Skeemin Still Skeeeeeming! Ravenkc sits down with the TMB heartthrob to see what all the TMB Queens are Moaning about as well as taking a look into the past of a TMB vet player.

Ravenkc: Ladies and Gentlemen of the TMB world tonight I have in the TMB Studio with me a very sexy and likeable guy- well to me anyways I bet he has some fans out there though! He is a TMB Vet who is known for looting and killing and also among the TMB Ladies... Hi Skeemin!!!! how are you??

StillSkeemin™: Hello Sexxy I'm good and yourself

Ravenkc: Well I'm ok- I am sure after we are done and have some wine- I will be fabulous

StillSkeemin™: Oh yea I need a strong shot myself lol

Ravenkc: So I know you have played TMB a long time, so I need you to think about when you first logged in and started to play and give us a bit of history on the Skeemin story

StillSkeemin™: Wow I think I smoke too much to remember those details but let's see it's been over 8yrs. Of course I had no idea what I was getting into but once I logged on I couldn't stop.. had a rough time trying to figure the game out.. been in quite a few families and unions.. SS been home although I like to wonder about.

StillSkeemin™: Can I say I smoke?? Lol

Ravenkc: Did you start off In SS? or is that a fam you have just spent a lot of time in?

Ravenkc: I don't really give a fuck if you smoke or drink just don't burst my TMB bubble darling

StillSkeemin™: I started in an indie family called underground kings and also SBU with intruders for the first year.. was SS after that.. stayed for years before I decided to spread my wings.. but I'm basically back now

-Skeemin Spreads his TMB Wings and Fly’s Straight into TMB JP Winning Union of the Past the Notorious ‘Drop Squad’-

Ravenkc: Tell me about the 'Spreading you're Wings' part of your TMB history?

StillSkeemin™: Well I started roaming about and didn't want to just loot so I started playing my hand at killing.. was doing ok but wasn't anything to shout over until I hit a certain player and he liked my style so I joined him in Drop Squad.. after that was just lots of roaming.. I try to join families to see if I can form some type of chemistry with others.. I pretty much like to make new contacts and piss others off.. I'm very good at that.. but I try to be nice lol

Ravenkc: Who was this certain player? and please give me a recap of Drop Squad era in TMB

StillSkeemin™: That player was Murderer.. What I can say about Drop Squad was that I had lots of fun there.. most know I don't like to follow all the rules and as a member of Drop Squad l wasn't meant to follow any.. was a good time for me as I learned some of the science to killing while I was there..

Ravenkc: Yes well we did have a lot of fun and I do remember you being at ur most active there in Drop Squad you say you met me before but I do remember you killing in Drop Squad and responding to my madness on the boards

Ravenkc: Is there a stand out war or moment in Drop Squad you would like to share with us?

StillSkeemin™: A stand out war, I can't say any stand out to me.. as long as there is action I want in. Lol just can't help myself.. although in the end I do remember something going down with IU members and a battle broke out.. I wasn't sure of what has happened but I was all for some good old fashion fighting and shit talking.. only last that round.. also was the last time I played with Murderer..

Also I have started speaking to you at the time you was Running with WC.. I'd often say hello and you'd ask who am I.. had to make my presence known.. lol but it all worked out being we cool as air conditioning in the winter

-Skeemin Skeeming the TMB Ladies Not Dropping Names So He Can Still Continue his ‘Skeeming Ways-

Ravenkc: yes now that brings me to the next topic skeemin, you are known as a tmb ladies man in the game, can you give me your opinion on that and your most important tmb ladies?

Ravenkc: Infact the concept of you and Murderer being best mates is not something I am surprised about apparently you two would be texting the same tmb ladies.

StillSkeemin™: Say whaaat??? I like the Ladies I come in contact with although there are some I frequently talk to.. as for most important well as I said I speak to many but only have few I speak to often.. but in all reality I am just friendly with them.. can't speak on Murderer intent, my intent is to get to know new people, just so happens I prefer them to be the opposite sex

StillSkeemin™: Not the type to drop names since I still want to chat you all up lol not get attacked cause I pissed you all off..

Ravenkc: Yes that ideology has run its course though darling I think the ladies are well and truly onto you guys! You, Murderer, Fatal… Righty.. the list goes on LOL!!

Ravenkc: Im sure that little thing you guys had going will work on any new female players lol fingers crossed for you guys!!

Ravenkc: Anyway!! Ok so what happened after Drop Squad?

Ravenkc: And that’s why! I don't feel bad about ignoring you lmfao I like shy boys I can boss around and be dominant and possess and whip a few times- I mean if I find out they are chatting to multiple women they have to be executed there is simply no other way to deal with that.

Ravenkc: See you have that skeeming* vibe I was totally onto you from the start!

Ravenkc: (cwl)

StillSkeemin™: I don't play with the ladies I only get to know them so I'm not worried about anything not working being I'm not up to anything lol

After Drop Squad I took a little break mostly, dove into work for a while but would always check in.. had a few minor problems I had to work out as I started to be a bit more active.. I often join a female friend of mine family under an assumed name when I want to lay low..

I have a lovable vibe so I'd like to think.. and you don't ignore me now so I'm happy with the outcome lol

Ravenkc: Yea now you did play with brotherhood for awhile can you tell me about that experience?

StillSkeemin™: Well not really.. I was there for a bit but at that time I couldn't be as active.. so I don't really consider myself really playing there.. didn't really get along too well with them (my opinion) I think we was ok but to them I may have an attitude problem.. don't get me wrong there are some really good players there and maybe one day I can get to give it another shot, who knows..

I've mostly played in every family and union with the exception of 2-3 but the ones I constantly visit are the ones I've built a relationship of some sort with..

-From Indie beginnings to Major League Drop Squad: Skeemin Concludes Discussing the Future of long term Vet Family SS-

Ravenkc: Ok and finally give me ur opinion on SS and the future of SS in contemporary tmb

StillSkeemin™: SS is a great family.. The future of SS will be prosperous. Teamwork alongside Dedication, Determination, and Discipline will make us a powerhouse once again.. Maxx is the most dedicated player in game I know.. hard to Call out specific members being I respect all that come to SS each round and work on building.. the ones that are new that are willing to learn.. and those that been there in the past and still visit at times.. We all the way UP..

Ravenkc: Ok thank you skeemin I am going to play SiZzle the TMB SaUsaGe with you b4 allowing you to have shout outs to ur tmb 'fans' friends, hot lovers and enemies! Are you ready??

Ravenkc: Ok who is ur favourite tmb staff member?

StillSkeemin™: Favorite staff, well I think all staff are great but I often speak to Tiki if I can.. mostly hello lately

Ravenkc: Favourite or most notorious enemies?

StillSkeemin™: Wow that's a tuff one.. I have never thought about that.. I would have to say my buddy belhaven my number one Fan is the best enemy I've had in game..

Ravenkc: Most memorable TMB War?

StillSkeemin™: When IU decided everyone was a target.. that's what got me wanting to get some kill skills for game

Ravenkc: Sexiest TMB Queen?

Ravenkc: (Seeing this major tmb playboy fumble on his reply lmfao)

StillSkeemin™: Come on now you have to ask?? I hope I get this right cause a woman's wrath is dangerous.. lol

Ravenkc: Just one skeemin

Ravenkc: Now u have 5 seconds to comply

*Skeemin takes a while to reply he seems rather nervous*
*He’s got 5 seconds to say my name* LOL

StillSkeemin™: lol I'll say Raven is the sexiest Tmb queen I have seen.. R.I.P to Skeemin cause I know I'm dead now I said a name lol

Ravenkc: Don't worry darling I will protect you :P

StillSkeemin™: Sweeet!!! Lol

Ravenkc: Plus you can just say “what could I say she was right in front of me”

Ravenkc: Ok best game style looting collecting or killing?

StillSkeemin™: Killing and looting.. I love them both..

Ravenkc: Ok hmm what do you think of that mad guy called V? *he is on my mind*

StillSkeemin™: Who?? Don't think I know em.. I like the ladies not the fellas lol. Just kidding I like all I come to build a chemistry with but I don't think I know the "V" guy unless he has an alias..

Ravenkc: Haha he just someone of my fans

StillSkeemin™: Guess he just got famous then lol

Ravenkc: oH no.. he is well known in the game

Ravenkc: Ok Skeemin thank you for your long-term commitment to The Mafia Boss I am sure you have had as much fun as you have created for others as well killing or kissing TmB QuEeN bOoTy!!! Please take time to shout out to everyone you wish over your 8 years of game play xx

StillSkeemin™: Kissing booty isn't my thing.. I'm into spanking it but let's keep it PG for the kiddies.. lol

Ravenkc: Well I could have said sniffing TMB Queen Arsehole but that would be inappropriate and slightly disturbing I think this is why the Camel Riders in BH put up with me- I can say stuff like that and it really Doesn’t seem to bother them.

-Skeemin is HiGh Beeemin! And Makes His TmB Shout Outs!-

StillSkeemin™: I'd shout out all of SouthSide, Loco, All the people I get to know and have gotten to know.. those still here and those that aren't.. way too many names.. enemies and frienemies.. family and associates.. without everyone in game I'd have nothing to do.. of course I'm going to shout out the staff Tiki, Storm.. Ravenky, Chopperjo.. Blondie is always angry with me but I hope she know I mean well (that's my homie Taco) Evil_Buu, and if I didn't mention you it's only because I've been drinking and well you know I don't care if you are mad at me cause you know I like that

Well That was great! This is Ravenkc Live Tonight Grilling Skeemin Like a piece of TMB Man Meat Just for all You Sexy Folks out there! Hope you enjoyed and we will see you next Time!!

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