Turbo round 334 featured a 360k credit cap, family transfers and a whole lot of uncertainty, with members from each of the major unions trying their hand at the jackpot. Popebenedict playing under the round name Edelpilzkase claimed the prize for his own, giving him his 8th level 4 gold medal.

Early in the round C4RT3L_K1NG2 and Cheese led the pack for best killer family, jumping a few million kills each in the early hours of the round. As the days passed, however, Cheese began to slow down, falling through the ranks as more consistent families like eye_kill_ewe and WE_SEE_WHAT_UC secured their positions as second and third place killer family. All the while C4RT3L_K1NG2 dominated this rank spot amassing more kills then the second and third place killer families combined.

In the last hours several family banks opened, accumulating nice amounts of cash in the lower trillions with no major moves until two hours remaining, where Popebenedict set the standard collecting a decent 7 trillion. For about an hour and a half it seemed as if Popebenedict would win the round unchallenged, much like the past few, however, with 30 minutes left, IU’s Annika decided to throw his chips into the game collecting a challenging 5 trillion, which, coupled with IU’s family bank, put them within a few billion dollars of Cheese.

Cheese responded with their second builder, Stinky_Cheese, adding another 3.5 trillion to their family value. A few minutes later a third faction, ICS, decided to try their hand at the game, coming in strong with two builders right off the bat, BIG-SMOOVE and tram, both of whom had very nice prebuilds. Within a few minutes ICS had over 12 trillion compared to Cheese’s 10 and it appeared as if both IU and Cheese had given up this fight, cutting their losses. Apparently not wanting to break his undefeated streak, with just minutes left in the round, Popebenedict and his Cheese crew had their third and final builder, Franklin, begin his collection run, amassing a respectable 7 trillion and sending it off to Popebenedict with just moments left in the round.

We now hear from the round victor himself, Popebenedict:

Frankly, I hate this turbo rule variation, it really is not meant for players like me to win. Since these same general rules were used the turbo round before last I honestly did not expect to see them again so soon, so a lot of the pre planning my family had done sort of went out the window. We were anticipating a killer mini of sorts, one with one city, no range, etcetc as most of us were under the impression that there was some type of pattern the turbo rules went in, I guess it was good of them to throw us off.

The key to being a good player is the ability to adapt and that is exactly what we did. Our family had set out to win the turbo round so that’s what we were going to do, one way or another.

Now as I mentioned, this is not my type of round. As I’m sure many of you know, I’m the type of player that will wait until the last possible second and out collect you by not giving any time to respond, but with such a low credit cap that is near impossible to do. So I decided to try a new approach, one I am not very good at nor care for: I tried to cut a few deals.

Feldman and I have been good friends for some time now, so I was not worried about a challenge from his end. Generally if we tell one another our plans we do not find ourselves fighting each other.

So my main concern was Omerta, who I don’t exactly have a great reputation with. Nino and I have recently settled our differences and are now on talking terms again, so I figured it would be best to approach him (coupled with the fact he is allegedly taking the main round, so I was hoping I could use this for a little bit of leverage if needed.) He responded well to the request, wanting cheaper wins for everyone and I agreed not to contest this main round as a thank you for his cooperation.

For a while there, I was feeling good, thinking for once I was going to get an easy win with little financial risk. Of course I planned for the worst and set up my back up builders, I trusted Nino’s word, but not his power over all Omerta and their allies. Some of their hate for me is very strong.

When Annika from IU/RU was the first to apparently challenge me I was completely caught off guard, at that point I really didn’t know what to expect from them so I just assumed they were a threat and decided I had better call on the first of my back up builders, just to be on the safe side. Coca messaged me shortly after and said he had put a stop to that, which eased my mind a bit, until moments later I see the Jackpot jump an amount equal to two builders.

Right around there I remembered why I hated mini rounds with these rules.

I saw the two builders were from ICS this time and honestly felt a little betrayed by Nino. At the same time I also started to get a little bit worried, these two players had a nice pre build and the ICS bank was already a few tril strong. I was not so much worried I was going to lose, as I still had a few of my speed builders on hold, more worried of how much cash I was going to have to waste in order to win this.

In the end I lost only $40 but also a ton of stacked credits. This is my first round ever on TMB (or any mafia game for that matter) that I have not profited from a win and to be blunt, I’m angry about that, very angry.

From what I understand, Nino did what he could to prevent ICS from building and was not happy when they did, so I of course will not hold this against him and will honor the deal we made.

To all other Omerta out there and especially ICS: If you have this notion in your head that you’re going to take the round for cheap like Feldman did last main and Nino probably will this one, you are wrong.

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