In this long awaited, highly anticipated interview of legendary player Mr_Feldman, Splooge finds all about what makes him tick. Read as we find out how Mr_Feldman got his start, and how he reached where he is today.

Splooge: Hey Mr Feldman, how are you doing?

Mr_Feldman: I am good, how you doing Mr Splooge?

Splooge: I am fine, thank you.

It’s about time I got off my ass and situated this interview. In the past few years that you have been playing The Mafia Boss, you’ve become quite the player. How about you start us off right and tell me how you even found this game.

Mr_Feldman: I tried to remember the other day, but I couldn’t. I found it on some website, but I would not remember which one now.

Splooge: Let’s just say it was fate then :] You would have never met me :]

Mr_Feldman: ha ha... never

Splooge: So when you first joined, do you remember what you did? What family did you first join?

Mr_Feldman: The first time I joined the game, I did not know what to do or what to click. My first family was SS.

Splooge: SouthSide??

Mr_Feldman: Yes, it was SouthSide.

Splooge: Wow

Mr_Feldman: It was this girl that got me the invite. I can’t remember her name now as she is not playing anymore. She is the one who told me step-by-step how to play this game.

Splooge: And you don’t even remember her name?!

Mr_Feldman: =/ She left about 4-5 rounds after I joined.

Splooge: It’s okay, we’ll let it slide. So you learned the basics of the game in SouthSide…how long did you stay there?

Mr_Feldman: I was there about 3-4 months. I met all of the SS players. Bugs was a very close friend to me.

Splooge: When you first joined, did you begin supporting immediately? Or did you start out as a free player?

Mr_Feldman: I was a free player for several months. Then I found: “Buy Credits Now” on my profile. lmao…what a big mistake.

Splooge: Ooh... dangerous button.

Mr_Feldman: Yep, and that’s how it all started. I believe I started off by buying a $100 pack. One round while I was in SouthSide, I built big, but I didn’t know all of the ins and outs of the game and Cypriot was after me, hour after hour. lol

Splooge: Ahh…yes. You could only build if Cyp said you could back then.

Mr_Feldman: Yes, true…if you don’t ask, you just get killed.

Bugs and I would always have fun in turbos. We would change our names, I would build like crazy and would be a bank for the family, and the other 2-3 people in the family would just be looting. It was a fun time. But in the last 2-3 hours, I would still get killed by one of Cyp’s people. lol

Splooge: Damm...

Mr_Feldman: Anyways, back to Cyp. I messaged him several times, but every message I sent him was simply ignored. So one day, I just built. Guess what his first message to me was..

Splooge: Hmm..what was it?

Mr_Feldman: “You’re going to die now, if you don’t kill...” and he gave me some name of a player to kill. I simply told him: “Sorry, but I can do it later as I am busy right now.” That’s when he really got pissed off. But somehow MD from SS…I’m sure you know him..

Splooge: MadDawg?

Mr_Feldman: Yes, MadDawg. Kyle is his name, if I’m not mistaken. He is not playing anymore but was a good friend of Pops…and asked Pops to protect me. So I got the invite from Pops, who was in the family with Cyp. And we all stayed in that one family that round, so I wouldn’t be killed lol

To make the long story short, it took me a good 3-6 months to be trusted by Cyp so that we could play some rounds together…by doing donations and shit. And that’s how I got into Cyp’s family: 29_PissheadS

Wait…I forgot to mention PETENASTY. I got into a fight with him…I killed him, and he was like: “WTF, who the fuck are you to kill PETENASTY?!” He told me several times that he was going to build and kill me, blah, blah, blah…but never did. But afterwards, we became very close friends.

Splooge: LOL…don’t EVER mess with PETENASTY.

Mr_Feldman: And it was only because of PETENASTY that I kind of got into Pissheads. Once he got me into the family, I met all of the all-stars in there: Touchole, Lips, Driver, and the rest..

Splooge: So you ran with Pissheads for a while then. Is that when you started supporting more?

Mr_Feldman: Yes, I ran with them until round 199 before I started to rank. Not everybody could rank every round, you had to wait your turn. But once you were accepted into the Family, and I mean Family…then you were more trusted and would rank more often. When I was a supporter, I would say I would finsih around 5th. Before, I was just -Best Killer- in many rounds, as I used to love killing. I was always finishing with over 2-3 million DU kills without any farming.

Splooge; I think you still do like to kill, if I’m not mistaken :]

Mr_Feldman: Haha, yes I do.

Splooge: But yes, when you were doing massive killing every round, players started to notice who you were, especially me.

Mr_Feldman: Then, the rules changed.

Splooge: Expiring credits.

Mr_Feldman: Cyp left with all of the Pissheads. They were very upset. He also lost one of his last rounds to Pope, round 203. Some c*nts didn’t transfer the cash to him last second.

Splooge: Haha

Mr_Feldman: I was there also…but I also was too late to transfer. I was banked up and had no time to unbank and send up to him…I was still kind of a noob too. Needless to say, he was very upset for several rounds thereafter. After this, he left the game. I sort of became the Pissheads leader, for a few rounds. But, it was not mine. I did not feel respected for some reason, even though everyone liked me and everything else. I had a lot of friends. I even tried to offer Cyp some cash for his loss, but he would never take it. I could never find a way to talk to Lipsy.. The last time I joined PH, Lips made me a Soldier. I got pissed off and left. I was there every time they needed me, and she just made me a Soldier. I was told I would have to be there fore years before I could get a higher rank.

Splooge: From what I know about you, you’ve always liked to do your own thing, and you’ve always been good at that. Not to mention generous.

Mr_Feldman: Thank you

Splooge: So after things with PissHeads fizzled out, where did you go?

Mr_Feldman: Well, right after PH, I left and went to New York. I started a bank there, and that’s where I met Vicarious. We were there for only a few rounds, 5-8 rounds at the most. And that’s how CCCP started.

Splooge: The famous CCCP :]

Mr_Feldman: Yep, :] CCCP. I’ve always loved Moscow. That’s time time when you and I met. You used to be with MBU, and I used to HATE THEM. They would never want to have any dealings with me. They would never let me stay in Moscow unless I would be a part of MBU.

Splooge: Right... MBU wanted nothing to do with your family, or any other family for that matter unless it was part of MBU.

Mr_Feldman: So... I had to come up with something better than MBU…and that’s how I got CCCP.

Splooge: And a long war ensued because of this.

Mr_Feldman: Yes, I would say 40+ rounds.

Splooge: Yes, easily.

Mr_Feldman: Vitti was the big cheese in MBU and would only listen to himself.

Splooge: Shortly after you established yourself in Moscow, you started your own bank. I think that really helped your cause.

Mr_Feldman: I started my bank the second round of CCCP. MonkeyKilla really helped me a lot, for many rounds. I used to bank for 5-8 hours per day as we had no bankers. NY was our first clients. I believe at that time I had at least 2-3 CCCP families, and they also banked with us. It was not easy as MBU used to have over 125 people. But we started growing and growing, round after round…and we started getting more families to bank and work with us.

Splooge: Well…this is when I am to blame. MBU was already shrinking because of the war, but then I left taking four MBU families with me to start UC.

Mr_Feldman: Haha... yeah, a lot of people left with you.

Splooge: Yep..four of the six families.

Mr_Feldman: I would say at least 60% of good killers and loyal people left.

Splooge: What happened when I left MBU to start UC?

Mr_Feldman: Well that was the time when Viking_Slap became my friend, even though we used to hit each other like crazy. I never knew who he was in MBU until then. All I knew is that I hated his profile. lol

Splooge: Lars is a good guy. A pillar of this game really. LOL, Techno Viking!

Mr_Feldman: Yes…fucking techno dancing. I hate that. I remember one time when he and I built over 1 or 2 million DUs... ohh it was crazy.

Splooge: Who won?

Mr_Feldman: I did :] He spent like $500. He missed some hits, dropped his networth, and was killing others to lower his networth. I had a revenge on him, but he was protecting until his last 100,000 DUs or something. But yes, I won the battle.

Splooge: Have you ever lost a build war?

Mr_Feldman: I don’t think so

Splooge: I don’t think you have either lol.

Mr_Feldman: I was always a big supporter, and would rebuild and use my revenge. Nobody would every out-build me, unless we were doing it just for fun. But I had a good teacher: Vicarious, I don’t think he can ever be forgotten.

Splooge: May he rest in peace.

Mr_Feldman: Yes, I don’t think he can be ever forgotten

Splooge: So the war between CCCP and MBU eventually ended. How did this happen?

Mr_Feldman: Vitti and Viking_Slap finally agreed to try and make a NAP to see if we could build Moscow together..and they would start using my bank…and of course, I would rank their people. And I always did.

Splooge: You have always stayed true to your word. Something that can definitely be admired in today’s world.

Mr_Feldman: Always. If I make promises, 100%, you have nothing to worry about.

Splooge: So was this when RU was born? Or did the NAP stay in affect for a while?

Mr_Feldman: The NAP was in affect for 10-15 rounds. Then, right before Vitti left, we came up with RU. You know what RU is, right?

Splooge: Russia United?

Mr_Feldman: Yep, and then after several rounds of RU, he left. He always had some new ideas and everyone kind of ignored him.

Splooge: lol... Everyone?

Mr_Feldman: Yeah, everyone…I don’t know why. Then Vicarious and I met Islander. I remember Mike was basically a noob with $$$. Vicarious, him, and I were on Skype for hours trying to explain how to play the game to him. He was a very fast learner. In about 2-3 days, he knew almost everything. At the time, he was with Pops and Omerta. But several rounds, he left and came to CCCP with Vicarious and I.

Ahh…and how could I forget about Emma…bright. :] She was with me, helping me with the bank.

Splooge: Yes, indeed.

Mr_Feldman: I got her after MonkeyKilla. MonkeyKilla could never have anybody on top of him and they always got into arguments and shit. He always wanted to be an asshole…run his mouth and make people upset.

Splooge: lol

Mr_Feldman: Ohh, it was not easy with him, but he was a good friend of mine as well. He knew everything about me..all of my ins and outs. He was always my right hand until he met Brent. Brent takes people under his wing. I actually met Brent once, with Tony, in Manhattan.

Splooge: (Tony is Clyde for those that don’t know)

Mr_Feldman: Yes, Clyde. Tony is my friend for over a year. We used to go out almost every weekend. I loved going out with him. He even stayed in my house several times, as we used to party until 3-4 A.M.

Splooge: Haha, nice.

Mr_Feldman: We used to get wasted. I remember one time that Brent came, and we went out and everything. Brent even paid for the dinner. Then we went to the bar and had a good time.

I’ve got a big truck, a QX56 and he asked me: “How come you live in NY, but you have NJ plates?”

I kind of didn’t want to tell him that I have a house in NJ so I told him that my sister lives in NJ and instead of paying $3500 for NY insurance, I got my sister’s address and the car under her name…so my insurance only cost me $800 instead.

You will find out why I am telling you all of this..

Splooge: Okay..

Mr_Feldman: So he smiled at me, but never said anything. Anyways, after several rounds, we had some big fight. He called me some bad names and shit…and we became enemies. Do you know what he said to me and everyone else in one of the chats we had?

Splooge: I was probably there if he said it in a public chat, but I don’t remember the argument itself.

Mr_Feldman: Well he said that the day we went out, that he gave a bigger tip to a girl than I am paying for my NJ insurance. He told everyone about my NJ plates and called me a cheap bastard.

Splooge: lol

Mr_Feldman: He said that I don’t have money. Fuck him. I don’t respect him after that.

Splooge: He’s the cheap one I think :]

Mr_Feldman: Clyde is the good guy: honest, would never say anything behind your back. If he has something to say, he will just say it to your face. Not like Brent.

Anyways, MonkeyKilla was removed by Islander and I several rounds later. bright could not do anything with him, so he left with Brent and told Brent everything about me. He would always find ways to try and fuck me. lol He is good at it…even though I always thought he was my loyal guy. Guess I was wrong.

Splooge: Just goes to show you that people show their true colors when angered.

Mr_Feldman: Haha, true.

Then, Islander and I had some problems as I was letting him take almost every round. I saw him spending and spending, and I thought that by letting him take the win, it would benefit him for all the spending he was doing. However, I was told by bright and others that I kind of moved back and that I was not helping him fight Pops.

That’s where we split and BlackHand came out.

Splooge: So you were pushed out basically.

Mr_Feldman: Yes, he left me. And that was it. Vicarious was very upset over it. He never wanted us to fight. We used to call him Little Helper. The three amigos.

Anyways…I lost my bank and bright, Mike, and Vicarious just did not know what to do anymore. We used to kill each other with Mike. But sure, he was a very good player. Very fast. I remember I won once when he and I built. This was after Islander and Pops were dropping over 5k per round. I’m sure you remember those days.

Splooge: Oh yea

Mr_Feldman: You were always a part of it.

Splooge: I thought I was cool.

Mr_Feldman: Yeah, it was fun, and a good time for Larbi.

Splooge: According to popular belief, I was ruining the game during this time. :]


Mr_Feldman: Well, it was and it was not. Fucking glitch.

Splooge: lol

Mr_Feldman: I am still upset with Larbi and others to kick you guys out. I know that you had to inform them and shit, but…just don’t want to talk about it right now.

Then I met Cassius, who took over the bank, started helping me out, and MonkeyKilla kind of came back for a little bit, but after getting in with Brent, he became an asshole and we had to remove him again. Cassius was always very loyal to me. She would never let me down. Yet, there was some kind of misunderstanding with her, and when she took her vacation, she never came back.

I’m sure that if we could bring all of this time back, we would never make the same mistakes ever again.

Splooge: Yes, but we don’t have that luxury. We learn from our mistakes and move on.

Mr_Feldman: I know her and I are not playing together anymore, but we’re still kind of friends. Not that close though...

I have also met Cocamafiosa, and he become my 2nd best after Various. I’m not sure if he ever had a chance to meet Vicarious and get to know him the way I did, but being with Coca, doing something with him together, it gave me another chance to have someone back. I am talking about when Vicarious died, I was about to leave this game and never come back.

Splooge: Yes =/

Mr_Feldman: But I met Coca and he gave me... inspiration

Splooge: Coca has proven to be a large asset to your team though

The two of your forces have made some incredible noise recently, both before and after the recent game changes.

Mr_Feldman: Yes he has, and he is very loyal to me, his family, and his friends. That’s the same time that I met Merci, my bitch. lol

Splooge: lol

Mr_Feldman: Also, I met Siilentbob, the biggest cunt in the game. And Eck. I love them. Just as much as I love you

Splooge: Aww (blush)

Mr_Feldman: (giggle)

Splooge: Tell me the most fun you’ve had on the game.

Mr_Feldman: the best time ever was when Islander, Bill, and I would all go killing. We would all build differently: one would go 300k DUs, the other one 200k DUs, and the 3rd one 100k DUs, all with different NWs. Bill would pick the targets. He was good at it. And we would just go killing.

Splooge: Awesome :]

Mr_Feldman: I don’t think I have ever had anything better than that on this game. It was a blast.

It’s not easy to remember all of these stories…but something like losing to you twice in a row would never be forgotten. lmao.

I forgave you, but I haven’t forgotten. Usually it is the opposite: people forget, but they don’t forgive.

Splooge: Yeah, we didn’t talk for months over that 2nd one…when I pulled a fast one on you.

Mr_Feldman: Right, we did not.

*few minutes pass*

Siilentbob, you are CUNT


Mr_Feldman: lol

Splooge: Anything you want to mention right quick?

Mr_Feldman: Sheikh, about him. He is also a part of RU now. I am hoping that the new rules will change for the better. I want people to stay together. It can’t be all about killing, and more killing. Revenge must be put back. It’s part of the mafia. People want to use the fucking revenge, but it was removed. WTF?!

Splooge: I agree with you, but at the same token, you have to look at the situation where it can be used to influence the game ranks at EOR. But otherwise, revenge would be nice.

Mr_Feldman: Yep, 100%

Splooge: If you don’t want it to be all about killing, tell your c*nts in IU to lay off the killing :] So is there anything you’d like to say before we get to shoutouts?

Mr_Feldman: haha. Well, I just want to say thank you for taking your time with me.

Splooge: It was my pleasure.

Mr_Feldman: I want to say thanks to all of my friends who plays this game with me, or without me, or even to the people that hate me. I want to thank everyone for being here, and trying your best to make the most out of it. :]

Splooge: Awesome. Did you want to give any particular shoutouts?

Mr_Feldman: I just want to thank one more time Cocamafiosa and all his c*nts for sticking with me in my bad timing, and thank you for people like Sheikh, and much more who never left me when it was a difficult time for me.

Splooge: You have a strong base of people behind you, that makes things worthwhile.

Mr_Feldman: Yes I do. Also…Viking, stop traveling and play this fucking game already, will you?

Splooge: lol

Mr_Feldman: Maybe one day, UC will come over and play along with us

Splooge: :] Moscow has always been an aspiration for us. But you know how we are… sort of keep to ourselves.

Mr_Feldman: Yes, I know how you guys are…all for yourselves lmao. greeeedy

How could I forget about Omerta people? Pops, nino, Jac, thank you guys for making this game more interesting.

Splooge: lol…well when you put it that way lol

Mr_Feldman: hahahahah jk…alright brother from another mother, anything else?

Splooge: No sir. Thank you very much for your time.

Mr_Feldman: Thank you.

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