After the exciting end to Main Round 327, the next round, 329 started with a (near) full build/collect by friend and cohort of Titus_Pullo, the one and only Realt. Within the first day of the round, Realt was sitting at over $60 trillion, where he would remain unscathed for the entire round. Would Realt win the round? Would there be another challenge? These were questions players were asking themselves and others all round long.

A few days into the round, IU player Murderer makes a pretty nice build of 6 odd million operatives and does a relatively small collect in respect to the amount of ops hired. It seemed as if Murderer was going to go head to head with Realt. One day passes. Two days passes. Turbo comes and goes. Nothing. No one has built to kill either Murderer or Realt. We get to the final hour of the round. Players around the game get maxed for the last time. Collectors start their collect throughout the hour. All is quiet on the western front as far as contention for Realt’s spot at number 1. 30 minutes to competition. 15 minutes to go..still nothing. 10 minutes to go..still no….wait…wait…Popebenedict has gone level 4. In a few brief seconds he shoots up to 765,000 operatives…then stops. What is he doing? I swear, I will never understand this guy. It seems as if he’s stopped his build…and has begun to collect a mere $500 billion. Interesting. The round ends and Realt was not contested for his win.

Even though a new kill count calculator was implemented to help deter suiciding and get players to strategically pick targets rather than point and kill, players around the game were still zeroed. IU are able to take two medals again this round, this time both Gold and Silver. Will they ever be stopped?! UC was pushed out of their Bronze position in the final day by Hitsquad. It was a great effort by Hitsquad to snag 3rd. The collecting tier medals primarily belonged to Omerta, ICS, and UML – many of them had considerable operatives that were kept maxed every hour by allies throughout the game. That in itself is a great effort and shows that even with the new rules, these families are not backing down.

At the five day mark, right when Turbo was to start, some new features and layout design were implemented, which briefly delayed the start of the Turbo round. We now have new Forums! These are the same forums that are present in the beta version, but are now implemented into the classic version as well. They in themselves have some very neat functions and capabilities. Another big feature implemented is the opportunity to get Free Non-Expiring Credits just for filling out surveys or completing offers. Players were also issued reserves due to the downtime.

Even though players might have felt disappointed that no fight for the jackpot ensued, it was a good win for Realt and his family of Untouchables.

Congratulations to all winners.

-Level 4-[list=1][*]Realt $67,714,977,032,205[*]Murderer $3,651,267,589,729[*]Ichigo $697,592,640,034[/list]

-Level 3-
[list=1][*]Ikah $591,739,984,180[*]Jonzo $368,610,193,385[*]OneTwo $288,124,164,759[/list]

-Level 2-[list=1][*]WeeBaBonG $457,577,079,451[*]Girlie $389,663,264,764[*]Diablo $388,650,443,440[/list]

-Level 1-[list=1][*]Saint-Bread $312,864,149,223[*]Tony-Montana $267,301,446,022[*]NaRuTo_kYuBi $219,123,040,143[/list]

-Best Killers-[list=1][*]Diabolic 3,752,780[*]Murderer 3,368,568[*]Sebastian 2,855,817[/list]

-collecting family-[list=1][*] Untouchables $68,306,957,558,957[*]IU_RU_Killers $3,657,010,908,503[*]UML-Omerta-ICS-Frnds $2,250,221,868,482[/list]

-killers family-[list=1][*] IU_RU_Killers 16,654,906[*]IU_GH_KILLERS 9,734,096[*]HITSQUAD_ASSASSINS 9,166,760[/list]

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