Today we hear from a six year veteran of The Mafia Boss: The_Architect. He poses an interesting question to The Mafia Boss community as well as indulges us a little about himself and his character.

After playing this game for over six years I have found many friends. Many from around the world, and I have even made trips to meet them and hang out. I have seen many team come and go. I have even seen some great players pass away. I even known wife and husband team players as well as wife and husband vendettas. (I guess you can fight it out on The Mafia Boss. LOL)

Out of 1.6 million players, are you here to play the game, meet people, or just on to fill in some time of your day? Are you competitve or just logging in? If you found out that a player was in your home town, would you meet them? Would you like to have a family of your family play this game?

From the ages of 16 to 72, The Mafia Boss world is out there. CAN YOU FIND IT? I am not asking how you would change the game, I am asking have you found friends here on The Mafia Boss that have changed your life, relationship, or even just to make you LOL?

Personal note to my team: I was in a pushing team for a long time. I leaned this from some of the great players on the game. (FIRESTARTER was well known from round 20 to 130. He worked with many of the great players of the game before he passed on. I will also say hated by many as well, LOL)

So I do know a little, but always learning more tricks. At one time, I ditched my team (the_men_in_white) in rounds 12 and 13. We were at war with the Donky_Punchers. They had 4 teams and we, well, just the 9 of us….we
battled hard and lost. It was costing us money to play with them. They told us in round 11 we would be 0,0 for every round and showed our faces, and showed us in round 12 how it was going to happen. I ditched my
team. They disbanded in round 15 after I got all kinds of hate mail from people I thought were my friends.

I lost respect from the guys/gals of that team. I lost respect for myself for letting my players down…
“It is just a game I told my self.” … but it hurt. I TOLD MYSELF I WOULD NOT DO THAT EVER WITHOUT TALKING TO

My boss at the time call me at home and told me the team fell apart after I jumped out. That it may be just be a game, but those were your friends, and I let them down. So I am here, with you now, with you many rounds from that day. I may not always be a good team leader, but I will go down with the ship. YOU ARE MY FRIENDS, and we will play like no other team does.

Boss and Friend, THE_ARCHITECT

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