Often I have to deal with sensitive and troublesome drama in our community. I recently received a message mail to Admin box, and it did cc. in several other players with this issue in the hope that it gains quick attention. Okay fine, so that happens. On my end, when I login, I have 40 messages about one initial query:


‘STORM!! Dude, this is bullshit, [Insert Player name here!] sent me a message calling me a whore, and told me they would post naked pictures of me all over the game. Do you SERIOUSLY condone this type of harassment?!!?’

The other messages are from the people she cc’ed all her friends, crying that its unfair, harassment and that we should ban the culprits, immediately, or they would report us as game management to relevant authorities.

I realize this is a slippery slope to navigate, stuff like this, and if it’s not managed correctly, can have very adverse implications to the game on many levels.

So I ask:

‘'Errmmm.....Firstly Can I just ask your friends to please stop messaging me, and can you PLEASE send me precise details of what happened, who, what, where, when, etc, please? My mailbox is flooded with around 65 messages about this and I cannot make head or tale of what happened except that everyone is angry and asking me to ban some people in the game. I need to understand everything clearly so I can take precise actions’?'

Bloody Hell..... Seemed like that was the wrong thing to say as another 10 messages come pouring in about failure to act, crying, moaning about having errant players banned.

Now what?

I still needed the info so I could see and read through tons of lengthy mails of complaints but not one of them had a single clear direction about who did what exactly.

So I send them another message with the same thing:[ Slightly annoyed by now].... '‘I NEED MORE INFO! CAN YOU ALL STOP MESSAGING ME AND CAN THE ORIGINAL PERSON WHO IS HAVING PROBLEMS JUST MESSAGE ME ALONE PLEASE?!!’'

So just to be sure, I send the lady a private message also and ask please that she stops having a general conversation. I am hoping that she can calm down and provide me with clear info.

So she responds: ‘Some guys are threatening me that they will post nude pics of me on their game profiles’

So I ask: '‘Who are these players? Have any of them done it ....and.....’ [...now I get to thinking....] ’where did they get the pics from?’'

Incoming message:

‘Iwhor.jpeg sent them, but like....it started with the first guy, we met here online, he told me he loved me, we flirted online and then he said he wanted to meet up with me. Things got a bit steamy, in our private chats and he asked me for a picture, and to exchange pictures. Then a few weeks into this, I sent him some personal images of myself.’

Okay so I realize this is actually serious because it is abuse of her personal trust and privacy. I read further...

‘But then there was also this other guy at the same time, I was chatting to also in my family’......

....’and we fell in love also. Storm, is it possible to love more than one person at a time? So I also sent him some pictures of myself’

‘Then they found out about each other, and refused to speak to me. This was around 1 year ago.’

‘Since then, I have met 12 guys here that I like’

So I write back: ‘And how many of them did you send your pics to?’

‘Well I guess it’s around 50 guys, in total but they all paid.’


A few questions start running through my mind at lightning speed.

1 – ‘They all Paid’!??!
2 – 50 Guys?
3 – The ‘They all paid’ question surfaces again
4 – Why 50 Guys? Where is the love?...
5 – Oh Yah, they all paid

Now at this point I reached a morally conflicted mental stutter.

On one hand I have a female player who is reporting that she is experiencing abuse of privacy, online bullying and harassment, and on the other side, I could simply be talking to one of the biggest flirts in the game.

Then comes to mind the whole #MeToo movement.

‘I cannot allow myself to be swayed by verbal evidence alone’ I think to myself. Each case is unique and I must find evidence to make a reasonably good decision.

So I go back in history mails to check if I can find anything. Sure enough, in rounds past, I see floods of mails between herself and at least 100 guys, all separate, where she ‘seduces’ them with words, and then proceeds to Skype and seemingly sends them pics of herself naked and the like.

I notice the extreme personal nature of all of this, where each and everyone she has contact with, is individual, where they ‘fall in love’, and eventually it has spiraled out of control.

Then I notice some of these guys talk to each other and find out that she has been playing them into giving her between $10-$50 per ‘session’

So...I message her back:

‘'Errm, I had a look at the mails, and I can see that these people are upset at you because you played on their emotions. I honestly don’t know how to deal with this. You used our Mafia Boss Game platform to make money off, and you misled many into thinking they were starting a serious online relationship with you. I am conflicted because I don’t like abuse in any form that contravenes our game rules. You should be banned for soliciting or something, and also anyone who posts images of you then would also subsequently be at fault.....So in this case I am lost..any ideas?’'

Her response:
‘Storm, I don’t want my husband to find out about this....’


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