Update: Things certainly did not stay calm for long. What started out as war between two unions has now turned into a world war between three of TMBs top unions. Inner Circle, SuperMegaPowers and now IOU.

The word on the street is that IOU was having trouble with Zeppo (UC) hitting their looters so Bender and Daniele (IOU) killed Zeppo. Zeppo retaliated by killing Daniele and hitting his operatives. Hollywood Hubert (UC) refused to stop the hits and things escalated quickly from there.

Eck (IU), being the cunt that he is, threatened to kill all of IOU if there were any more hits on UC or any other SuperMega mobsters. That must not have set very well with Galaxy (IOU) as he then killed several UC mafioso’s including HollywoodHubert. That is when things really started to get bloody.

Eck built to over 5 million DU and began his bloody rampage through the IOU membership by killing the IOU banker Dawg and anyone else that was in his range. Once Jacyln and ILOVEBITES saw Eck building, they went straight for Righty, leaving him dead and defenseless. Righty swiftly recovered and now stands strong with 2.3m du and 4.6m operatives. (Maybe planning on making another run for the JP?)

Eck didn’t fare so well. After his rampage he rebuilt to a respectable 2.2m defensives and seemed to be standing tall. But last night out of nowhere comes Roro, leaving him defenseless once again. The ironic thing about this, is that Roro was a member of the SuperMega Union and was in the BL4CK_S4ILS family. Unfortunately, Roro didn’t stay alive for very long as Righty promptly zeroed him and the night ended with the streets splattered in blood once again.

It has certainly been an eventful round, with plenty of action and it will be interesting to see how this all plays out for EOR.

That’s it for now. Keep your eyes open and your nose to the ground!

Ink-Slinger signing off!

__________________________________________________ ___________

It is 3 a.m and I am snuggled down all nice and comfy in my bed enjoying the hottest, most intense sex dream that I have ever had, when the damn phone starts screaming near my ear. Still half asleep (and not really wanting to awaken from this fucking dream), I grope around on the night stand until I find my mobile and groggily force out a weak hello. “Los Angeles – Inner Circle, dead bodies everywhere!”, was all he said before I heard a click and all further communication was lost. I immediately recognize the callers voice as that of Jimmy the Midget, my confident extraordinaire.

Jumping out of bed, I hurriedly grabbed the clothes I was wearing only a few short hours before, and out the door I went. Fifteen minutes later I arrived at the scene to find a horrific sight of dead and dying bodies littered everywhere. If I didn’t know better, I’d think I was in a slaughterhouse. I don’t know what started this war, but I’m sure as hell going to try to find out!

Stepping over dozens of bodies, I glance at the faces to see if I can recognize anyone. The first face I see is that of Inner Circle boss, ID, laying in a pool of blood. He was shot in the back of the head. Not far from him, I see the body of Torm, the family Consigliere. Yesterday at this time, both men were alive and well with a million plus DU. Now they are dead, with zero defenses protecting several hundred K ops. Not a good situation at all.

I travel on and see the MuRd3r3r5 Family Consigliere, “IC” collapsed over a desk, apparently shot from behind. An old elevator shaft is nearby and as I peer over the edge, I see the bodies of two additional men. One is that of Jackie_D-Amico. Jackie started his Mafia career as a low ranking soldier in the Gambino family and later earned a captain ranking with Inner Circle after running loansharking and gambling rings. Lying next to him is the body of TommyPichero, a relatively newcomer with Inner Circle. Both Mafioso’s were left defenseless with only a handful of operatives.

Entering the parlor and looking to the right, I see the slender body of a woman, with beautiful long legs dressed in the finest silk stockings money can buy. I know immediately that this is the body of Killer Beauty, another newcomer to IC but one that has certainly been leaving her mark as looter and killer. Not far away I notice BigAnt23 (another fast rising newcomer) and SnoMan sprawled out on the sofa. All dead, with only operatives left.

There are still many more bodies, but at this point I’ve seen enough and really need to try and find out what happened to cause all this. On my way out I see a large crowd gathered around a dozen or so ambulances. Forcing my way through the crowd (grrrrrr…people can be so rude when it comes to news reporters trying to do their job) I see three men on gurneys being loaded into the waiting ambulances. I know the men as Bono, Nino and Righty. According to the ambulance driver, the war erupted after Bono started talking shit and threatening Inner Circle. Inner Circle’s response was to kill Bono and after that it was GAME ON!

Nearest I could gather, it went down something like this:

• Bono talks shit and threatens Inner Circle
• Mafioso “IC” tells Bono to leave LA
• Bono replies with FUK u CuNT
• “IC” kills Bono, Bono rebuilds and kills “IC” and other Inner Circle members
• “IC” rebuilds and kills Nino and Righty
• Nino rebuilds only to get killed again by BigAnt23
• Nino rebuilds and kills BigAnt23
• Righty rebuilds
• Current Jackpot = $1325

The current situation finds Bono is still in LA with 0 DU and a handful of operatives. Righty and Nino have both rebuilt. Torm is showing signs of life with 184k DU. The rest of Inner Circle/ICUP are yet to rebuild. So for now, things are quiet on the streets of Los Angeles. But it’s still 4.5 days to end of round so at this point, anything can still happen. Should be interesting to see how the next few days progress.

That's it for now!
Ink-Slinger signing off!