In the meantime, keep watching the skies.