Main Round 327 was fairly similar to round 325…at least that’s how it started out. In the first day, RealT built fairly nice, sitting at a few million ops, a few million DUs, and a few trillion dollars. No one even got in range of him all round long…until the last hour. IU, UC, and the up and coming killers led by the farce Buggerlugz dominating the killer family ranks throughout the round. WILDHEARTS was consisted of mostly free players but stayed well above “the rest” throughout the round. It was only in the final days that IU’s second family overtook third.

We hear from both round stealer Popebenedict and a member of Untouchables for a recap of their round.

A fairly cookie cutter round steal for me, just the traditional “Wait around until an enemy makes a mistake and then exploit it” deal. I did end up making a nice profit thanks to the 25% off deal and the best part is Titus did not force me to use all of my credits, so it’s kind of like an added bonus!

I’d like to make three general comments dealing with the round:

First, I want to give credit to Titus and hopefully cut down on some of the flak he is receiving. From what I understand this was basically Titus’ first time collecting for end of round, which I’m sure many of you are thinking “collecting is collecting, if you can do it with a low amount of turns then you can do it with a lot,” this, however, is not the case. End of round collecting is an entirely different style of play which takes a decent amount of practice to get good at; save the amount of pressure that is put on a person when upwards of $2000+ are at stake and there really is no room for error. I remember my first time taking an EOR on TMB, the adrenaline rush was INTENSE I was shaking from the time I made the credit purchase until about an hour after the round ended (and then came a massive headache after coming down from the high XD) and this is after I had practiced taking rounds on smaller games for almost a year. I’m fairly certain if you ask any of the other EOR veterans about the first time one of their rounds was contested they will have had similar feelings (I’m not talking about the round being handed to them, I’m strictly speaking the first time they had to fight for their win.)

Either way, there are many advanced techniques we employ when fighting for EORs that I’m sure most of the TMB community does not know about and I assume Titus was also lacking this knowledge. One final note about Titus, I would like to tip my hat to him for making a good decision while under all of that pressure. You may have noticed that he stopped his collect at only 28 tril, although his end of round collection skills are not the best, it illustrates his player skill as a whole. He saw that he was outclassed and instead of pressing forward like most players in his shoes would have, wasting all of their credits in the dim hopes that they would somehow pull a victory, he decided to cut his losses and save the rest of his 600-700k turns for another round in which he can hopefully recuperate some if not all of his losses. You have my respect sir; with a little training I’m sure you could be great.

Next, I want to give a quick message to Feldman and Coco: It may seem as if the game has turned their backs on you, however, you still have friends out there, some of us are just hidden in the shadows. This round steal was for you.

Finally, to Popebenedict-X from the turbo round: That is how it’s done. Next time you want to impersonate me, do it right; no excuses just results.

And now we hear from a player from Untouchables camp..

Untouchables had our inaugural round together. A bunch of veterans & old friends coming together in one drunken hot-tub filled round. The pheromones were pungent. The hair thick. The liquor bottles empty. Scrappy_Doo’s wine cooler 1/2 empty which meant he was really drunk.

Bottom line a good time was brewing with the Untouchables. We were teaching each other the new rules. Laughing at some new players who think they know anything about us or how we choose to play. RealT wanted to see if Mr_Feldman & his family had the “juice” so he did an old fashioned “Call out” According to Dub it was pretty cool. RealT posted on the grd that he was looking to dance & needed a partner. RealT kindly asked the RU don to join him.

Sadly to T’s disappointment that is not how these new jacks play. They like to talk trash (usually not the players who actually have any impact), farm kills & inflate thier E-egos with shiny medals but fight for no other reason then E-pride. No sir! All T could do was sit pretty with his build hoping someone would grow a pair but he was obviously fighting with guys who bring knives to gun fights.

We wanted our round to be one worth remembering so we decided let’s end it with a victory. Titus_Pullo went for the build at the end. The cap in round 327 was raised to 2mllion so he had a nice 7.8 million operatives working hard to get that $$. Last hour comes & much to our surprise no challenge. 30 mins no challenge. 10min mark nothing… Wait wait wait.

PopeBenedict decides he can win if he builds & collects at the speed of light. In under 10 mins Pope was built to a sexy 8mil ops & collected $40 trillion. It was embarassing. Titus could not collect fast enough even with a head start. He let his family down. It would be very easy to say fuck it & walk away. That’s not how we do things. Next round began & Untouchables will adapt to the new style of play that is the current tmb landscape.

All we have to say to everyone else… Hi Haters!!

Congratulations to all winners.

-Level 4-[list=1][*]Popebenedict $50,977,886,003,104[*]Titus_Pullo $28,988,822,989,989[*]Realt $2,385,641,827,069[/list]

-Level 3-[list=1][*]nino $644,600,723,264[*]Protege $408,922,245,341[*]Kimbo_Slice $311,909,192,090[/list]

-Level 2-[list=1][*]Bobby_Blunts $421,594,298,093[*]FORGE $354,019,738,319[*]Girlie $339,351,201,988[/list]

-Level 1-[list=1][*]Junior_Mafia $274,134,685,239[*]Saint-Bread $211,540,307,491[*]SnYpeR $160,755,787,818[/list]

-Best Killers-[list=1][*]Napier 4,460,204[*]RaTaTat 3,915,764[*]Eck 3,591,929[/list]

-collecting family-[list=1][*]Degenerates-HQ $50,989,623,386,027[*]Untouchables $31,637,807,272,761[*]ICS-Omerta-UML $1,917,031,017,946[/list]

-killers family-[list=1][*]IU_kidding_Me 19,218,217[*]UC_My_Taint 15,814,787[*]IU_GH_Bosph 15,582,398[/list]

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