Today’s blog features a mafioso accounting some events that have occurred in Main Round 327 thus far. This player mentions the early build from RealT in this two million turn capped round and the fierce battle for kills between IU and UC families.


As the round started, once again RealT went at it, going to level 4 and into the lead. A couple of days have gone by and nobody able to match him. Only a few have gone level 4, so far, but no one to match Realt. Who do you think will be man enough to build? Will it be Mr_Feldman once again, or someone else, in this 2 million credits capped round?

If someone builds what do you think will happen? What will he do? Will he mind his own business or take a risk like Mr_Feldman and zero Realt. We will see as the round progresses, only the end of round will give the true answer to this undecided round.


Half of the round has already gone by and UC has been overtaken by IU once again. UC had command of the top killer family spot for the first half of the round. They are killing very well with a couple members already in the best killer ranks and few others right behind them. With 13 mil kills all together they are in a close second against the others, with a 400k gap from IU. Can Splooge and the rest take the gold or will IU and other killing families will take it from them? UC is doing the best they can to keep up and will do whatever it takes to take the gold killing family. Splooge is very serious about killing this round he even said it in his own words.

He said:
“Everybody were going for gold this round now let’s give it all we got”.

Let’s see if UC can keep that lead while the round goes on and let’s see how serious Splooge is. But everybody knows the truth lies in the end of round.

Thank you for reading.

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