Greetings Mafiosos, It has been awhile since we last chatted to everyone, and this mainly was due to working frantically on a new player On boarding tutorial with the coder. This walk through is designed to assist new signups to get started in the game faster, pushing them to do various basic tasks like Hire, Collect, Attack and Automated message to Family Board to Ask families for invites.


This feature is ONLY available to NEW PLAYERS who just completed signup into the game and is not visible to existing players.


Inner Circle has recently been the top performing overall family. So in the most recent weeks and rounds, this family won: Main Round 1011 – K9 won it, and Main Round 1007 – Babbo won those mains.

BLUES won Turbo 1010, FAMILY GOLD in 1009, and then the tier ranks, and family medal spots in Turbo and Main since January start the list goes on and on. Great job guys!

Drifters Family: Turbo round 1012 was neatly and cleverly stolen by Mykelanz [game Name 121985], very covertly he worked his way to the top and managed to end at the top spot. This is no mean feat in the cut throat world of Turbo, and although the round jackpot was low ending, in this author’s humble opinion, would say, the round was open for anyone to win and he took it, he saw the chance. Good job brother! Keeping in mind that Freak won Main Round 1006 in early January, Drifters Family have put in a very good showing by taking these 2 top spots without much spend. Sneaky, and great game play guys!

TrapHouse family: Have remained the most consistent in the top 3 family ranks in recent MAIN and TURBO rounds. [1005: family gold, 1007, family Silver, 1009 Bronze, 1011: Gold] So this has been a most prolific showing in pure teamwork. HYPE did snag TURBO ROUND 1008, also a very clever win on a low jackpot, again where the round is open for the taking and he took it. Great job, I always take my hat off to this kind of win because it seems more purely about teamwork, which is always a sheer joy to see.


LOCO and West_Coast, Avengers, SouthSide and IU: All are also lurking around in the family ranks and can be expected at anytime to breakthrough and ruin someone else’s round.

Point in case with IU: .....TMK just popped in and took a nice jackpot on MAIN ROUND 1009.

However, overall in the family ranks, IU has not been making much waves on the family ranks as usual. I would say given their past accolades and records, many would be breathing some sighs of relief for now.

Generally the hardworking families have definitely shown their mettle and looting has shown a significant impact on rewards for hardworking families who got skilled players, from what I can see in the ranks. All in all its been a good time had by everyone while giants like IU seem to be taking it easy.

Or is everyone else just getting better?


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I find your messages to be very disturbing

If you’re gonna avoid answering the question I shall make assumptions


So we noticed there are some players out there who work hard to recruit new players.

Players like Klown and ChicanoWolf are notable hardworking recruiters, along with Clutch,

We are now on the lookout for PLAYERS WHO RECRUIT ACTIVELY!! We will be handing out BUMPER REWARDS to anyone who is caught red-handed in the act of helping us grow the game.

Yes, that’s right folks, you can earn a sub and up to 30k won turns each round for hard work recruiting the previous round. Simply message Admin: Storm and/or Tiki, give us the player name you used in the previous round, stake your claim, we will check your outgoing mails and if you were a recruiting machine, we will show our appreciation. .....It’s that easy.


We at The Mafia Boss would like to thank all our players, supporters, staff and community staff for making this game fun and a place of interest still after 15 years! Guys, we hope you enjoy yourselves, have fun, and don’t take the trash talk that comes with this game, too seriously. We are one community and all of you keep The Mafia Boss Game alive.

Thank you
- The Mafia Boss



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