In this sexy interview, Constanzia interviews friend and cohort Marge from 13 Omerta.

This interview brings back a taste of the recently coined “old rules” where transfers were still active.

However, don’t let that take away from this fun loving interview in:

The Mafia Boss Queens Part II!

Constanzia: Hi Marge, how are you tonight?

Marge: Fine thanks, and how are you?

Constanzia: Oh just chilling after busy day.

Constanzia: Tell me, where did you come up with your name Marge?

Marge: I joined The Mafia Boss as MissShakur, because I like 2pac.

Marge: It was Homer who came up with the idea of Marge.

Constanzia: Are you a big fan of 2pac?

Marge: Yes I am a big fan of 2pac. A few others also.

Constanzia: Could you name your three favorite songs? it can be a bit difficult to choose sometimes ((blush))

Marge: When you’re a fan, you really don’t have favorites, but I do have certain songs I like to listen to for certain things.

Marge: »When we ride« is a great killing song.

Constanzia: Yeah we all think like that.

Constanzia: Oh, so when you kill you listen to it? Does that get you in the right mood for killing?

Marge: »Brendas got a baby« is one that I like to use for art pics, but it’s also brilliant.

Marge: I have a few songs I kill too.

Constanzia: Oh interesting.

Constanzia: Different songs for different occasions.

Constanzia: Do you have a song for when you are banking as well?

Marge: Yeah, it depends who’s in your fam. When im banking, a certain person has gotten me back listening to punk again.

Marge: Lol, I listen to all sorts when im banking.

Marge: Cockney rejects blasting

Constanzia: I love to listen to Metallica when i’m killing. It gets me in the right mood.

Marge: RATM is another good one for killing.

Constanzia: Yep yep, I agree.

Marge: Or Genius liquid swords.

Constanzia: Many, many songs

Marge: Don’t get me started on music lol. Because I would need a week to tell you them all.


Constanzia: Ok so lets go to the beginning. How did you even find this game?

Marge: Homer asked me to join lol. All i had to do was log in for 10 minutes a day, and do a little collect.

Marge: I was so NOOBISH!

Constanzia: We all were, but what happened then, that hooked you into the game?

Marge: I joined Omerta blood, then went to Avengers and started to get the hang of things.

Marge: HW was good with me learning me the ropes, although it takes a while to really learn. Then I went to UML and nawty corner with Jonzo, from then on i was hooked.

Marge: Once you kind of know your way around, it’s alot different.

Constanzia: You were in quite few families before Omerta.

Marge: No, Omerta blood was my first. Then Avengers, then a few UML fams, then back to Omerta. Although I had always kept in touch with nino and Slo from the start.

Marge: Nawty corner with Jonzo, and Leena was one of my best rounds though.

Constanzia: Having fun killing?

Marge: Yeah, was one of my best killing rounds back then!

Constanzia: So, why did you started banking? Who should we blame that you bank now?

Marge: nino lol

Marge: After my accident, I was able to be online alot. So one day nino asked if i would help with maxing, etc.

Marge: Within an hour, I was in the chat.

Constanzia: And banking for Omerta began.

Marge: Yeah, a lot don’t like it, but for me who couldn’t get around for a bit at first. It was a saviour.

Marge: Then being in the chat with alot of cool people.

Constanzia: Oh yes, that hooks you even more.

Constanzia: Well you are one of Omerta’s best known bankers …. who banks alot every round.

Marge: I do try and stick to the same number of hours. It can burn you out, but I’ve now learned to take a step back. Most times when im banking, I’m doing media or other things.

Marge: You learn to multi task, and your also helping alot of your friends.

Constanzia: So the media that you put into the contest was made while you were banking?

Marge: Lol yeah, and more. I do media I’d say 70 percent of the time at my pc, or I mess around with art and whatever.

Constanzia: Always something else while banking, cool.

Marge: Unless someone gets chatting with you, and you can’t do much else.

Constanzia: Like me now (blush)

Marge: Lol, yeah.

Constanzia: Do you miss killing instead of banking? Would you take a round just to kill?

Marge: I did take a few days off before and go killing.

Marge: I do think, you do need a release.

Constanzia: Yes

Constanzia: Although, then it might be a bit hard to go back to banking.

Marge: Well yeah, once you get that bit freedom again.

Marge: I don’t mind banking though.

Marge: I keep it to a certain few hours.

Marge: You also get to speak with lots of new people.

Constanzia: Yeah, just dont bank too much and it is ok.

Marge: Exactly

Constanzia: Who is in your opinion the best looter/killer/banker?

Marge: Hunting has to be Tammy.

Marge: Looting I’d say Swiper, or Franky.

Marge: Killer…. Now i find it hard to name a killer, because anyone can add credits and kill.

Marge: I would have to say it’s someone who is a free killer, and can get the best from their turns. Avengers used to be able to do that.

Constanzia: They are known as one of the best killers, yes.

Marge: You know what i mean. It’s like, not how many turns you have, but how you use them. They could use them very well lol.

Marge: I have even said »I would love just a free round, all the same turns.«

Constanzia: That would make the game interesting. Really show who is a good killer.

Constanzia: I think the killer is very proud of his kills, when he doesn’t use any extra credits.

Marge: Yeah I think a free round, same turns for everyone, would set the better players from the rest.

Constanzia: Tell me, did you meet anyone from The Mafia Boss in RL, or do you plan to?

Marge: Meeting homer, there are a few that i would love to meet thoough. If I were near their town I would meet them.

Constanzia: How far away does he live from you?

Marge: A couple of miles.

Marge: Thousands lol

Marge: USA

Constanzia: Oh, not that close lol

Marge: I’m outside Glasgow, in Scotland.

Marge: There’s a few I’d love to sit in a pub with.

Marge: Jonzo, and Lugz.

Marge: Then bring Jac into wind them up.

Constanzia: You just need to find a date and meet

Constanzia: You all live in the UK right?

Marge: There’s a few of us not far from each other. Im sure Coca isn’t far from me.

Marge: Nuts is in Edinburgh i think.


Constanzia: Is there anyone who you admire on The Mafia Boss?

Marge: I have alot of respect for lots of players.

Marge: I don’t know about admire, but i do still look up to alot of players.

Constanzia: Can you name some?

Marge: Well yeah, a few from our chat. Jac, Pops, Jay, Jonzo, Jackie, The dudes.

Marge: You know, alot of the players who have been here a few years.

Marge: I do look up to a few of them.

Marge: Then you have the ones away from our side. You have Buggerlugz who i think is just mental, but he knows his stuff. I look up to Bong alot, and nino.

Marge: All the ones who have been there longer. I just know how to respect.

Constanzia: Same here

Constanzia: No matter which side you are on, you still have respect for them.

Marge: Yeah, exactly.

Marge: You look up to players for alot of different reasons.

Constanzia: Yes

Constanzia: Well this was fun.

Constanzia: Thank you very much for your time.

Marge: Your welcome, you helped my banking time pass alot quicker.

Constanzia: Oh any time.

Constanzia: Anything you would like to add?

Marge: Lol, I’ve missed alot of people’s names I look up to, but we didn’t have enough space for all the names. The thought was there.

Marge: I’m done now lol ty

Constanzia: Thank you

Constanzia: Have fun with banking, and doing awesome medias

Marge: Thanks hun, you enjoy the rest of your night.

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