Turbo Round 326 was coined “Back to Business”. It was the first uncapped round we have seen in quite a while. In fact, it was sort of like “old” rules peppered with some of the “new” rules. In this round we saw a special 5:1 ratio on all credits added, tier rankings, transfers (but within families only), no revenges, starting the round maxed, join/create only one family per round, five hits per hour to max, and a safety deposit box at only 15%. This round had many, many late bloomers.

All was quiet on the western front…that was, until 90 minutes to go on the game clock.

About that time, two players: NuTz and RealT jump level four, both with antagonizing messages on their profile. At the top of the final hour, both players got maxed and RealT began his build. He went on to win the round unthreatened, even though several players jumped to tier level 3 and 4 in efforts to win some credits or even a medal.

Throughout the round, killing was again the primary objective. Although operatives were safe (for the most part – there were those that set out to devastate the operatives of several players), everyone’s defensive units were not. Not many made it throughout the round with DUs of any sort. The kill counts of the top two families were far ahead the third place ranks. Party-Town sat pretty with 31 million kills, a 13 million kill count lead with just 8 hours to go in the round. AyaHuaSca had several key players join their team to quickly close this gap and take the lead on kills, where Party-Town never caught up.

We now hear from MBU player scaronface with his account on Turbo Round 326:


Hello All – I am here to express both my anger and delight about the recent turbo round.

Ill start at the beginning. Day 5 was fast approching and I knew MBU had to do something. So I messeged my family and then the other MBU families stating that we needed team work and numbers to win here. The_Firm just joined us this round also, which was great! We now had even more experienced players with us.

It was time to read the rules: Day 5 was here and my mind was about to get busy. I read the rules and sent a brief plan to the union.This was going to be a tough round as there was a 5-1 cap on the round, which was a pain in the ass in the end, but I will get to that.

Our plan was to build operatives all round, then last day open a bank and see where we get. Since there was only in family transfers, and you could only join one fam per round, we had to work around these rules to get any cash influx. What we did was have the banker in the family (ME), have a holder in the family, then have people join, collect, then send to the banker. We also had to decide who was ranking, so most of the people who joined and collected eventually left the family and didn’t rank unfortunately. Hopefully they will next round.

Throughout the day, MBU was gathering cash and going up the ranks one by one. With two hours to go, we were first with around $4 trillion, and it was looking great! Creeping into the last hour, we saw more and more people add credits in and start to build.

We kept going and doing the work we started, gaining more and more cash. It was looking very good…then BOOM!

We were in the last hour and it took seconds: I click global and I find so many people between $1-4 trillion just by adding those won turns.

We had sat and worked for hours on end for people to simply add their turns in, and out collect us in seconds. It was devestating. We had worked so hard. But all was not lost. We still had a good amount of money and managed to get Sergi a level 1 silver award, which was great!!!

Also people may read this and say: “But you had people with credits, bla bla bla…”

The thing is: we really didn’t. I think we had one or maybe two people who added turns in with us.

Also, as you may have noticed: we are not RU anymore as Moscow’s Bankers and banking allies left the city when they saw the new rules.

I was surprised at this myself and it was a bit upsetting, but life must go on.

Overall, this was a great team effort from the Moscow Blood Union.

I think its safe to say that next turbo, if there is no credit add-on ratio, that MBU will yet again gain the ranks and show that we are still a force.

It’s going to be good.

If you are intersted in joining us either in turbo or main round, please message Scaronface and Viking_Slap!

Thanks and Respect,

Scaronface: Don of Dynasty.

-Level 4-[list][*]Micheal_Jackso $75,578,393,841,144[*]AIR $11,123,719,228,137[*]Lupin $5,511,352,252,810[/list]

-Level 3-[list][*]Kanye_West $12,360,845,280,228[*]the_mangle $11,410,343,320,867[*]Time $6,331,235,521,127[/list]

-Level 2-[list][*]P90X $10,549,404,222,259[*]Bobby_Flay $9,729,709,529,599[*]ish $3,986,948,983,103[/list]

-Level 1-[list][*]T-Moody $8,098,655,237,204[*]Knyaz $5,279,555,417,194[*]G_SPOT $4,037,635,220,609[/list]

-Best Killers-[list][*]KingDong 12,131,095[*]JZA80 11,212,488[*]WeeBaBoNG 7,047,061[/list]

-collecting family-[list][*]FoundHell_Went_NuTz $107,216,572,541,475[*]Leos_Lovers $17,698,219,000,481[*]just_for_fun $17,135,207,097,359[/list]

-killers family-[list][*]AyaHuaSca 46,099,976[*]Party-Town 41,768,955[*]Turbo_Family 13,481,334

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