Hello everybody and welcome to another special edition of BREAKING NEWS. With what is now becoming general custom, I got this idea from a comment that was made during a recent mini round review. A member of Southside made the comment. It went a little like this.

We have been shitting on them for the past few rounds not letting them rank when we constantly pull rank everywhere
The player from Southside was referring to Nameless, a family who consistently pulls 20 plus members per round, but does not consistently perform well in the rankings.

I decided it was time I message some of the members of Nameless to ask them why they stick with a family that does not rank consistently. To ask them if they care about ranks, and any other general comments they have.

The first response I got was from HolyFather:

From Holyfather:

I joined the warehouse because they are good people. I stick with the warehouse because they are good people.. it’s as simple as that really. If I or anyone else cared about ranks then we wouldn’t be here.

About SS, they like talking shit in blogs but its funny how they all go quiet when I rape their ops every round. Took 1.6 million last round, this round I will take 2.6 #FortheMotherfucking29!
Thanks for the reply Holy father.

Your point about Southside members jumping ship when the ranks dry up is an interesting one. As history has shown only a handful of families have managed to keep a core group of players when they have not consistently been performing well in the rankings, so you may be right, or not..

The Second response I got was from Schofield

From Schofield:

I did not notice we do not rank
This message can have two meanings. Meaning one, Schofield does not care about ranks. Or Meaning two, Schofield is so inactive he doesn’t even notice if the family ranks or not. Perhaps he is one of them players who logs in now and again, looks around and logs off, or perhaps not.

After observing Schofield game play for the next few days I can confirm he is relatively active. I guess he doesn’t give a shit.

The third response I got was from MrMysterio. Here is what he had to say.

From MrMysterio

Domenico and Damien are great. Being in NaMeLeSs is like being in a real family. My past family kicked me out because they felt leaving me to play a round could harm their ranks if I didn't play enough. That family told me to rejoin them the next round, just sit this one out.

A REAL family, a mafia family does not do that. We have a code in NaMeLeSs and I can't speak of it. I gave my blood on a Saint to never speak. However, rank does not matter to us, we have a bond and that is what matters. Plus Dom and Damien send us all monthly checks if we do good. I can't tell you the amounts because we don't want issues with the IRS.

Anyway, I could tell you more but, I would have to kill you...so, I'll just say, NaMeLeSs is an amazing family.

Monthly pay checks you say? I knew there was something fishy going on, you sneaky bastards!

With regards to the comment made about your past family booting you because you could not be active for one round, is it me or do them types of families not tend to last long?

The next response I got was from Fasano.

From Fasano:

Who is southside? Nameless is the only family that will send me an invite.

The only thing I careabout in life is ranking on an online mafia game. It makes me feel special about my otherwise mundane existence.
The only family, I have a sneaky suspicion that you are a smelly player Fasano. There is nothing worse than a smelly TMB player. You should spend that monthly check on a good bar of soap and some other products lol. Jokes aside I think the true meaning of Fasano’s comment is obvious here..

The next response I got in was from the boss of Nameless, Domenico. Here is what he had to say.

From Domenico:

We have been a single family for two and a half years now, the last thing I did before bringing the family back as an indie unit was be don of the Titans union, which was a mess. The only exceptions is one round where Snake and I each made a family, and the round recently when we joined Clutch's
union just to troll him.

The ranks have never been important to us. I have always taken the mantra that we will take what we can get, but its not a focus of ours. I usually run our end of round with the goal of getting a family rank, then throwing in some tiers. But every person here realizes that is a bonus, and not a goal. We have had some people here that we let in temporarily that just don't last more than a round or two because of this mentality.

The biggest reason we have a core that sticks with us beyond this is pure loyalty. And that's not necessarily loyalty to the family, but the loyalty that I show to every person that becomes a regular here. This is a family. I don't care how busy you are in real life, or how productive you are in the game. If you sign in and join this family and make it your home, you will always have a home here no matter your situation. I have never booted someone because they don't produce enough or they aren't active enough. One of the biggest things I pride on is just our consistency of membership.

Another thing is how long most of us have known each other. Ive been playing with, for, or against most of the family for a decade now. We have a lot of people who used to run families or unions who welcome the role of being able to produce and help out when they can, but knowing they have a set home with friends when life keeps them busy. Scoller is a perfect example of that.

As far as what type of people I let into the family, I am always on the lookout. I look for names I know, and love to pick people up when a union or a family disbans. You never know when someone who has been in one union for a long time is just going to be sick of their leadership, or their naps, or their style of play, and want a refreshing change of scenery in a family where they can do what they want or play how they want. Damien is a perfect example of that, with his past Ronin history.

We don't usually keep open invites out, and I don't like to add more than one or two people at the same time, but always be recruiting has landed us some gold over time. I am also always on the lookout for old school indie players. We try to play to that heart with a twist to adapt to the current rules. Fasano is a perfect example of that.

And as far as further comments on SS, ive got nothing left to say there. They can run their mouth all they want. We still have our fun.
Thank you for the very detailed reply Domenico. I have nothing more to say here, I think Domenico’s statement is pretty self-explanatory.

The next person to reply to me was Domenico’s right hand man, Damien. Here is what he had to say.

From Damien:

Well, I’d like to start by saying it’s in bad taste to copy and paste the same exact message to multiple people and only change the name of the addressed….you’re better than that

Secondly, I’d like to thank you for noticing our commitment to the real be all end all of TMB: Loyalty.

Nameless, to me, is exactly how it sounds … one name no more important than the next. In the Warehouse the number of stars on your profile doesn’t affect your status or put your agenda on a pedestal … there’s no drama over tiers or who works harder than the rest yada yada ya … there’s no drama period; and when there is, that player is usually gone with a quickness cuz in general that shit just don’t play in Vegas.

Are ranks the be all end all? Well...click that “Past” link and see how many pages of ranks you find – 11 years worth of EOR glory that come and go every 10 days. Do we remember some rounds or finishes better than others? Of course; a job well done is worth being proud over. But the reality of it is this game has transformed into a community of its own, creating worldwide friendships that run on for years, and none of that means a damn thing without real loyalty.

Each round we do what we can to spread cash to both thank those who put the time and effort in that bout, as well as what would be most efficient to help the fam in the future. Nobody ever gets pissy about it because we’re real as can be and don’t have a problem being passed up for somebody more deserving. Hell, my favorite EOR was a turbo where I damn near had to beg one of our most tenured members to take a Gold so the cash didn’t go to waste – THAT’S the kind of players we have here. Not worried about the spotlight or recognition – but whatever they can do to help the family along.

We’re here for each other, no other reason. We take an interest in each other’s lives, and enjoy signing in to bullshit about whatever’s on our mind...and occasionally we enjoy a good troll job on those we feel may have lost the plot.

In conclusion, I’ll say that despite our nonchalant approach to gaining internet stardom, the majority here are seasoned veterans to TMB with plenty of history running families, unions, and EORs and though we no longer feel the need to measure our virtual penises we will always hold our own when challenged – but we will do it how WE see fit and never let anyone’s opinions or comments dictate our gameplay. For the 29!
I am better than that Damien. I am the best. I have the best words. Nobody writes words better than me. Not even Trump. Thank you for acknowledging my superiority and thanks for the detailed response. Your reply tends to correspond with what everyone else in your family has to say, a part from Fasano who I suspect is taking the piss out of Southside. Judging by the replies it seems as if Nameless do not give a shit about ranks. I honestly can say I am not surprised, in order to maintain such a consistent roster of players over a prolonged period of time, without consistently ranking really says it all.

Perhaps one or two other families and players can learn a thing or two from the men and women who occupy the warehouse. Ranking is not the be all and end all of the game. Respect, Loyalty and Friendship should always come first. At least that is how I see it. Others may tend to disagree.

To wrap things up here is a comment from a player who is considered by many to be one of the biggest up and coming rank whores in the game.

From Clutch:

To start, fuck you.

Second, yes, ranking is the most important part of the game. Anyone else who is saying otherwise, is either full of shit, lying, or doesn't have a chance at ranking so they hate it on principal.

The ultimate goal of TMB is to win the jackpot that's where the real money/prizes are at. It's nearly impossible to win a JP though because of a few things.

1) The sheer amount of money that has to be spent to win it usually being greater than the actual JP itself.

2) The JP rotations, where a specific group of individuals just take turns winning it, uncontested.

3) The actual price of the subscriptions and credits - they're way too high, when compared to other games and services.

As for just normal tiers and family/union ranks - if you're not trying to win any of those as an individual or family, then what the hell are you doing here?

If you're just looking to socialize, go hop in a chat room or something instead.

The is a game;

If you're playing the game to lose, just quit. With that said, there are certainly victories you can achieve without earning medals.

I know many members get their 'kicks' out of preventing certain families or individuals from getting medals, and that's certainly one strategy, though it doesn't make much sense in the long term to just be a cocksucker 24/7.

To say I'm a rank whore is definitely an insult, and meant to be one, but in reality, I've put a lot of work into looting, recruiting, networking, and strategizing, which has led me to many opportunities to go for ranks. Contrary to popular belief, I don't just jump at every and all opportunities to rank. The real rank whores in this game are the folks that have been here the longest.

Go look at Lopov and co, Almighty and co, etc... these guys have like 10 of each killer medal, and double-digit JP's - that's rank whoring. Getting medals, on purpose, when you already have the set complete - and others in their families don't have those medals those are the real rank whores ...
This is TMB_Reporter… later…