Highlight-Real, the self acclaimed young gunna stunna is back this week with another blog…this time about the birth of a new killer brought on by the new formula for generating kill counts. All of the infamous killers out there have encountered this new killing formula and must now strategically pick their targets now more than ever in order to achieve a top kill count. Read as Highlight-Real breaks it down.

With the new kill count calculation system, it means that a certain type of killer will be exposed as the new kingpin of the mafia world. Before, it was a simple killing game. As everyone knows, if I have more guys then you, I can win the attack considering we have the same type of guys. It was a simpler time. Now, the game is involving and so must the killers. Now the killer who can still kill, but now kill smarter and more strategically than the others will end up on top. The killers of The Mafia Boss have to spend more time strategizing their hitting sessions more than ever if they want to get the most productivity when they go out and roam the dark streets of The Mafia Boss at top of the hour.

Personally, I think that the first few rounds will be tough for everyone to adjust, but at the end, I don’t think we will see any new ELITE killers taking any top killer medals because the ones who are the top now, are there because they are smart enough to adapt and have continued to be successful no matter the rules. One thing I have noticed is that are a lot more families closely compacted for the TOP killing family prizes… this should make it more exciting at the end of the round if there are 4-5 families gunnin for that #1 spot.

Well that’s all from me, have a nice round with the new killing rules!
-Highlight-Real (The young gunna stunna)

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