Today we are featuring an article in which Sir_White_Dragon interviews several people to get a consensus of their opinion on a key player on The Mafia Boss. These players come from completely different backgrounds inside and outside of the game. Their opinions vary vastly. Well who is our mystery player that everyone is talking about? For the first issue of this series, it is fitting that this player is The One, The Only…Pops!

Around the World Tribute to Dons

Over the many many years and rounds on The Mafia Boss, there have been some unsung heroes, big players, and some important people playing the game that we all love. This Around The Mafia Boss World Tour Tribute to Dons is not a interview, but a tribute to those players that have impacted this game.

Although it is important to have interviews with the actual player, it is also important to get the general consensus from players around them game about them. This is a tribute to keep a remembrance and to embrace the knowledge of their existence to the people on the game new and old..

To start my tour, I will start in the country that gave and began the meaning of mafia: Italy. I have to travel no further than the fortress Palermo to find the first person on my tribute tour. Omerta represents the pinnacle of The Mafia Boss. Someone who has made such a large impact on this game is none other than Pops.

Love him or hate him, Pops has wielded extreme power throughout this game’s history. He who must not be named, the leader of the most stable union ever to be in The Mafia Boss? Or the one who controlled the way the game is played? Pops is and has always been a big player. Through thick and thin, he has been a respectable member of this game.

There are a lot of mixed feelings fired all over the place on this player. Do people hate him out of spite? Jealousy? Maybe because that he is so successful? Or maybe because he is a control freak? Maybe people love him. But what is it that makes him successful? Is he the most hated member of the game or the most loved?

Here are some views from friends and foes alike.


Our first source is from a member of IU: Rough_Daddy
“His credits and spending is what gives him power. I could argue that I hate the monopoly, but every side is the same deep down. I love his network as it keeps my kills up. My first Gold family medal was in one of his final families.”

This enemy has even used Pops in order to benefit themselves. Does this give us that Pops is a selfless player at heart? Is he respect by outside sources? Or maybe the disrespect goes even further…

Moving on to a neutral source, I go to the streets of New York. I speak to Huka, goddess of Gambino:
“I have no feelings for Pops. I don’t even know him really.”

NYCU has been allied to Omerta/ICS/others for quite some time now. That is where the respect comes from. The structure that Pops has built around him shows us that allies are valued and that even after a great war, he does enjoy a bond of friendship with unions such as NYCU.

Now we have a source from the heart of 13/Omerta and someone who has stuck with Pops through the hard times and the important times. I go to none other than the harmonious The_Dudes:
“Pops? I have tremendous, respect, and regard for him as a fellow player as well as a friend. Pops is straightforward and always fair as long as the fairness is returned. Backstab him at your own peril.”

Personally, I believe that this statement from The_Dudes is very important. It states his respect for and why he has followed Pops and Omerta on the long haul. He states how friends are important and why Omerta has done well under the constant guidance of Pops. You may say it is one sided as he is Omerta but this is the reason for tributes. You cannot deny his say about his dear friend. This is mutual respect between players and is good to hear.

I move onto someone who has hit him in the past, but now banks with 13…nexus.
“Pops built a union that has stood the test of time. It has to be one of oldest families in the game. I don’t know him too well. He gets more than his fair share of messages, so I tend not to want to bother him.”

It looks like nexus has had all views: being an enemy and an ally. He is one who shares respect for Pops as a leader, but not from personal experience.

Next, I go back to a member who has been warring 13 for a number of rounds before players bought AKs, and a solid player: Rocco_Lampone.
“I have a lot of respect for Pops only because he not only fights for his close friends, but he takes care of those who take care of him. He has lasted the test of time working with and/or fighting the other big unions in the game. The only group I have ever seen Pops bow to was 14 and Islander (weeeeee). But once again, any man who takes care of his family the way Pops does gets my respect.”

This blurb comes from someone who isn’t the biggest fan of Pops but still respects what he has done and how he does it. Rocco_Lampone sees Pops as someone who hasn’t bowed down. I think this is the true spirit of Pops: influencing those around him. So I think this is the perfect enemy – someone who respects his enemy, but sees him as a worthy competitor.

As an ex-Omerta member myself, I can say that Pops is a hard grafter. If it comes to killing enemies he will help; if a banker slot is available, he will get involved; and if counsel is needed, he will take a step forward. As a Don he is very good, and he makes an impact just by being around. There isn’t anything he hasn’t done. Pops may not be the easiest person to talk to as he is very busy all the time, but still a stable leader. I do not think Omerta would ever go civil war against him. For what family means to him, I have to respect that.

Finally, we top it all off with a well-known player. In the head of RU ranks, leader of Dynasty is scaronface.
“On The Mafia Boss, Pops has always been an enemy. We have fought against each other in many wars. Over the years I have always been against him and Omerta. But outside of the game he is a really nice guy and has helped me. It’s only a game and we are friends outside of it. Good times.”

What a way to top off the individual tributes on Pops: someone who has warred with Pops for the fun of the game, but also when it comes to outside, the game does not accompany his hate. A good friendship which has been aided by help, yet he battle him. This is what this game is about and to hear from these people allows for a conclusion.

To conclude it is good to see that there is respect to one of the games biggest leaders from enemies and those of allies/family. It is also good to see people aren’t just in Omerta because of the ranking. Neutral sources believe the time he has spent making things work makes him have the respect needed to keep things working. There are some people who have used his turns to benefit themselves, however they do not hold respect for him. Pops is an iconic member of the game, and whatever people say, he will keep going strong. The hate and love make him stronger. Having strong friendships outside the game is also important.

Please join me as our journey continues. Next time I will be taking time to make a tribute to a warmonger. This is someone who doesn’t play at the moment, but is a much loved player. As for the popularity scale, he does well.

Thank you for reading.


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