Scene 1- Night
Birdies Cafe and Lounge Bar

As I sipped on my cappuccino and checked my emails, I got a text on my phone, as my phone was new I had not added all my numbers but this number in particular looked familiar. It was a Scottish number as I remembered the country code- I clicked it open, perhaps it was my ex husband Coca complaining about me still buying shit on his credit card. It was not Coca, it was someone I had not heard from in 2 years, it was Eck.

I sat still for a second and kinda just gazed at the screen like a dumb founded cunt, I mean the last I had heard from Eck he did tell me to kill myself and that was because I went off on some crazy love business deal with Michael and that had also been 2 years ago. Ok so I thought get a fucking grip if he wanted you dead, you would be dead he must want to talk to you. But what if he finds out about Frank? Omg my heart started racing, “read the message idiot” I said to myself”

Eck: Hey Raven it’s been a while, are you ready to come home?

Wtf!? He must have either forgotten about the ordeal with Michael and Shiekh and MissMack,s crazy story about me splitting up the union like fucking Helen of Troy or this could also possibly be a set up!? As I sat there with my phone in hand all the thoughts in the world were running through my head, from memories of the time period, Eck abusing me, Mack making up stories, hot sex with Michael in the car that night oh god.

Frank returned from the men’s room and sat down, I had been working with IOUs Frank Cali for months now, I liked and respected him. However our relationship was always strictly business, I looked into his face, he was handsome and had that air of wisdom about him, he also ran several upper class brothels and whore houses and was constantly surrounded by women that looked like porno stars. No woman in their right mind could consider dating this guy, I personally am very possessive I could not bare my man around women constantly and ones that are ready to sit on ya cock for a sniff of the good stuff, which Frank had plenty of. However he always said to me he is not interested in dating his workers, I for one could never trust that, besides every single time he said it I thought he was mocking me.

Frank_Cali : So what’s wrong now? I can tell by the look on your face something is wrong?

Raven: Nothing is wrong, the coffee is hot and I burnt my tongue.

Frank_Cali: You will turn into a coffee pot soon. Have you covered the deal with Ilovebites on the new shipment of guns coming in? I don’t want there to be any issues with Brotherhood.

Raven: I told you, I’m sweet with Brotherhood, they are family to me.

Frank_Cali: they might be ‘family ‘ to you but they are always trying to kill me.

I smiled at Frank, I did know exactly what he was talking about and who he was talking about, but I knew Soulja, Viking and Hypocrisy were playing around, I knew they would never really take Frank out. Plus the fact Frank was also very fast with his weapon and had two notorious Queens Blackswan and Ilovebites and their entourage back him up every step of the way.

Frank gave me a gaze like you know something but you are not telling me kind of look.

Frank: So I heard Eck is back.

I just looked up at Frank and into his eyes.

Raven: Um yeah I did hear that myself.

Frank just stared at me blankly waiting for me to continue. Fuck I hate that look and I also hate when he goes blank arrgh God.
Raven: Ive known Eck for about 6 years Frank, you know that.

Franks eyes looked like ice and he didn’t say anything he threw a $50 on the table stood up and walked out of Birdies.

I sat there shaking and confused I felt very upset, I sat there for another hour collecting my thoughts.

Scene 2- Day ‘THE Vault’ IC Headquarters

Recently I had been talking with TUJ, my once arch enemy infact I still didn’t really know how I felt about him, for almost a year we were at war, but finally we figured we were both mislead and deceived from outer evil parties and we ended up shaking hands and were on our way, I mean if we couldn’t kill each other in over a year of trying to I felt we both met our match and we should just get on with it.

I had a meeting with his Boss ID, I honestly thought it was rude Frank sent me to do this considering most of IC literally hate me from the war with TUJ, but I put on my brave face got dressed, did my make up and was on my way, of course I was armed there was no fucking way id go into IC territory unarmed. I walked past some faces I recognized, QuAG, action_JACKSON and pretty boy Jackie. Jackie was always nice to me, I knew him for the better part of seven years ever since he was a blonde run away kid always trying to steal shit and selling it for cash, he had grown up into a handsome young blonde man and for some reason always did show me respect.

Quag: Well if it isn’t the totally insane Queen Killer herself Raven.

Action_Jackson: Cut any dicks off and eat them lately Raven?

Raven: Well I was thinking of cutting yours off JACKSON but it would not be a very big meal.

Action_Jackson: well you are curvy I bet you eat a lot.

Raven: Uh huh, oh and Jackie while patting me down don’t try feeling me up like last time.

Jackie: Its Always a pleasure Raven

Jackie smiled at me, god he was pretty good looking back in the day I would have had him no worries however I AM MARRIED now and need to get those thoughts from my mind besides that I am like an Aunty to the kid.

Jackie: Ok umm spread ya legs Raven

I felt Jackie's hand slowly slide up the inside of my thigh, I Was wearing a pinstripe female Chanel suit with a pencil skirt im glad I had my un ripped fishnet stockings on, oh god his hand ran down the inside of my other thigh then up to my arse, he felt around I didn’t know to feel uncomfortable or turned on.

ID: Jackie get your hands off Raven before you get us all killed please.

Arghh, thank god my cheeks were red this was weird.

Raven: Thanks ID

I quickly fixed my skirt and jacket, wtf was just happening, I followed ID through the lobby of this mansion they called ‘The Vault’ I thought about all the private meetings they must have had with Frank while I was at war with TUJ, I felt ANGRY again I put my hand into my Kardashian bag and felt around for my pistol, then realized Jackie didn’t even check my bag, just copped a free feel again, that made me madder.

I reached the conference room and seen Blackswan sitting there with Ilovebites and TUJ Was sitting at the head of the table he smiled at me.

TUJ: Raven its so good to see you!

I really didn’t know if he was joking or for real I kind of half smiled.

Raven: likewise.

Ilovebites: Come sit next to me Raven, we all have much to discuss.

Blackswan: About that wine. TUJ was just saying he has some bottles shipped in from Italy

I smiled at the two mafia queens, both I loved for different reasons, I sat down, I knew Blackswan was wanting the wine to get the two boys drunk so we could make an even sweeter deal.

Scene 3- Two Days Later- NIGHT - My apartment

It was night, I rolled over felt like I had only just came in from the night out till I held up my phone and realized the time, the date and the 30 unread messages.

Raven: FUCK

WTF Did bites and swan have that wine drugged?? fucking great Id been drugged with some date rape drug, I felt my body, wtf was I WEARING some kind of silk lingerie, my heart started pounding, all I could think of was my husband, I loved him and why was I dressed like this and where the fuck was everyone else.

I heard a noise-- someone was sitting in the corner of the room in the dark, a man in a suit I scrambled off the bed and stood up, I was scared.

Lopov: You have been laying there sleeping for hours, I thought you said you were off that shit these days.

Raven: Don’t you IU boys ever hear of calling someone first before making yourself at home Jesus fucking Christ

Lopov: Looks like you had a wild night, where is your husband?

I quickly grabbed my phone and stormed off into the bathroom I needed a shower and I did not need his smart are remarks, not now. I looked at my bathroom sink some kind of basket with a playboy bunny, chocolates and sex toys were in it, wtf? I quickly opened the card.

‘Nice night Bunny I left you A Gift, Hope you like it’ – Love ilovebites

I didn’t Have time to think about that, I stripped off my cloths and turned on the hot water

Lopov must be here to pick me up for Eck, arrgh what a mess, what was I going to tell Frank? I felt my stomach flip, I didn’t know what to do except wash my body and my hair and feel the water all over my skin and I knew whatever was going to happen, it was going to with or without me, so I may as well be there …. Right??