In Turbo Round 328, the rules were challenging: One City – Palermo, 5 hits per hour to max, Manual transfers within families only, and No revenges. As the battle of Palermo went on to see who is the true ruler of Palermo was, we saw several late builds and many killers coming down to the line.

Big_Dady came in first, taking the round out of the clutches of Popebenedict-X, who was not the “real” Popebenedict. It was a close battle to the end with Popebenidict-X trailing right behind him. Big_Dady won by a mere 1.2 trillion, which was incidentally the same amount difference in Main Round 325.

Although Popebenedict-X didn’t take the round, his family came in first place for collecting families. In the final minute of the round, several players jumped to LVL 3, shifting the ranks entirely. As in most turbo rounds, players scrambled the entire final hour to work with their families and achieve the highest ranking possible.

Killing the large initiative of the round again. Although many players kept their ops, there was hardly a single DU in sight. IU once again took Gold. Will they ever be stopped? A new serious combatant in the killer ranks, SouthSide, took silver, followed by UC with bronze.

It is interesting to mention that there were a whole mess of Storms out there! In fact, there was an incredible Storm Warning who swept their way into 4th place in the killer ranks, leaving the families below them in the dust!

For Main Round 327, will we see another RU victory like in turbo? Will RU/IU even try to challenge this round again? We will know in two days times.

Congratulations to all winners.

-Level 4-[list][*]Big_Dady $18,305,361,561,027[*]Popebenidict-X $17,095,491,233,578[*]Turbo $4,532,236,059,629[/list]

-Level 3-[list][*]HAIRYASS $3,214,021,943,504[*]Doc-Holliday $2,423,532,082,468[*]GoldenGate $1,446,699,535,688[/list]

-Level 2-[list][*]Broken $2,583,809,691,604[*]Decip $1,944,496,975,051[*]kip $1,474,672,624,554[/list]

-Level 1-[list][*]SIlver $2,017,628,889,896[*]Adrian $1,203,744,524,232[*]Shadow_walker $1,045,769,397,518[/list]

-Best Killers-[list][*]DreKx 7,265,646[*]Mnyama 5,633,649[*]Wine 5,301,785[/list]

-collecting family-[list][*]Sinning_Is_Believing $22,143,139,628,231[*]RU_Respect_Palermo $18,835,933,949,483[*]TURBO_FAMILY $4,549,290,243,261[/list]

-killers family-[list][*]1200_microGrams 28,955,506[*]K1NGZ 18,925,734[*]TGIF 17,059,302[/list]

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