Hello everyone and welcome to this rounds edition of BREAKING NEWS. We have a fair bit to get through so I will restrain myself from writing an introduction about how this is breaking news but not breaking news. You get the picture.

What I will say is that I am happy you are all enjoying these reviews and the other blogs that I have been writing. I try to mix it up and write whatever I think people would enjoy. It seems I have been getting it right more times than not so yaayy for me!

Aww you’re to kind.

Now without further ado, lets begin…

Name stealing, Fake families and KIDNAPPINGS

My opinion on name stealing is well documented. For those of you who need a reminder, I think it’s pointless and nothing can be accomplished by stealing someone’s name.

But that is just me. Over the past few rounds players’ names have been frequently stolen.

This round Madd Maxx’s name was stolen. A fake Southside family was created. Many Southside members ended up joining this family, whom from my understanding were then released when the fake Madd Maxx was able to get Lebanon Levi to join.

Are you following me? Apparently this was all a pre conceived plan to entrap Lebanon Levi for the round. And from my understanding the infamous Mr Worker was in on this plan. I suppose if your aim is to entrap a player then stealing a name of the player’s boss, and starting a fake family I clearly possible if the player/s in question can be convinced to join.

I contacted the fake Madd Maxx to ask him why he did it. Here is what he had to say..

From fake Madd Maxx:

patricia is a little faggot bitch who like to talk allot of shit so i trapped him with me for the round and invited mr worker to rid him of his demons and unnatural sexual urges. i had allot of ss people here first few hours and could have kept them all but i only wanted patricia. his ars belongs to us and so far all he has done is threaten me saying people will come for my dus but he doesn't realise i don't care and mr worker doesn't care we just find it funny
I am going to take a wild guess here and assume Lebanon levi is patricia? I always thought Lebanon levi was a male. Perhaps someone can clarify in the comments section.

I also contacted Mr Worker. Here is what he had to say…

From Mr Worker:

Hi TMB Reporter sure thing.

I have entrapped a DEMON Ahhh Lebanon levi for many months even years as been taken over by thA EVIL SPIRITAHH and I have finally trapped it to EXORCISEEE ITAHH immahh rip tha demon ahhtt dryy noo lube.
In other words, Mr Worker believes Lebanon Levi is possessed by demons and has entrapped him in order to fuck the evil spirits out of him? I wasn’t aware of any ritual that could accomplish such a thing.

Here is what Lebanon levi aka patricia had to say..

From Lebanon Levi:

sure mr_workers lowlife boyfriend hijacked southside elites name and logo the sissies afraid to play game straight their dumb ass plan gonna backfire on them tho i want to thank all that have messaged me about what gutless pukes they are for holding me hostage I find it funny they would go to so much trouble for 1 round and risk the wrath of my many friends.
I also contacted the real Madd Maxx for comment but no reply. So I contacted the player named Scaliwag, who shall now be known as the Southside press officer, due to the fact that he is the only member of Southside who is consistent with his replies.

Here is what he had to say…

From Scaliwag:

Yes, apparently we are so popular that someone felt the need to imitate us.. But the thing is.. They hate us cause they aint us. Simple as that. They do have levi trapped, and released the other players atleast. But atleast the members learned their lesson to pay attention to what they are doing.. Still think they need to bring back leaving families and shit tho.
Leaving families, that is an interesting point you raise Scaliwag. I am of the opinion that it is the player’s responsibility to make sure they are joining the correct family. I do understand that player’s rounds can be ruined, but this is a mafia game and impersonating other mafiosas is a part of that.

I do not believe it can accomplish anything if players are vigilant. If you are not then your round can get fucked up. In this case I would say Southside were lucky in the sense that most of their family members were released from the fake family. Will they make that mistake again? I hope not..

I also received this from drakepunk, a Southside member who was held captive and released.

From drakepunk:

It was a very frightening situation, I feared for my life as i was being held prisoner... However I managed to talk it down with the infamous kidnapper and he released us all (well almost all, hang in there levi, you''ll make it mate) soon enough... I think I've developed stockholm syndrome from the whole thing...
Moving on…

Conflict, Chapo’s, and Challenges

A couple of days into the round I was contacted by a player who told me about some conflict that was developing between Leith2 and Chapo.

I was informed that Leith2 had challenged Chapo to a build off but Chapo refused like a ‘pussy’.

In order to ascertain if the there was anything to this I messaged Leith2. Here is what Leith2 had to say.

From Leith2:

Hahaha like I told him he came out of no where talking shit to me, why is beyond me. Funny thing is he isnt even using the real Chapo name. Either way he challenged first but would never build, so just another chicken shit coward that just wants to start shit.

He wanted to build up, way up, funny thing is he must not have read the rules. Prob one of IU send bs messages starting shit. He has already sent out faked messages saying I said this I said that not up for childish games. Yet to this hour he still hasnt even attempted to build up.
After one message to Leith2 I managed to ascertain there was something to this. I put Leith2’s claim to El_Chapo of IU. Here is what he had to say…

From El_Chapo:

First time ive heard of the matter...Why would he challenge me to a build off when he doesn’t build? Seems like a retarded request.. So since he stays 0ed an i have dus every round does that mean i win whatever it is?
But for real first im hearing of this.
Well that took an unexpected turn. It seems El_Chapo didn’t know anything of the matter. Maybe my source and Leith2 were talking out of their arses on this one. It has been known to happen from time to time. Players have contacted me with made up bullshit in the hope that I would report it.

Some have even contacted me with stories and then requested I do not report on them.

Some have even gone above my heads and thrown hissy fits by contacting the powers that be to get stories dropped. But that is a story for another day.

A couple of hours later I received a few messages, which claimed that I had contacted the wrong El_Chapo. Apparently there was more than one Chapo.

From Leith2:

For one you have the wrong guy altogether. Its chapo not el_chapo there reporter dude do some research before you post things plz and thank you.
I was in the process of doing my research and I also had not reported on any issue.. I also received this from Dusk:

From Dusk:

Chapo is who leith2 has a beef with NOT... el chapo
I contacted Chapo to put the claims to him. It is here when the story took another unexpected turn.

From Chapo:
ok well, El chapo asked me to make a chapo name as a bunch of ppl would do it and it would be funny. Clearly i was the only one who did it o well.

As for leith2, he messaged me beginning of the round to say he challenged el chapo to a build off to 2mil dus and el chapo bitched out. so i told lieth2 to build 2mil dus himself if he was gonna call El Chapo a bitch he needs to build himself. Clearly he is a bitch and has no credits and with it being a 90k cap on won credits you cannot build to 2mil. So thats where I left it. Looks to be both El Chapo and Lieth2 are bitches and neither can build to 2mil.
And according to Chapo, he is not the one who had the beef with Leith2, that was El Chapo. But after messages between them they all had beef?

A few minutes later I also received this.

From Chapo:

Clearly Leith2 is a liar as well. If he says i refused to get involved lmao. He told EL chapo to build and El chapo didnt. I told lieth2 to build and he didnt. Both El Chapo and leith2 are bitches enough said.
Its clear I am not going to get to the bottom of this. Time to move on…

R.I.P. BH, and welcome Warhound’s

I reported last round that Brotherhood looked like they were on the way out. With no Brotherhood union this round it seems I was correct. Viking Slap seems to disagree though. Here is what he had to say..

From Viking Slap

No BROTHERHOOD is around. Just quiet ;-)
Maybe they will make a comeback, but for now it looks like they are dead in the water.

With Brotherhood out of the picture a place had opened up in the union rankings. A relatively new family, but one that is made up of returning vets took advantage of this and formed their own union, Warhounds.

I contacted members of the new union to ask them some questions. I wanted to know why they formed this union, who they were, what they hoped to achieve. Things you would expect a reporter to ask.

Here is what they had to say.

From Rockem:

I appreciate you asking but I have to forward your request to stalked and klown their the ones you need to talk too. Thank you and have a nice day or night now Rock On!
After I had replied to Rockem stating that I had already contacted the other two and would appreciate comment from him here is what he had to say…

From Rockem:

None of your [email protected] business what we do. We do what we like now Rock On!
It is all my business. Everything! You need to get with the programme Rockem. Nuff

Here is what Klown, whom is the don of Warhounds had to say…

From Klown:

I posted about starting a movement to make tmb fun again. I honestly am a little surprised at the following we have gotten. I do not know if some of these families will return to Warhounds in future rounds but we aren't going anywhere. I am pleased to see players joining and becoming active again
After a couple of further exchanges between me and Klown he kindly agreed to provide me with some further information about himself.

From Klown:

I started in round 7 And was active for a bit. Caught on to killing early on and stuck with It. As rounds progressed I ran XTC with ARES, Engel1s, and Thug_Hugger. A short time later. I went to London and started Warhounds with Nicky9, wanna_muffin, Sydneyboi, mobster30, AngelAtWar(Hellz), Hannibal, and Fat Nexus (not tmb Nexus) and others

This new set up was confusing and a bit irritating at 1st but easy to adapt to. I have run with many fams but RONIN, LOCO, Phoenix, and Hitsquad were always my best memories outside Warhounds. My favorite wars were LU vs NYU wars. I can't speak for everyone but I'm not going anywhere.
Warhounds are currently third in the union rankings, and at the time of writing it does not look as if any other union will be formed to challenge them for third spot. Will the union last?,. only time will tell.

Betrayal, IU, Is this the end of Todo Muerto?

A couple of days into the round I observed that Todo Muerto, the infamous IU spokesman and person who is considered by many to be a douche had been removed from the IU family.

I had initially assumed that this was not the real Todo Muerto. This was largely due to the fact that last round someone with a level four sub had attempted to impersonate Righty and try to be made don of IU. That plan backfired and I didn’t report on it because, well just because…

Anyway, I was contacted by a source in IU who told me that this was indeed the real Todo Muerto. This was an interesting development. This source has provided me with useful information before so I decided to investigate.

I messaged Todo Muerto to see what he had to say. A part of me was also hoping to gain some insight from his response. Having seen Todo Muerto comment on numerous things, I had gotten a fair idea on his style of typing. Unfortunately, on this occasion his typing didn’t tell me anything, like if it was actually him or not. But he did have something to say..

From Todo Muerto:

I good booted and betrayed by my friends, So I decided not to waste precious time on this pointless game that only brings bad vibes in mu life
I replied to Todo asking for more information but he didn’t get back to me. I decided to message high-ranking members in IU to see if they could provide some insight on the matter. But only one got back to me and she wasn’t very helpful.

From Dusk:

You want a comment on any iu business.. contact LOPOV, not my place to discuss union bizz
I responded to dusk by sending this..

To Dusk:
Hello Dusk,
You are a boss of an Iu family so I naturally assumed you would be able to provide a comment on this matter. I am sorry this is not the case. I will contact Lopov, thank you for your time.


Dusk responded to me once again.

From Dusk:

im boss of loco.. not iu
My eye site must be playing tricks on me. When I see your family name I see IU_Loco_Ghosts… I may need glasses..

A few hours later someone else in IU who told me that they would provide me with a comment but would like to remain anonymous contacted me. I agreed to this request but sadly the information never came.

Was the real Todo Muerto booted from IU? Judging my how far they are behind Inner Circle and Pinoy in the union ranks I would assume so. Over the past round he has been one of IUs most consistent and high-ranking looters. But I don’t have enough information to say it is him for sure. Perhaps Todo is Todo or it is a fake Todo who is fucking with me, who knows…

This is TMB_Reporter….later…..