Even though there is no revenge button to use on a player after you have been hit, this doesn’t mean you cannot retaliate against a player that hit you. In today’s blog, Crazy accounts on the hits exchanged by Mr_Feldman and Realt in Round 325.

As the first couple days gone by, it seemed Realt had a solid lead in level 4, building all hitmen and hustlers and collecting fairly big. A couple days went by and all of the sudden, Mr_Feldman had also went level 4, took the lead, and zeroed Realt.

Can Mr_Feldman hold the lead or will Realt build back up and get his sweet revenge on Mr_Feldman and take the lead once again?

Mr_Feldman thought he was protected, but not for long. Realt has built back up and had gotten his revenge on Mr_Feldman. Realt effectively wiped out Mr_Feldman’s operatives and defensive units. By the looks of him getting zeroed, it doesn’t seem that it was a smart move by Mr_Feldman.

However, Mr_Feldman still stands in first place and Realt right behind him. Will Realt make a comeback or lose the round to Mr_Feldman? Does Mr_Feldman still have hope or will this mistake cost him the round?

We will see at the end of round as we still have a couple days left. Enjoy the rest of the round and good luck to all of you.

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