The Secret is Out!

Round 283, it all started with a little killing like most every round for me. After 0ing a few people across the RU/IU ranks I worked on my next targets as they were hitting some of my guys in UML. Over time I’ve had plenty of fun with those in UC so came to no surprise to have to 00 a few more of my buddies over there After a good start to the killing (381k kills just a few hours into the 1st day) I figured I might as well try my luck and see how things were going with the big wigs, who was planning on taking the round…

After talking with Pops, Daniele, and Nick, it was decided that Nino would take it. Which I, of course, had figured would be the case, as it has been a few rounds since he last went for one. So later on that day I tossed him a message to see how things were going and to get an idea of what his plan was. To my fortune (which for once luck was on my side) he informed me he would be on a plane and would not be able to make EOR. With this information in hand I ran back to Pops and Daniele to discuss a crazy idea I had. Shortly after it was decided, after 2 years of hard work and dedication, I was to receive a round of my very own!

The plan was a simple one: Get a turbo sub, build ops and hope on not getting hit. Remember how I mentioned going on a killing spree the first day? Yah… naturally this plan didn’t come to fruition. I tried everything in the book, from building with a few all du hires, to going unarmed. No matter what I tried my RU/IU opponents were hell bent on keeping me 00’d. So I turned to my only option, getting maxed and getting maxed often. This strategy proved annoying at best; however it did leave me with a decent 225,000 operative head start for EOR. Not as much as I had hoped for, but still better then nothing.

Well here comes EOR and I’m as nervous as can be. It’s 5 am th night…errr well morning of and I’m unable to sleep. My mind is racing, thinking of every possible outcome, hoping for the best, preparing for the worst. Would my $1000 be enough? What would be the best time for me to build to best prevent a steal? Would my back ups be able to bail me out if needed?

Finally, the last hour of the round was upon me and it was time to get maxed then start building. My heart was racing like it never had before. I’ve got to say you get such an amazing adrenaline rush when you go for a round. The risk, the uncertainty, it’s an awesome, yet frightening feeling and I’m sure anybody who has won/tried for a round will agree with me on that.

I’ve done everything in this game, from killing to collecting, from banking to looting, you name it, and I’ve done it. Everything that is, except what I was about to do.

So here I am with 4.2 million ops, 14.9 trillion cash, and way too much time left on the clock. The next 30 minutes were spent watching the Jackpot and the 2 people I was worried about, Brent (Nuclear_Rainbow) & Clyde (Turn_Fairy). In retrospect the reasoning for my intense fear of them seems rather silly. Clyde had put on his profile something to the extent of “Trying on my round… priceless” which, on any other occasion, would have been written off as an empty threat. However, the insecurity of this being my first round compounded with a certain friend making me worry a bit more then I needed to (you know who you are!! LOL) it definitely lead to a stressful last hour.

As the round finally lumbered into the last 6 or 7 minutes I let out a massive sigh of relief knowing at this point it would be impossible for anyone to steal. It now came down to business and for the last few minutes of the round I focused on helping those who had made this entire endeavor possible for me, sending off a few Tril to Daniele to assist with the ranks. The clock finally hit 0 and all I could think was “Why the fuck did I do this to myself?” shortly followed by, “OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE I JUST WON $1800!” followed by well….this XD
[9/10/2010 5:59:09 PM] Rain: congrats CJ nice round
[9/10/2010 5:59:50 PM] Rain: i need that summary asap…=)
[9/10/2010 5:59:53 PM] Rain: thanks

At this point it’s finally sunk in and now it was time for the truly hard part…sorting through the 1000+ windows on skype and in game. Between all the congrats and the rank whores it took me the better part of an hour to read through them all. LOL.

For the first time I can honestly say that I more or less know what it feels like to be Pops LMFAO

Special thanks to all of the members in Omerta: Pops, Daniele, Nick & Nino in particular. Also, huge thanks to all of the Clients for Omerta/WS, especially my guys in UML thank you all

Another thanks to all my back up’s Frank_Cali, Solid, Saint-Bread & yes, the one and only Pope Benedict. Though in the end you guys were not needed (THANK GOD FOR THAT…LOL) without your support I don’t know if I would have remained sane through it all.

To everybody else, thanks for reading and best of luck to you all,

- Da_Secret

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