In today’s article, another veteran player is interviewed by the up and coming Tony-Montana. Love him or hate him, G-Money speaks his mind and will tell you how it is. Read as G-Money recounts his career on The Mafia Boss.

Tony-Montana: Hello G

G-Money: Hey Tony what’s shaking?

Tony-Montana: Or should I say G-Money?

G-Money: Either one works.

Tony-Montana: I will go with the G, I hope you’re not faker though :P

G-Money: lol, G is what most call me. Well, that and a bunch of other names lol.

Tony-Montana: Such as?

G-Money: Asshole, fucker, shit along those lines. I tend to piss alot of people off.

Tony-Montana: LMFAO oh yeah, you have that effect on people. I guess you have plenty of fans then.

G-Money: Well I don’t call them FANS per say, I like to call them admirers lol.

Tony-Montana: So tell me ASSHOLE, how long you been playing this game?

G-Money: Since round 57, it’s like a coke addiction, you can’t shake it.

Tony-Montana: No you can’t lol, and what was your first day like?

G-Money: Oh wow, well I signed up built and got killed like most noobs. I did this everyday for first 10 rounds or so, and then floated in various families until round 100 when I joined Underworld in HK.

Tony-Montana: Underworld was your first family? Was it with the child molesters Pope?

G-Money: Underworld was the first real family I stayed with, and no it wasn’t Kains. I started out with the second fam in Underworld for a round, then after that running my own family for a while in UW.

Tony-Montana: So you’re telling me Kain didn’t touch you?

G-Money: No, I was to old for him, he liked the little boys like NOSZ ]

Tony-Montana: hahaha

G-Money: Though he did ask me once to help run the train on NOSz, I turned him down though.

Tony-Montana: I don’t think he really needs any help, but well when was your best, and most fun times in this game?

G-Money: Man there’s been a lot. To me I think it was after my family left UW, and made its way to Moscow to help empire fend off BlackOps from taking Moscow.

Tony-Montana: Give us some details for the readers please.

G-Money: We left UW because we were tired of just collecting a shit ton for them, and getting nothing, and no killing. So we floated city to city, just causing trouble. When we saw the war in Moscow, we went there and chose to help empire, and Moscow fight off BlackOps. Which was run by Morias, and General420 at the time.

Tony-Montana: I bet that was awesome, everyone misses the old wars. What do you think about that?

G-Money: The old days were great, the planning and the carrying out, but the new rules, and new days are good to.

G-Money: I’m old school though, I like the old ways better. The planning, and war chats were what made the game great.

Tony-Montana: Indeed, but do you still like what the mafia boss has become now? What achievement did you add since the new rules?

G-Money: I don’t get much time anymore to really play now a days, but since the new rules UC has taking top 3 in Killer ranks. Though that’s because of the great killers we have.

G-Money: Back in Moscow was when I really played, and really did a lot.

Tony-Montana: I think you really should give yourself more time to play, personally i miss seeing a lot of old school players.

G-Money: I want to play a lot more, but my time is demanded elsewhere. I do play when i can though, I must say the one new thing I like is NO BANKS. I think that’s great, and should stay a part of the game.

Tony-Montana: I think banking is mostly negative, but had its positives sometimes. You never did any banking hours?

G-Money: Very little, I did it when needed, mostly when we were a part of BANK.

Tony-Montana: Among killing, looting, and collecting, which one was your main thing?

G-Money: Killing, and collecting. My fams always did both, I preferred killing, but I have loyal members that prefer collecting, so we dabbled in both.

Tony-Montana: Blood tastes better than cash, that’s what I think.

G-Money: I agree, and we use to do a lot of it.

Tony-Montana: Have you ever been called a RANKWHORE?

G-Money: Nope, that’s the one thing I never was. When I was Don of Moscow, and since I always gave ranks to others, I never was, nor am I a rankwhore. Nor do I care about ranks.

Tony-Montana: We know success has enemies, is there anyone you think hated you for being successful, or doing great?

G-Money: Where to begin lol? So many hate me, it’s hard to say if that’s why they hate me, because I use to send a ton of hate mail a round. But i wouldn’t call it my success, it was a group success.

Tony-Montana: Well I once heard team work always begins with you.

Tony-Montana: And I don’t mean “you” by you :P

G-Money: Without the guys I’ve played with forever now, I’d of been nothing,

G-Money: I’ve had a few that have been with me since I went to UW, way back.

Tony-Montana: If you could write a piece hate mail now, what it would be, and who is the lucky bastard?

G-Money: I use to write really good ones. In fact, Dirtynick and I would compete to see who could write the most and be blocked the most. I won’t actually write it out, but the person it would go out to knows who they are right now, and is happy I’ve left them alone for the time being.

Tony-Montana: LMFAO give us a hint……

G-Money: I’m sure when this is published, by the comments you will all know!

Tony-Montana: Grrrrr

G-Money: He’s someone Dirtynick and I use to hate mail all the time in MBU.

G-Money: After we booted him for being the biggest moron on the face of the earth.

Tony-Montana: Fair enough lol

G-Money: Have I ever hate mailed you? I do so many sometimes I forget lol.

Tony-Montana: Nah we were cool. I think we met after Islander left, and were trying among others to make 14 bank survive, after you know who stole most of it lol.

G-Money: LOL, Islander was a good guy, very cool.

Tony-Montana: Yes, he is the reason why the game is capped lol.

G-Money: Well, him among others.

Tony-Montana: True that.

Tony-Montana: Who is the enemy you respect the most?

G-Money: UMMM, UML, and ICS. We came at them strong with UC for many rounds and they never folded, or crumbled under the pressure. Their numbers went down, but they stood their ground, and fought back. I don’t like them, but I respect them for fighting for what they thought was theirs.

Tony-Montana: G-Money, DirtyNick, Splooge, those names remind us of UC with Soco, Underground, and DX. So I think you guys have a good thing going between you for working together long time in different unions.

G-Money: Yeah, Dirtynick and I were Dons of MBU. Splooge was there with us, Nick left, Ben and I stayed for a while. Then got tired of the bull and left. Then brought back Nick and we formed UC.

G-Money: Nick was with us for a while, then left to do his own thing. It’s been Ben and I at the helm ever since. It kind of works out, he’s more the people person, and rational one. Where I would just assume to tell people to fuck off and die, so it balances.

Tony-Montana: Lmfao, the bitchy boss, and the social boss makes a good mix together.

Tony-Montana: Have you ever met any of them in person?

G-Money: Actually not Nick, or Ben. Though we text, and use voice on skype, but I do know a few players in real life.

Tony-Montana: Before or after you played The Mafia boss?

G-Money: Before, Adamdominic who has been with me on The Mafia Boss forever is one of my very good friends in real life, as well as his brother, JoeyDaAxe.

Tony-Montana: Apart from being successful, what was the most nooooooooooooobish mistake you ever made?

G-Money: I think everyone makes noob mistakes. Mine was back when I was Don of MBU, and listened to a moron that said a union was coming for us, and gave me what turned out to be a lame report about it. So we went in, and hit thus starting a multi round war.

Tony-Montana: LMFAO this is one big noob mistake.

G-Money: Yeah, it was lol.

Tony-Montana: Have you ever gotten banned?

G-Money: Yes sir, been frozen 3 times all in same round!!!

Tony-Montana: 3 times same round? How is that possible? Were you using multi accounts? lmfao

G-Money: Again back in MBU, my brother was staying with me. He was going through a rough time with his divorce and what not. He wanted to play TMB, well I was at work. He created an account from my computer, of course I had an account, so it flagged multi, and they froze us.

G-Money: So I made a new one, and blasted the Staff in an in game e-mail, went totally off on them. They froze it again, so being an asshole I did another one, and said hahaha I’m back. They froze me again, so then I waited for new round to come back. I haven’t been frozen since.

Tony-Montana: LMFAO I would call this the biggest noobish mistake, not that war :P

G-Money: Nah, Cause it wasn’t my fault. I tried to explain to them what happened, they wouldn’t listen, so I had to hate mail them lol.

Tony-Montana: Hahaha, who is your favorite cunt in this game? The one that makes it always fun to play with, or to bullshit.

G-Money: There’s a few, I love to Piss Pops off though always have. He gets so worked up if you send him a dollar, and tell him it’s for his anti-wrinkle cream for his old balls.

Tony-Montana: LOL

Tony-Montana: Hottest female player?

G-Money: That’s tough, probably Bright, or Cookie I’d say.

Tony-Montana: Worst killer, and best killer?

G-Money: Best killers I’ve played with are by far Splooge, and Mafi. Droopy is right there to.

G-Money: Worst killer is by far Adamdominic lol, he’s an awesome collector though.

Tony-Montana: Best looters?

G-Money: Man-Tits, Day-o, Moose, to name just a few.

Tony-Montana: Man-Tits is not just a looter, he is best snitch as well :P

G-Money: Bong is awesome.

Tony-Montana: I once caught Man-Tits giving milk to Nosz.

G-Money: That does not shock me, NOSz will suck any tit put in front of him ROFL

Tony-Montana: Well he will suck more than just tits :P

G-Money: True, just ask Kain LOL.

Tony-Montana: Hahahaha

Tony-Montana: What was the longest time you have ever spent playing TMB?

G-Money: 22 hours straight when i was in MBU, it seemed like forever.

Tony-Montana: I’m just wondering how did you find about The mafia boss?

G-Money: We were at my wife’s friend’s house, and there was another couple there. I got talking to him, and he said “Do you play online games?” I said “sometimes”, and he said “try this game called The Mafia Boss”. It was like a week later that I found time to sign up, and well what a long strange trip it’s been.

Tony-Montana: So let me say you joined the game to kick your wife’s friends asses?

G-Money: Actually I never did ask what his name was, so he still may play, he may not. I never knew, and have never seen him since. I don’t think they are still friends with him.

Tony-Montana: Haha if he is reading this, he might come after you now :O

G-Money: Bring it, I love new people to send hate mail to. Let’s just say, I leave an open invitation for people to send me hate mail, I love it, haha.

Tony-Montana: Talking about hate I’m sure VforVendetta will comment on this interview (since he don’t miss any). So is there anything you would like to say to him?

G-Money: Fuck off ass clown, go cry to admin like you always do you worthless cunt!!!!


VforVendetta Says:

January 21st, 2011 at 11:42 am
so….how many interviews left before you did all your butt buddies?
I think you had most of UC now….and funny thing: they all talk alike….so you might as well re-post same interview couple of times…if i didn’t know any better I’d say they could all be same person somehow….
(btw do they have any more freelancers in north korea or is it just you?) “

G-Money: Yeah he talks to hear himself talk, he is worthless to me. He’s what I like to call a GRD whiner. He bitches about anything, and everything. I think once his balls drop, and he gets laid, he will mellow, but then again who knows.

Tony-Montana: Haha thank you for your time, is there anything you would like to add before we close this case :P

G-Money: If you don’t like me bite me, I could give 2 fucks.

G-Money: I’d like to give shout outs to Adamdominic, Mafi, Splooge, Dirtynick, and I could go on, but all the ones that I like, and play with, you know who you are.

G-Money: And to all those that have an issue with this interview, or me, my mailbox is always open. Feel free to send.

G-Money: Oh yeah, and if anyone see’s Pops, tell him I got a coupon for $1 off anti-wrinkle cream for his old balls!!!!

G-Money: Tony thanks for the time, I got to go e-mail fructis shampoo company now. Their commercials lie!! All those people having orgasms as they use the shampoo….. All i ended up with, is a head that smelled like fruit salad!!!

Tony-Montana: LOL, it’s been a pleasure talking to you G, and hope to see you more often in the game Have a blast wanking with that fruit salad shampoo.

G-Money: I’ll send you a sample, Later Tony.

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