Pops Goes the Weasel

Round 18:
1 Omerta JohhnyPops 437,859,904,622


To my knowledge this is the first recording of Pops existence. Archeologists have discovered cyber fossils dating back to the 120 B.C.R. (Before Capped Rounds) indicating Omerta existed far before the information highway. (Which also questions did Al Gore invent the internet or Omerta?) Obviously Al Gore did because he never would just give up an idea, leave for fear of failure, or just blatantly hand the responsibilities of the idea to someone else because it just wasn’t working out for his benefit. (That’s why he campaigned for Vice President with President Bill Clinton, who at least told the truth and admitted he does receive oral favors.)

There is only one person that fits that particular example except he reserves cyber fellacio from everyone that has about a big of a brain as Monica Lewinski. Drum roll please!!!

The Wonderful World of Omerta

Welcome to Omerta! Beware of Fake Bankers, Fake Maxers, Real Message Blocking, Fake Players, Real Round Rotations (unless Pops changes his mind), Fake Personalities, and Fake Promises. Build operatives and collect to help the family. Which means do not do anything all round but what you‘re told to do. This a family that in the past and to this day still amazes me to have support.

bright Idea

Just to Make things clear, I do have a more recent example. If anyone has played this game since it has started we have seen not only Pops, but other Omerta quit when they realize they are losing. Like after Round 251, when Pops actually attempted to win and failed. (Proof Pops is really a dead girl because he likes running away when his heart is broken and burying himself in the ground.) If I remember correctly, Pops along with his followers decided to quit, yet they still play. Stop being sore losers. However, I am no where near the awesomeness of Pops to quit 59 times and still have respect. Sometimes we all need a moment in the freezer to think so we can come out thawed and ready to play again.

Don’t Lie You’re Still an Omertard (saving the best for last)

Stinger (Fuck Birds): Stinger loves attention and I would hate to disappoint her. She has nothing better to do but insult others to make yourself feel better. Hope she is proud of herself. She is a Fake Insulter do not send. Next time she says she quits I am sure a majority of the game would hope it’s true. Stop teasing.

mean_boys & Carbon: *dodges Gileseses bullet*

daniele: How many times has the Don of Omerta abandoned his fam then come back and expect 100% control? (And I’m not referring to vacations to Costa Rica). Or how many times has Pops quit playing TMB?

Harmonic_Dudes: Hi. My name is Giles. Nice to meet you. A/S/L? Really nothing bad to say.
Not my fault you like men I don’t judge.

Protege: Good player. He is fair could’ve done a lot on his own instead of getting into the whirlpool of Omerta. The more people you work with the better chances of helping for the win, but still would believe him to make better decisions than Pops.

Pops: Pops was a good player until he logged in one day and saw he was losing. He didn’t know it was a competitive game apparently. I started in July of 2008 and I think I’ve seen Pops ‘quit’ 4+ times. (Correct me if I am wrong it might have been 3. Maybe Pops can ask Stinger). I understand this game is about winning rounds and making profit, but Pops has whined about it to me and my fellow Power Rangers in the past. Pops made friends with the families that spend now so he doesn’t have to spend himself, nor bank apparently because he has other idiots to do it for him. If Pops is not Don of Omerta anymore I’m sure he still acts like it. I never had anything against Pops…. Except Palermo needs to be 0d constantly…

The Pops Orchestra

Sounds beautiful at first, but after 30 minutes becomes redundant and out of tune. Much like my sex life…

I mean… IF I had one… that would probably be it… I dunno I forget…



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