In Main Round 325, we saw some even more changes to the rules. These rules were implemented after seeing the devastation created in Round 323 by killers throughout the game. These new rules limited the amount of operatives that can be killed per hit as well as a significant decrease to what is needed to count as an “attack in”. We saw some interesting builds throughout the round, but nothing was as interesting as the final hour of Main Round 325. We have several different perspectives to entertain us today. Scrappy gives us a nice introduction to where Realt interjects a few sentences. We then hear from head-to-head contestants Cocamafiosa and El respectively about their final moments.

Round 325 was full of surprises, exciting moments, and even disappointments. The round began with a lot of frustration because of the new rules. Too many people did not agree with them. Families made mistakes, people were left out because of the one family rule. One Omerta member commented to me that he really screwed up by leaving the family he was in at SOR. Another RU member told me that he did not know the rule, so he started his trip around the families. Only to find out that he could not family hop.

Halfway through the round, Realt built. The next day, I sign on to see Mr_Feldman had built, and Realt zeroed! Then again, the day after that Mr_Feldman was zeroed, and Realt had built again! It went back and forth, tension rose straight to the end of the round. We were left with questions… Who is going to take the round? How are either Mr_Feldman, or Realt going to recover from this? Little did we know, Omerta and IU both had a plan. EL was patiently waiting, Cocamafiosa was scheming behind the scenes… Then EOR arrived.

With 45 minutes left, EL built and collected. He proceeded to zero Realt. Realt was looted and pushed to 3 trillion net worth. Then EL sat patiently for a while, pretty even with Mr_Feldman. With 15 minutes left, Cocamafiosa decides to unravel his plan. At this point, JP is about $2200. Before I know it, jackpot is $2850. It got intense quick, as Mrs_Coca built as well. Feldman and Coca were in the same family, Feldman left the family, and Cocamafiosa looted him for cash. Then EL, and Cocamafiosa were engaged in an epic battle, that lasted until 2 minutes left in the round. They collected higher than I thought possible with the cap. They went back and forth, gaining on each other. It was quite a spectacle. EL ended his collecting spree with 30 trillion, but he did have 4.5 million ops, as compared to Cocamafiosa’s 3.5 million ops. Cocamafiosa started to collect again with 45 seconds left from 28 trillion. Sadly, he never made it to the NW that EL had, and EL took home the gold. Omerta must be real happy, for a while there it looked like the round belonged to RU, but EL came through and pulled off the win.


We now hear from Realt:

I have a few things to say actually. First off “I’m Back” Second off That is what you call TEAM WORK!

As for the way it went down at the end. If your going to go for it have the BALLS to make your move before the last 10 minutes of the round! And then MAYBE, and I mean Maybe you might actually win a round!

Back in the day we use to build up and war with each other. Does anyone have the balls to still do this around here?”


Cocamafiosa sheds some light into his EOR experience.

Round 325 was always going to be difficult for our team after Mr_feldman and Realt had built and eventually used max credits killing each other through the round. Mr_Feldman’s 14 trillion looked weak and a challenge was almost certain. We were ready and had it planned out what to do in that scenario.

Two hours before EOR, we are watching globals to see if their builder would go early like we thought and up came El who then proceeded to loot Realt to close the gap on Mr Feldman and still have a hefty amount of turns to collect with. I waited until the last hour protecting all the time so as not to be maxed as I would need one hit open for Mr Feldman to donate to me by hitting me and losing the attacks and boosting my networth.

The time was about right so I added in 960k turns leaving me 40k short of the 1 million cap, thinking to myself I will buy them when it comes to the end if its needed. I am on Skype with Mr_Feldman so we time it exactly where he leaves the family and I hit him and max him. This works perfectly as I get the full 10 hits into him and close the gap on El.

Now the hard part…as we knew El would be trying to hit me as Mr Feldman was trying to boost my Networth by losing attacks. We travel from city to city and he gets a few hits into me and helps me go up in NW before El eventually does the inevitable and maxes me, so I cant be boosted any more. So now it comes down to me and him and who can collect the fastest. I have more ops…not a lot but I feel I can take him. I start to my task of collecting doing so at a reasonable pace and look at globals seeing I have overtaken EL.

Great. I think and I wonder how many turns he has left as it is still very close. Then the worst thing that can happen occurs…we get an EOR lag. Now some may say: “So what, we all had it.” .. but they were not collecting at the time, so it really doesn’t effect them as it did myself and El.

I see El has a little lead on me again and it looks like he has stopped collecting, so I assume he has used his full million turns. To me, this is great as I know I can add 40k turns. 40k turns on the ops I had would have made me 1.6 trillion roughly and therefore beat El’s slender lead of less than 800 billion that he had at the time.

I try to get into the game and it wont let me. This lag is stopping me from getting into the game link to paypal to buy the 40k turns I need to take the win from El. I can’t get in and the game also seeems to lose 1 minute or so from the game clock…a few members from my team notice this also, so we are not pleased.

When I eventually do get into the paypal link, there is less than a minute left so it’s too late for me to take this round. I am not taking anything away from El and his team as they did a great job and it was very close, but it is hard to take when a game lag cost us the round and not the actual players we were opposing.

All said though, it was a great contest and well done to El and his team for making it such a close round.

Congratulations to all who ranked and especially IU for again showing they are by far the games best killers beating Omerta into second place and UC into third.


And now we hear from the victor himself, El…

What a round! Where to begin?

It all started with me sulking for a week in all honesty. I was buried under coursework so had to take some time off for a little while. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I loaded up Skype one day before EOR to find that I was to still to take the round, according to Pops – but not in the way we had planned exactly. With both Realt and Leo built already, and with the new rules in place limiting the spreading of cash, it was decided that Realt and I would have to attack one another – me stealing from him and him ‘suiciding’ on me, effectively.

After doing a full build, I collected to 3.5 trillion to stay out of range of any attackers, and to put myself in range of Tony. After all of this, I had stolen around six trillion from him in 10 attacks, and he had given me another two or three trillion by attacking me directly. All we could do from here was wait.

The first sign of a challenge came in the form of Coca building. As soon as we saw this, Pops had me build an extra million thugs and bodyguards. This was probably when the real drama started. The problem I had was that Leo and Coca both knew which city they were going to next, so in order to stop Leo ‘suiciding’ on Coca, I had to hit Coca at the same time by watching his profile and traveling as soon as he did. I managed to loot 600 bill, which was a massive boost – and despite Coca saying that he would have had us if he’d have managed to add an extra 40k during that lag, I reckon the 600 bill was what made all the difference …besides, had my net lowered by 600 bill, and had his raised by 600, I would have lost it (1.2 trillion was the difference in the end, after all). Similarly, if he had have added those extra credits, Pops would have just built himself and backed us up.

Arguments aside, with Leo and Coca now both maxed, I used my last 10 minutes to collect with the rest of my turns. Despite Mrs_Coca’s last-minute build, we managed to scrape the win by the smallest of margins (the final totals speak for themselves). Thank you Leo and Coca for what is probably the most exciting EOR I’ve ever had the fortune of being involved in. It was a pleasure, if not bloody scary; and you both excelled yourselves. All credit to you for that.

Finally, I’ve been told to keep this short, so I apologise for not including a comprehensive thank-you list this time (please refer to my last write-up for that, as the names remain the same). I would like to say, however, that this would never have been possible without the superb tactics from Pops, the fantastic support from Tony throughout, and of course the cursing and whip-cracking from Jaclyn.

Beating off three IU builders with two collects is a great achievement, and these people were truly indispensable in its accomplishment. Thank you all.

Tom (EL)

It surely was an exciting EOR. Congratulations to all those that ranked.

-Level 4-[list][*]EL $30,431,709,292,179[*]Cocamafiosa $29,272,454,010,841[*]Mrs_Coca $10,104,682,277,026[/list]

-Level 3-[list][*]Diablo $978,217,371,217[*]Cassius $348,563,948,337[*]NuTz $231,337,284,316[/list]

-Level 2-[list][*]Girlie $509,965,333,774[*]BliZzArD_420 $270,359,110,800[*]Jonzo $258,697,305,670[/list]

-Level 1-[list][*]Protege $213,958,457,911[*]ShorTerMemory $188,933,374,194[*]Constanzia $178,697,614,397[/list]

-Best Killers-[list][*]nino 4,888,237[*]Mr_Feldman 3,761,790[*]Ash 3,612,783[/list]

-collecting family-[list][*]Omerta-ICS-UML $33,095,794,305,390[*]EviL_Iu $29,335,777,024,228[*]HELL_IS_BACK $4,199,806,907,172[/list]

-killers family-[list][*]EviL_Iu 22,069,291[*]13-Omerta_BloodBath 21,484,769[*]UC_US_CUMMING 17,698,308[/list]

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