Over the past several months, we have been looking for players to generate and edit articles for which to publish on The Mafia Boss Blogsite. However, our need now is higher than ever before. Please read as we break down the open positions, how to apply, and what we are willing to offer in exchange for your services. Thank you for reading.

Hello one and hello all, Ghost here with a new and fascinating article on how to earn yourselves some extra credits.

That’s right, EXTRA Credits without having to spend a dime! How is this possible you ask? Well sit back in your favorite chair and let us explore the facts.

For as long as I can remember, earning extra credits have been around within the walls of The Mafia Boss; but for obvious reasons we have kept this matter on the DL. The only thing more secretive than this was old school peep shows certain ladies gave to supporters . Oops! Now yes, one of the biggest reasons we kept things like this silent was because we wanted people who truly cared about the game to approach us willing to create story lines, articles, edit, and tend to other lowly level, but important jobs within the game for free. Thankfully, throughout the years, we have had a steady flow of authors and editors whom would deliver outstanding articles to our door step. Some of the authors even earned full time positions writing for us on a regular basis, and were rewarded for their hard work and efforts through compensation on a per round basis.

For a free player, nothing is more rewarding than getting some extra turns in their reserves to go off and cause absolute destruction and chaos with. But sadly we have lost some of our great authors due to retirement from The Mafia Boss or just from writing. People such as Bobby Blunts and Katana were great at delivering wonderfully scripted news articles and interviews for the masses to read. Unfortunately the age of those writers came and went, as they set their pens down and picked up their swords. We then moved into the era of Splooge delivering well written articles and Clyde bringing you off the wall commentary and inside sourced news. Both of them stopped as well, and switched to occasionally writing a piece here and there.

So this has opened up a major problem for the news staff, we are ALMOST STAFFLESS! This is where we have decided to break our silence, and have decided to make it open knowledge that you too can earn free credits.

How can you get some of these awesome tasting cheesy poofs you ask? Well don’t worry..Uncle Ghost is here to break it down to you.

Currently, we have 3 positions open for editors and 3 positions open for permanent authors. How it is broken down is as Follows:

* Writers: Anyone may submit an article to the news team, however your article must be selected, approved, and then posted. Once the article has been posted, you will be rewarded for this well written piece by payment. You may only receive this payment once per round.
If you are a well known and good writer, you may apply for the author position, which will take you out of the free lance and put you into our pocket as a News Staff Member. Payment for this position will be given to you at the start of each round for the round priors work. To apply for this position, please message Rain and Silhouette in game for more details on this matter.

* Editors: Writers need editors. They are responsible for receiving articles, editing the articles to make them grammatically correct. They are also the ones whom will add color and make them look good. They then slap a pretty photo to the article and send it up to the Assistant Manager for review. The editor is also responsible for talking with and helping the writer in the event the editor feels it’s a good piece but could use a little something extra. For this pain staking task, the editors are rewarded each round. Mind you, not everyone can be an editor. At this current point, there are 3 positions open.
Applying for this position is a little more difficult than being a writer. You must first contact Rain and Silhouette stating your interest in becoming an Editor. They will issue you a topic to write about; in which you will properly write the story line, add the photo too it, make it look pretty, and ensure that it is grammatically correct.

If you hold no prior negative actions to your account and you have the proper skills needed, he will more than likely hire you. Keep in mind only 3 positions are open.

* Are there any other ways to earn free credits?
Yes if you are interviewed by one of our writers and it was selected and posted you will receive a reward for allowing us to use you in our paper.

If it is a family interview, the members in that family that participated in the interview will each receive a reward when the article is posted.

Now that we all know how this works and that it does come with reward for your dedication and time to keeping the mafia boss interesting, I hope to see my News team grow.

Happy Trails.

Assistant Blog Manager, Ghost

Interested in writing a blog? Message Silhouette and Harmony for details.

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