Dear Teembeers here we go with the review of the round 780. This was a slow paced round, with a pretty expected ending. Wondering got the Jackpot and as usual there was no competition, which became an easy win.

Rounds are full of dead bodies and in this round with nothing changed. Main families / union are involved in hit each in order to ruin each other round as much they can... Family ranks Pinoy ranked first, then all the rest. In union field The_New_Russia got the gold followed by NATO in second and IC in third. Here we had IC not joining Nato union and forming a union by themselves. It did pay well since larger number of players was rewarded with turns in my opinion. Yet again there was forth union, no, no Mercenaries this time but Foundhell nation. Did they just make the wrong evaluation of their possibilities?

Killer ranks again this round very interesting to watch. In supporter killer ranks we had a level 3 player being able to get a killing medal. Fight was tough in free ranks too and leader was changing on an hourly basis, in last day we had 3 players close in kills and able to make the run for top position. Killers values were quite low in both killing tiers.

This round however I got only 8 replies??????

Ranks were as follows……


-Level 4-
1.Wondering $20,772,521,289,903
2.JoeBatters $8,007,141,681,376
3.Viking_Slap $3,930,320,545,061

Wondering won the jackpot with 20.7 trillion. That was less than half of his collect rest of the money he used to boost his comrades. For me is always interesting how players deal with JP run, and you can easily say who is selfish and who isn’t selfish. JoeBatters silver was at 8 trillion. Bronze in level 4 went for 3.9 trillion. Quite expensive if compared to past round. I got completely ignored here from our level 4 medal rankers.

-Level 3-
1.YuGo $4,012,377,218,066
2.Mitsui $2,034,142,836,314
3.Rogerized $1,842,010,450,385

Level 3 was again less expensive than what we were used to. In this round level 3 gold medals were just above 4 trillion, silver went for half the value and bronze for 200 billion less. Last 3 position in level 10 were fought for with 3 players just above half trillion values.

from YuGo
Hello there!Thanks, i am very happy & i feel proud with it. The main round started with a lot of surprises, people were discussing if it was the end of iu, some were even celebrating it & msging me, well it was all just part as you could call it 'art of war' we showed once again our skills and force we did again what had to be done and we left all of the competition far behind us with some sand in their eyes. For the haters i have a msg, there is no santa claus. I just want to add one more thing, to all the people who are questioning me & msging me , i have been playing the game for over 9 years with some time off in between I am in the best family i ever was and i would like to thank evryone from my union for their help & support!
Quite a reply here, Thank you Yugo.

from xxxxxx
We slacked but still managed to ranked. Almost completed my set,
but will try again next time

Yes, the name is hidden here, we value our customers privacy

-Level 2-
1.skeet $5,000,576,859,142
2.Winter $2,011,833,974,351
3.Evil_Buu $1,202,648,576,311

This round Gold medal in level 2 was paid 5 trillion. Quite expensive. Silver and Bronze went for usual values. Level 2 is often the less expensive tier in game but this round skeet and / or his friends wanted to make it sure its gold place it seems. Interesting was 10th position in level 2 paid out for under 10 billions. Another level were no one wanted to speak to me.

-Level 1-
1.FATAL $4,000,500,214,638
2.Nakita $1,000,176,444,814
3.JRonald $755,121,761,014

In level 1 I don’t know what happened to the usual value of little above half trillion for gold medal. We saw 4 trillion paid for gold in order to make a statement? Silver went for one trillion and bronze went for 750+billions. Level 1 was an expensive one. Now Fatal could jump tiers and get a better ranking in two or three with his 4 trillion. Level 1 players winning medals ignored me too.


In supporter killer ranks we saw players jumping above the 2 million kills just in last part of the round. Roger was staying quite well and alone in top position for most of earlier part of round. However, towards end of the round Mphibious shown up and taken the lead in supporter killer ranks. Monkeykilla was coming up and being in third position but last day we seen Vito_Menotti a level 3 player jumping in third place and holding it until the end. Numbers were low but with almost whole game dead and the few survivors quite overbuilt we can't expect big killer numbers. Here I got exactly the same replies as in Level 4, Level 2 and Level 1. Zilch. Nada.

-Best Supporter Killers-
1. Mphibious 2,089,532
2. Roger 2,013,403
3. Vito_Menotti 1,799,024

Free Killers were very interesting with few players fighting to be in leader position in second half of round we had 4 players who were all between 350 and 320 thousands kills and could make the run for gold position. I couldn't predict how the free killers could finish. However, SaiDu at end got the gold with 386 thousand kills. Not a high number of kills for gold definitely but considering the game state sometimes I admire the level 1 players beeing able to collect any kills . All the medal places in free killer ranks were near to each other with xTrinty in 3rd closing down ro Ajax in 2nd Final results showing just 4 thousands between em, a close call.

-Best Free Killers-
1.SaiDu 386,642
2.Ajax 368,411
3.xTrinity 364,155

from Ajax
Hello, Tbh, I didnt take much notice of the round in general..too busy with work. But i enjoyed myself using Foundhell as target practise and then found myself in the killer ranks. I had a couple of tohs killing and then thought there could be a chance. Work ended my chances in the end, but special shout to Harryverderchki...He must have liked my aftershave based on how much time has spent chasing me around
Kicking in Ajax! Aftershave line, was good, like really good

from xTrinity
Hey So last round was my second round in Skid fam. After spending almost 4 years in IU i thought it would be hard to get used to another family but blink, Matty and the rest showed me great support and they all are great friends to play with. About the medal well I tried my best to hold first position until day 2 because i was not sure if i would play whole round. Two hours before eor i login and im on third position. I tried to kill a bit more but couldn’t stay in first. It was or gold or bronze for me i didnt wanna another silver. Glad Ajax killed a bit more and i was able to get bronze. Thanks again Skids for the great support. Im happy to met you guys . much love xx
Yes xTrinity, Free level killers were really interesting to watch.


In family ranks, well PINOY_N_CO won it again. This time 9 trillions was enough and Southside was second with 8 trilions in their banks. SS had quite a nice net-worth, it seems their NAP’ing out to almost everyone helped them. Pinoy_N_Co are leading these family ranks and I don't see which family could really contest their leadership here anytime soon. UC_Walhalla seen quite populated union ranks so went as family and was able to achieve 3rd place. Skidmark_United was 4 th. CapoDiTuttiCapi closed the family ranks in 5th place. Nameless this time weren't able to show in family ranks.

-Collecting Family-
1. Pinoy_N_Co THEALLM1GHTY $9,000,998,110,674
2. SouthSide_Elite MaDd_MaXx $8,037,258,174,925
3. UC_Valhalla Ragnar_Lothbrok $4,312,638,108,964
4. Skidmark_United Matty $3,594,711,928,490
5. CapoDiTuttiCapi Roger $2,342,100,426,752

from Hollywood_Hubert
UC had a Vikings theme other than that business as usual. Thought the round went alright we had some pretend tough guys mess with us they were blood eagled and then drank ale from curved horns that Odin prepared for us.
I see HH, drinking ale from horns has to be an experience!

from MaXx
lvl 4 7th ..
lvl 3 5th
lvl 2 3rd
lvl 1 2nd
family tier we got 2nd
again where my haters at lol .
its been good with us lately ..
but as always we have haters .. guess who lol ...…
Pretty sure this is first time ever Maxx replied me. Thank you!


Union ranks showing The_New_Russia in top position as expected. After all they were leading union ranks whole round.. NATO was second like always even their don TAMMYGUNZ being frozen didn't hurt them in term of ranking union. I believe this is rare when a Don gets a trip to Antarctica, well done. These two unions are focused on hitting each other and continuously hitting the bots religiously. But NATO this time was without InnerCircle. Funny fact we had even fake InnerCircle family this round. However, IC went union by themselves and got third place. Foundhell formed union too and the move did not pay well since they were not able to get in union ranks. Not so well done! Union ranks nowadays pay out well just for an active bunch, since collecting is almost impossible active looting is a must. However, having 4 unions with different situations led to quite an expensive union ranking finish!

-Collecting Union-
1.The_New_Russia Wondering $14,027,805,213,058
2.NATO Chrispy $8,461,272,464,749
3.Inner_Circle Tru_Mafioso $6,213,441,349,735

from KiLLer_BeauTy
Hi, We had a great eor, even with practically the whole game against us we still made out amazingly great I must say.
Level 4 Gold Wondering
Level 4 silver JoeBatters
Level 3 Gold Yugo
Level 2 Gold skeet
Level 1 Gold FATAL aka SHOOTER
Gold Union
Wondering did an awesome job I must say
If ranker's mentioned wanna leave a comment they can do so
Thank you killer beauty

from Viking_Slap
Obviously we had a setback when one of our key players which was our boss and a don of the union was frozen for certain reasons. Unfortunately, we wore down a couple of key players that were out of the country or traveling that made it difficult to play. So, I'm very satisfied with half a crew in which we activated 3 days into the round to take silver as a union and a couple of tier medals. Definitely, it is good to have people step up and play when times require it!
True dat. It’s always nice when you aren’t sure how the round will finish up due to important missing’s, and you get a good return and solid ranking positions.


Ok we arrived to our BROWN SEA CUCUMBER AWARD section...

Section a) Didnt reply me
Section b) Hit me in game - very, very, very bad people
Section Ted Evelin Mosby) Ones who send me recruiting messages, invites, non-business related messages
& NO, no free turns for that as usual...


Section A)
Seriously guys!??

Section B)
No one hit me. I got some hitman’s now I rule my Neighborhood and no one is touching me.

Section Ted Evelin Mosby)
from God
You're a grand disappointment
- God
I almost cried here God.


NOW, we arrived to the reward section! The one with real turns .

The award is called LOOSE CANNON. BUT, I personally call it Bartholomew Simpson Foundation Award.

This is awarded to a single person each round that does the most courageous or most random and goofy thing of the round and will bring 15,000 turns to the winner.

This round winner is TAMMYGUNZ the don who went to visit North Pole. Well done!

Please contact Tiki for your reward.

You think you have someone to propose for the Bartholomew Simpson Foundation Award aka Loose Cannon Award? Contact me in game!