Today I come to you with a new kind of a blog. One in which I hope will spark other creative writers to write similar entries. Throughout the history of The Mafia Boss, we have seen many players, families, unions come and go. Some will be remembered throughout this game’s history; others…not so much. A family in which I will never forget because of the close knit community we had or the insane amount of time I spent on this game is SoCo.

SoCo, or Southern Comfort, named after the flavored liqueur, was a family started in Round 16 (maybe as late as 19, my memory fails me here) by legendary players (to me) KillerMojo and Ark. They have long since stopped playing, but the family name still holds dear to myself and a few other players scattered amongst the game today.

Since I was not around at this time, I don’t know what initially happened in this family, but I know it was still a small, centralized family, with an oligarchical structure. (Most families on this game have, or rather had, this structure, where a council of men and women would make all of the executive decisions for the good of the whole, but were ultimately dependent on those that didn’t vote in order to keep the family running) In short, there was a good balance of chiefs and indians. Bare in mind, more indians than chiefs is a good thing (depending on your view). The family name died out for a short time 15-20 rounds later (I am making a purely educational guess here).

When I started The Mafia Boss in Round 49, SoCo did not exist. My first boss and mentor, Kingpin79 was a Capo of SoCo before it disbanded. When I met him, he was running an extension of TRM Sin City. TRM, or The Russian Mob, was one of three Moscow unions. The other two were Anarchy and Bosphorus. 10 rounds later, after some major dramatic issues from within TRM, Kingpin79 and I left TRM and Sin City and he restarted SoCo. SoCo thrived on its own for one round before rejoining TRM for one final round before the three Moscow unions formed a conglomerate called Havoc.

Havoc was a short lived city-wide union. Although it was short lived, those who were a part of it still remember it. After Havoc fell apart, SoCo was a founding family in another attempt of a city-wide union called RC, or Russian Coalition. This too was short lived. After this, SoCo stayed in Moscow but as its own family. For the next year, SoCo thrived on this game.

SoCo started small with Kingpin79 as Don and myself as the Co-Don, and a few core members including but not limited to: Mexican_Mafia, Dredd (Razor), and skully. We quickly grew and expanded. At this point, we saw the return of KillerMojo and Ark. They were back. Kingpin79 immediately handed leadership back to KillerMojo and Ark and SoCo seemed to grow exponentially. When I say this was the most fun I ever had on The Mafia Boss, I mean it. I was still completely noobish at this game, but it didn’t matter. The growth of our community was incredible and extremely fun. SoCo controlled Moscow – and no one could say otherwise. We saw ex-TRM families that moved away from Moscow try to come back to reclaim territory here, but it did not work. Revolution and Sin City were just not permitted back into Moscow. Anarchy had since moved from Moscow, as had Bosphorus. Bosphorus moved to Istanbul, the newly created city. The relocation of Anarchy escapes me, but I want to say Los Angeles.

Here is when I met great players such as Lolita, Hunnie_Bunnie, Ghost (RecklessX), Bullseye, Nero, DAHITMAN, DirtyNick, Vitti, Tuffelhund, tightlips, skully, and even HKing. We had many more players, but I cannot remember them right now for the life of me.

Due to the incredible recruiting skills of Lolita, SoCo had grown to seven families, the largest it ever has. I’m not talking seven families full of noobs. They might have been noobish, but these were returning players, round after round. The family unit really meant something back in the day. Although I didn’t know the workings of the big machine of this game, the simplistic view of SoCo 4 LIFE meant something dear to its veterans.

Since most all good things eventually must come to an end, we saw a decline in activity from some of the higher up members – mostly due to unforeseen life events. It was at this time that SoCo started reaching out to smaller families for merging. Here is when we saw PLT, a smaller union join forces with SoCo. They were eventually swallowed by us. Another joint venture was SoCo and Heavens. Here is when I got to meet some great players too. A few that particularly stand out in my mind are of course Gambinohouse and then there was Gamble, Mongoose and their family. This merger didn’t last long, but it didn’t part on bad terms. I don’t remember how the two families grew apart, but I know it wasn’t a bad break.

As the double digit rounds were coming to a close, the game saw inventions such as multi city-wide unions. The biggest that comes to mind is 13 / 13MPIRE. This…abomination I will call it destroyed what I loved about the game during this blissful time period. 13MPIRE moved into Moscow and was going to take it by force. It was my decision to fight for the city, but the others decided to not deplete our numbers further and merged with this union. After this point in time, my memory fails me. I had completely lost interest in the game. The city that SoCo controlled for so long (nearly a year) was fading from our grasps. It was shortly thereafter that I abandoned SoCo and left the game. I quit cold turkey. I know some of you are thinking that’s not possible. Well it was for me. This was January 2008.

The game ceased to exist in my memory for nearly a year. On Facebook of all things, my first (and only) boss and mentor, Kingpin79 found me and asked me to come back to the game. Reluctant at first, I logged back into the game. Almost instantaneously I was hooked. SoCo was still around. I came to find out that SoCo died out for a brief period of time, but was brought back to life under DirtyNick, Buckhunter76, and Vitti. Vitti was acting Don of SoCo, but immediately gave the title to Kingpin79. Kingpin79 quickly became inactive and Vitti reclaimed Don. SoCo at the time was one family in the sea of MBU. I wasn’t thrilled at the idea, but I was nothing in SoCo since I had just come back.

SoCo was never the same for me, but I was given Co Don of SoCo and worked just as hard as before to reclaim its former glory. At one point, a few of our old tight knit group had trickled in, but it was short lived. When Vitti became Don of MBU, I became Don of SoCo. This seemed perfect for me. I felt as if I deserved it. The only family I had ever been with, and the one I had spent countless hours building, playing for, etc. was under my control.

Due to some falling out with Vitti and Viking_Slap, SoCo and a few other families left MBU, left Moscow, and created UC. UC_SoCo was nothing like the original SoCo. Most of the members weren’t the same. It just wasn’t the same.

Although the fond memory of SoCo will always be a large part of my career on The Mafia Boss, I do not feel it would be right to expand any further than the occasional round here and there down the line where I bring it back for “old time’s sakes”. Not to mention, I don’t have the willpower to run the family like it once was nearly 3 years ago.

Thank you to all who read this, and a great thank you to all SoCo 4 LIFE members.

A special shoutout goes to DirtyNick, Hunnie_Bunnie (ToxicAngel), and skully (when he logs in) that I have kept in close contact over the years that still play The Mafia Boss.

This is your favorite thick and zesty reporter signing off.


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