In this interview, Silhouette bravely enters the Phoenix Mansion to try and get an understanding of what makes them tick and how Phoenix has come since its inception several years ago. Scrappy, MC_JO, and Pauly_Der420 were all present, eagerly answering all questions. Read as we delve into the minds of three Phoenix members.

* * * * * * * * * *

Scrappy added Silhouette to this conversation.

Scrappy: Good Evening, Silhouette

Family, go easy

Pauly_Der420: Hey, what’s up?

Silhouette: Yes, please go easy. This will be my first official interview

MC_JO: here

Silhouette: Are you a real MC?

MC_JO: no lol

Silhouette: Too bad

MC_JO: MC stands for Motor_City, which is a nick name for Detroit

Scrappy: Let’s start off by telling Silhouette how long we’ve all been in Phoenix

Silhouette: Yes please. Get me a feel of who you people are. I need to feel welcome :]

Scrappy: Well, please do feel welcome. Phoenix Chatroom here is usually a bumpin’ place.

Pauly_Der420: haha

MC_JO: I’ve been on and off of TMB but have been in Phoenix since the Free World Bank days, however long ago that was lol

Pauly_Der420: haha that was a while ago

Silhouette: Free World Bank…that’s like 3 years. Wow

Scrappy: I’ve been with Phoenix for 4 years. I’m the current family Consigliere. Sadly, our current Don, RayRay and Co-Don Big_Bad_Wolf are experiencing technical difficulties. Pauly – how long you been with us bro?

Pauly_Der420: I have been with you since I started, which was round 281 I believe

Silhouette: How often do you all use Skype as a form of communication versus in-game? Did you use to do the chatzies

Scrappy: Haha, well, back in the old days, we used to use chatzies… especially with city wide things…but…currently there is a detroit chat…and there is a phoenix chat…and there is a phoenix council chat…and Skype is used a lot.

Pauly_Der420: We use Skype all the time.

Silhouette: So who all are the Detroit partners?

Scrappy: Phoenix, HitSquad, Degenerates, and Immortals

Silhouette: How far back do your relations with those families go?

Scrappy: Well, Phoenix and HitSquad have been blood allies since before Phoenix was formed.

Silhouette: How so?

Scrappy: It was kind of a…Demogg and LL were in Devils_Gate… and Susie_Q was there for a while…And a friendship was formed before both families were even established.

MC_JO: Phoenix and Hitsquad came from Montreal to Detroit together a long ways back.

Scrappy: Phoenix and HitSquad formed out of DG… correct me if I’m wrong, MC…

MC_JO: I think that is correct…Phoenix was originally in New York

Scrappy: It’s been forever since that lol. Yes… I remember joining when we were in NY.

MC_JO: They warred with Wolfpack and moved to Montreal

Scrappy: For a few short rounds…then we moved to Detroit…

Silhouette: Why Detroit?

Scrappy: Well, from what I remember, it was an easy place – no one really had strong roots here except for some oldies like Forty, Hopsing, Crashbanged… Demogg and LL were friends at first with these guys…

MC_JO: Detroit was empty lol.. Just a bunch of straggler families. Detroit was filled with the Detroit Union (DU). The Detroit Union merged with Foundhell and moved to Liverpool.

Scrappy: Rainy and Ender were just coming to power and Demogg and LL were retiring…Yes… MC, were you here when Foundhell tried to take Detroit back?

Silhouette: How did that go over?

MC_JO: Kinda lol..I was with Foundhell…they were falling apart

Scrappy: You were with Foundhell??!! I don’t remember you being there…

MC_JO: So I became friends with LL :*(

Scrappy: Puss tried to take over Detroit a little before round 100…

MC_JO: I became a free world banker

Scrappy: Rainy and Ender were co-dons…

MC_JO: Yes lol

Scrappy: Big_Bad_Wolf was war general…and I was training under BBW…It was quite a battle…

MC_JO: Yes it was

Scrappy: They were supporters…

Silhouette: Tell me about the war.

MC_JO: I left Foundhell for Phoenix, some drama in between that lol But that is basically it.

Silhouette: (By the way, we like drama)

Scrappy: They had cash to throw into the war… but Phoenix prides itself on being a supporter free family (other than turbo subs)…

Silhouette: So basically a bunch of small supporters beat the crap out of some big whigs

MC_JO: Phoenix/Hitsquad and Devils Gate were unstoppable once they started Free World Bank

Scrappy: Back then we didn’t even buy turbo subs…

MC_JO: All of the little families needed them and Foundhell was no match for them

Silhouette: What sort of numbers are we talking about? Were there a lot of players on your side of the fight?

Scrappy: Back then Phoenix had 4-5 families on a regular basis…Race was here… Axelq2… Str8tupG…Lintlicker…we had some pretty epic hitters back then,.

MC_JO: They were 30 member families at that time I believe

Scrappy: During the war? Yeah spread out between 4-5 families… 30 core members…

Silhouette: 30 member families were a brief thing

MC_JO: Noooo, Each family was filled with 30 members each, not the 20 limit we have now

Silhouette: 30 members per family didn’t last long..

Scrappy: No, I don’t remember that during the FH War…anyway…during the war…We didn’t really rank at all…because supporters always blew us out of the water…but… There were no ops or dus to speak of for FH….
Cyp and Pops were full-tilt in the middle of their own war…so Detroit and Liverpool… we had ourselves and epic battle…I remember…

Silhouette: Back up one quick second…About what round was this?

Scrappy: little before round 100…Anyway… I remember 2 rounds at the peak of the war…Three of our members hit 1.5 million kills… on 1 star, no won turns. (the rules were slightly different than now)… but still a major achievement!

Pauly_Der420: thats insane

Silhouette: Absolutely. I don’t remember the ratios, but even then, a free player amounting to that many kills is very good

Scrappy: Those were the days.

Pauly_Der420: I bet. I love killing.

Scrappy: Eventually, FH gave up…

Silhouette: Weren’t hitmen like 4x at the time? I completely don’t remember.

Scrappy: I think 3X

Silhouette: Ok…so this war lasted 10+ rounds?

Scrappy: yup…

Pauly_Der420: That’s insane

Silhouette: Why did FoundHell give up?

Scrappy: Well, MC might be able to give better perspective on that…but I remember them being on the brink of destruction from within

Silhouette: Were any relationships forged because of the war?

MC_JO: They had no way to bank their money. Phoenix/HitSquad and group stole everything they had…they were losing players to us

Scrappy: For a while, Puss and Magnum_44 were friends of Detroit… during DU days from 120-140…but those friendships didn’t last long lol.
To this day, I don’t really like Magnum…

Silhouette: So Banking money was as important then as it was up until a few rounds ago

MC_JO: Absolutely…Tattootom was Foundhell’s main banker and once he couldn’t get the turns to keep banking, they were done. Realtbone wasn’t around to protect them and they couldn’t protect themselves because they weren’t ranking to get turns.

Scrappy: hehe… we did well destroying their chances

MC_JO: lol

Silhouette: That’s wild. So after FoundHell lost the war, what did this mean for Phoenix and Detroit?

Scrappy: We were stronger because of it…and some of the oldies came back…and Detroit had a good 200 people in it at that time…it was during the height of TMB too… there were thousands of active players at the time.
I remember running our own banking system because we had enough…
We were at peace with each other for a while…oh we had some crazies like Wanna_Muffin try to destroy the unity… but it truly was a good time for Detroit…
Phoenix was at its peak of members…we were growing…

Silhouette: Uh oh =/ (this mean something bad is coming)

Scrappy: We had this rule…no extra families.

Silhouette: What do you mean by that?

Scrappy: They must hang the DU banner…

Silhouette: Ah, yes…Part of the city, or not part of the city at all

Scrappy: Yes. Phoenix, Hitsquad and the other family… I can’t remember their family name for the life of me.Forty and Puss’s family…MC help me out here…

MC_JO: Ummmmm I forget lol

Scrappy: Haha.

MC_JO: I know what you mean though lol…Kiss was in it lol

Scrappy: yup.

Silhouette: Brain fart at the phoenix mansion..

MC_JO: lol

Scrappy: And Crashbanged and Adminguard had Global in the city too…we were really unified and working together. I remember Klown and Wanna_Muffin decided they wanted to plant their family in the middle of Detroit…without the banner, and without any of the family names.

So we ensued city-wide messages. This was when Skype would have come in hand. I have on my hard drive a compiled 40 page document with all of the messages back and forth.

OH!! It was BRG. That was the family. Remember Jo?

MC_JO: Hmmm I dunno, I’m blocking that lol

Scrappy: haha. Yes… but Klown and Wanna_Muffin were stubborn…eventually… they tried warring with a city of 200… bold souls…lol

These city wide messages included city leaders well over 20 city leaders were involved in this… I believe Bambina had taken Don at this time…

MC_JO: Yes I think she was after ender

Scrappy: That she was.

MC_JO: Love Her BTW lol

Scrappy: Agreed… she’s in this chatroom, just not on right now. Her, Wolf and Heatseeker…all former dons.

MC_JO: I remember way back to the days of Brielle lol

Scrappy: That was around the time of riley, right?

MC_JO: Yup

Scrappy: So – Silhouette, what do you want to know?

Silhouette: What happened with BRG? And how did this affect you all? And sort of give us a snapshot of what transpired between then and somewhat present day (you don’t have to go all the way up to present yet – but player mind-spans are not much longer than 6 months lol)

Scrappy: BRG basically got too busy with real life… people like Hopsing, VA14, Azma, and Adminguard…they left and have appeared every now and then…
Magnum_44 tried to make something happen and really wanted it to be all about him…
so instead of bringing good structure to the city…it tore us all apart…
I took a break from 145-185…Darkhorse, Bambina and Wolf were all dons then…when I returned…wait…before i left…Remember Heavens?

MC_JO: I do

Scrappy: F1no, and the others…they split…one became Hell… and the other stayed in london as heavens…and hell joined detroit after BRG dissipated…
I caused some trouble with Rev… and Che_Guevera… (we’re friends now) but that and school caused me to quit until 185…then I came back after 40 rounds and Wolf was still don…continued playing until 215… then quit again (school this time)…then came back @ 255 and been here ever since…Heatseeker was don then…Then Wolf returned as don…and I took Consigliere…then these lovely people joined us… and MC returned

Silhouette: MC_JO do you have any history of what happened in Scrappy’s absense?

Scrappy: I dunno if MC was there while I was gone…lol

MC_JO: lol Not really

Scrappy: Alexander was in there somewhere…

MC_JO: I hung around with the Pissheads for a bit

Silhouette: Ah, you were a Pisshead?

Scrappy: Rankwhore? lol

MC_JO: lol Yeah yeah yeah lol

Scrappy: hahaha

Silhouette: (I wasn’t gonna say that!) How many family medals do you have

MC_JO: It’s ok I got all my turns taken when they expired..I never used them lol

Silhouette: I see you’re STILL in the protection program…means you haven’t really played in quite some time

MC_JO: Yeah, I’m scared lol…Nahh, I just haven’t had the time to play full force.

Silhouette: And you don’t have that many family medals. Doesn’t seem to me like that’s a real Pissheads profile.

Scrappy: She’s got 3 – 5 – 3
You weren’t there long, right MC?

MC_JO: I bounced around a lot… just hanging out with friends.
Not really just a few rounds

Scrappy: Yeah, I figured.

Silhouette: So take me to present day…things have slowed down a lot for Phoenix. But how are things going? Adjusting well to the new rules, I take?

Scrappy: We’re adjusting well, actually. Working together with Lucky_Chevy and Hitsquad has proved very helpful and our friendship is still very strong. We took turbo round 302… Gold family and several tiers…LC and his gang took last turbo round…

Silhouette: Scrappy, you were telling me about your overall successes in turbo as well, so that means you play as a close knit family still.

Scrappy: Since 302 – we have made a very concerted effort in turbos..working together to build and collect and steal… lol.
RayRay and Bossy have been VERY helpful. Husband and Wife team none the less… they stayed up 2 turbo rounds ago…and he took 6th in lvl 4, she took 4th in lvl 2 and we took third place in killer family and 6th place in collecting family…

We’ve had a few others who have been very helpful recently, Silence, she’s done a lot of maxing and collecting for us!

Pauly has done great with killing – much better in the recent rounds!

Pauly_Der420: Yea, I’m actually killing as we speak

Scrappy: But we have played actively in every turbo round since 302 as a family and at least one person has received a medal each turbo round.

First round of the new rules – we took bronze family killers…

Silhouette: Ah yes, bronze was a close match…I remember watching that one down to the wire. Your family had silver for most of the round.

Scrappy: It was a great effort! Yes we did… dang supporters

Pauly_Der420: I remember that day. i was on all day and killed up to the final minutes

Silhouette: So before we sum this up – what did you all think of last round, and what do you think of Realt this round so far?

Scrappy: Last round was annoying for a while… with all the weather issues, its been hard for our family members to get on… and it being the end of most university semesters… its quite hard with most of us in college.
But – we still worked together… we didn’t rank in main, but we did our best.

Silhouette: What did you think of EOR?

Scrappy: Pauly, what did you think of EOR? (POPE DID GREAT, btw).
If you wanna see my Review of the Main round before that, check out the blog – I wrote one!

Pauly_Der420: I thought it was interesting…because everyone did well.

Scrappy: Realt this round… gonna be hard to see him get clobbered by RU or IU, or even Pope… Omerta hasn’t really made an effort to take any rounds, its been quite disappointing…other than EL…lol…they did good there…but the last round and turbo round…

Pauly_Der420: Yea, thats what I heard

Scrappy: They need to jump in instead of letting the rounds pass to other families haha

Silhouette: Speculation is one nasty beast

Scrappy: We’ve been allies with Omerta since a little before 240… we were with 29 for a while…anyway…

Silhouette: How did you all want to sum this up? It’s been great doing a team effort on this

Scrappy: I could make a closing statement for the family? Then give shoutouts where credit it due

Silhouette: Yes Scrappy, sounds good

Pauly_Der420: I think we have been a good strong family that is still up and rising so don’t mess with us

Silhouette: I can attest to that – even as just a sideline watcher. You all have made some incredible strides since the new rules – not many families have been up to the test…Or at least not put forth the effort you all have.

Scrappy: Over the years, Phoenix has had its ups and downs. But true to our name, we’ve been true Phoenix’s. A Phoenix rises from the ashes. No matter how hard the fight, no matter how long the road, we’ve followed it and we’re still kicking, hard and strong. We’ve been thrown curve ball after curve ball, challenge after challenge, but we truly have risen!

This is the best family in TMB, in my opinion and I don’t plan on going anywhere else, any time soon.


Bambina, Rainy, Ender, Alexander, Heatseeker, LL, Demogg, DEANO, Riley, Big_Bad_Wolf, Thunder, RedNight, GMA, Axelq2, Darkhorse, Silence, Scaletta, Alphonso_Scaletta, RayRay, BOSSY, Pauly_Der420 and all the rest of the active members through the years, I know there are many more that have been really active in the families…

Pauly_Der420: haha, you got them all covered.

Scrappy: Outside Phoenix Shoutouts:

Lucky_Chevy, Susie_Q and the whole HitSquad Gang,
Familymatters and the Degenerates gang,
Constanzia and the Immortals gang…
you all are wonderful to work with in Detroit and I look forward to many more rounds of team work…
To Omerta: Pops, Jaclyn, DirtyNick, Daniele, Phamly, Kidvengeance and the rest of those who have been great friends to Phoenix over the years…
Pissheads and RU for the times we were working together…
I believe that ends the shoutouts

MC_JO: Spoken like a true Don ((((Scrappy))))

Silhouette: Great..Thank you very much for your time Scrappy, MC_JO, and Pauly_Der420.

Scrappy: Thank you for yours, Silhouette.

* * * * * * * * * *

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