(noun) Violent anger caused by the stress and frustration involved in driving a motor vehicle in difficult conditions. Such behavior might include rude gestures, verbal insults, deliberately driving in an unsafe or threatening manner, or making threats.

Angry drivers! First I'd like to get it out there that I am an angry driver. Not angry in the sense that I will run your ass off the road, but angry in the way that I will call you a cunt for little reason.

When I was taking my driving lessons, I tried really hard to be a good driver. I paid attention, did as I was told, and I was extremely nervous when taking my test. Nowadays, it seems like most people pass their tests by sucking off the examiner. Or the examiner slept through the whole thing. Or the examiner is in fact a bit of a cunt.

Rather than 'crossroads', in England we tend to have a rather large amount of roundabouts. Where I live in particular, they are everywhere. You approach the roundabout, look to your right to make sure it is clear, and carry on driving. The amount of useless fucks that actually stop, regardless, makes me boil. I think this is where my son has learned all of his bad language. I just can't help it. "IT'S CLEAR YOU MOTHER FUCKER, GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!", seems to be something that I scream most often.

Another annoying shit fuck thing to do, is drive slowly in the passing lane. They think that because they are travelling 1 mile an hour faster than the car they are passing, it means they can take all fucking day about it. "NO CUNT, MOOOOVE". When I leave work, I actually want to arrive home on the same day. I'm not sure others feel the same though. I like to think that a speed limit, is actually a target speed, and anything below this makes you a real fuckhead.

Like what the fuck is up with people stopping when the traffic lights turn amber? "GO YOU CUNT, FFS THAT MEANS HURRY UP AND GOOOO, NOT STOP!" I can always tell with the model of car in front, that soon enough I'm going to get angry.

• Toyota Yaris
• Ford Fiesta
• Peugeot 106
• Any model of Skoda

As I find myself behind one of these shit pieces, the eyes start rolling, the lights begin to flash, and my angry face is pressed against the windshield, dribbling down myself.

Vans are just as bad. Namely plain white ones. You just know for sure there's gonna be some middle aged, tattooed builder fuck sitting in there, driving like a cock at a low speed in the fast lane, with a "fuck off, the world owes me something" shit look slapped all over his face.

And Old people. Ooooh old fucking people! You cunts get a free BUS PASS!!! Use the fucking bus, or go die on someone else's time. Just get the fuck outta my way.

As far as super powers go, most people would want to be able to fly, or have x-ray vision, or super human strength. I would just want the power to point at people and they die. There would be smashed up cars and corpses all over the road. Like the cops would arrive, see a body at the side of the road and be like "must have been driving like a cunt, serves them right!"

Have you had any shit driving experiences? Are you a road rager? If so, share them below in the comments!

All my bats, bLiNd x