The early bird may get the worm, but the early builder does not always win the round.

This was the case in Turbo Round 330, where Saint-Bread built big early into this 360,000 turn cap round. Even though turbo got off to a rough start for some, it all seemed to turn out perfectly for members of RU and IU, who took the win with a commanding lead.

Some minor problems with Turbo Round 330 led to a pretty hilarious situation. I don’t know how it happened, but very early into the round, there ended up being two bosses of the Cheese family: Popebenedict and Saint-Bread. Although both were “Boss”, Saint-Bread could not perform any functions within the family. In order to reconcile the issue, Saint-Bread had to leave the family. He was then given an override to get another “ticket” to join a family again. If you remember, there was the ability to join only one family for the round. Saint-Bread was supposed to go back to Cheese as any other family would create an unfair advantage. However, an insider informed me that Popebenedict didn’t want to re-invite him! Therefore, Saint-Bread joined another family. Storm saw this and quickly had the issued rectified: Saint-Bread was going back to Cheese. I just had to include this in the round summary..I found it hilarious.

With achieving a high kill count at an all-time high, DUs again were a thing of the past. Use them or lose them seems to be the popular saying throughout the game.

We now here from Turbo Round 330 winner, Sheikh, who was Evocator.

With the constant changes and improvements that The Mafia Boss Administration are applying to the game, we didn’t know what to expect for this turbo. However, the rules were pretty much typical, which was an advantage for our team.

When the round started, we planned on giving it a try. We had four builders ready and nothing was surprising throughout the round, except the two family tickets (or visits) that Saint-Bread did, which confused us since calculations are based on the other supporters that will be joining his family. However, that was explained later on. The early build of Saint-Bread and the extra turns given to everyone were things that we considered before we started collecting. Cocamafiosa was running the IU_RU collecting family. Mr_Feldman, TMK and I were waiting for the right time to join, and depending on the competition, we were going to build. Things went well. A special thanks to Mr_Feldman and Cocamafiosa as they were concerned, helping, and willing to go the whole nine yards with me. It was a good job for everyone who helped. Hard luck to our opponents, but as Pope said once, this game is about calculations and opportunities…so better luck next time.

Congratulations to all winners.

-Level 4-[list=1][*]Evocator $20,545,096,753,848[*]Saint-Bread $10,436,439,112,000[*]Late_Arrival $9,025,717,375,728[/list]

-Level 3-[list=1][*]rohan $8,093,071,570,423[*]CRAIG $6,774,910,557,670[*]Josh $6,122,755,702,457[/list]

-Level 2-[list=1][*]Islander $4,411,700,287,711[*]Lure $3,922,584,785,180[*]Pablo $2,400,260,856,300[/list]

-Level 1-[list=1][*]YzAh $4,060,036,921,630[*]Robert $3,511,527,491,840[*]Q123 $2,968,798,488,156[/list]

-Best Killers-[list=1][*]Gamble 10,097,863[*]Tetz 7,101,164[*]deagle 6,484,933[/list]

-collecting family-[list=1][*]IU_RU_Still-Standing $33,985,593,934,304[*]G-Unit $17,184,533,671,602[*]Traps $14,749,480,345,520[/list]

-killers family-[list=1][*]Bad_People 26,217,814[*]Traps 19,623,645[*]C4RT3L_K1NGZ 19,036,452[/list]

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