I’m sure many of you have read the Game Related Discussion board this round and noticed the post of FoundHell past and present leader RealT call out Mr_Feldman publicly. Read as this mafioso accounts the events and puts their perspective on it all.

With Diablo winning the first “new rules” round 323 and a server crash in the last 8 minutes, The Mafia Boss players ran to an explosive start in round 325. Foundhell boss and Don Realt did a mere 1M OP’s build in the opening day; however, this was intruded by the RU don – Mr Feldman. Feldman quickly built up and wiped out Realt, although he knew vengeance will take place.

Respected for his infamous cash drops Realt lived up to the label and pounded more turns into the round, putting him at a healthy 6M operatives. This build was healthy enough to wipe out the defence units of Mr Feldman. However, EL managed to take the round with 30T.

Enough about last round, and you’re crazy if you haven’t checked Realt’s GRD (Game-Related Discussion) topic. The infamous big dropper Realt let his hands do the talking when giving Feldman a lesson about the old days. He mocks Feldman persuading him to build if he’s brave enough as Realt used to take part in 10M DU battles.

I quote:
“However I am calling you out. No if’s and or buts about it. I am asking you to build. Or at least after I build don’t have one of you flunkies zero me and then stay at 10 du’s.” - Realt.

Quite a demanding and cocky move by Realt some may argue, but for those that know him; know he will stick to his words.

Will Feldman respond to this? Or will he try making peace with Realt? For all we know, Feldman hasn’t even replied on the topic yet.

Peace out.
Miss Skai x

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