I never was very good at managing money, when I was just sixteen my friends and I had been pretty successful at stealing from people at places like Six Flags (it's an overpriced amusement park- were people reckless spend money) which was a great place to make a few hundred bucks in just a few moments of your time. We'd sneak into the park, sometimes by just running in and evading security until they lost us completely. First stop for us was the water park, were we'd check out all of the pools to see how crowded it was. The more crowded it is the better, the more likely it was that people didn't rent lockers. If it was busy, we would scope out the seating/drying areas for women who'd leave their purses out. Usually after finding just one or two open purses we'd each be splitting a few hundred dollars. Other times we'd be stealing in other less practical ways.. I never really enjoyed this part of my life, but it never really felt quite like I had a choice either. How else was I supposed to wear new clothes, ride new skateboards, and buy enough weed to keep it all more enjoyable.

Some of the girls I dated in high school were pretty amazing girls. They normally fell for me, because I was pretty damned shy with women at the time. I'd find out that this girl Shannon likes me, so I had her friends arrange for us to meet. Which at first was kind of awkward. She was my first "real" girlfriend. By that, I mean any of the relationships I had before were just like kissing or flirting sort of.. but not oriented towards marriage or a future together. Those were innocent. With Shannon though, she opened me up to things I didn't even know about that existed sexually. She had fetishes and things we "tried" to act out in her bedroom at her parents house. I was a shit lover though, and so was she. We were just sort of referencing magazines and porn's for new positions. She bought me a promise ring, and I wore it every day. What was weird though, is now that I had this girlfriend.. suddenly every girl wants to hit on me.. Especially in front of her.

The first time it happened a girl I'd smoked with before and hung around the crowd I was thieving with walked up to me while me and Shannon were waiting on the bus to go to her house after school. She sees me, walks up and gives me a huge kiss and hug. Says "good to see ya! miss ya! bye!" and I just stood there speechless. Didn't even move and Shannon says "did she just kiss you?" I looked over to her and said "I don't even know what that was". Few days later a girl wants to sit next to both of us on the bus, and tells my girlfriend to sit on my lap and she'd just sit next to us. My girlfriend wasn't too thrilled to hear it. However there was this one thing, I was having sex with another girl named Jordan. It was more off and on, and she was dating my friend Greg, who'd been stealing with me. She was blonde and had dreams of being a playboy bunny- and would let me come over when I wanted if I had good weed or pills.

I was chatting with Jordan at lunch one day, when this kid walks up to us and says "are you two dating or something?" For some reason this just set me off... I got up and grabbed him by his collar and said "who put you up to this?" he replied "Kyle". I let go of his collar and walked off. Thinking to myself "I bet Kyle has been telling Shannon I am cheating on her.. Fuck this guy!" Lunch was over and I was walking to one of my classes near the end of the day.. And there was Kyle chatting Jordan up.. In an instant I walked over to him and said "hey Kyle". There was so much noise going on in the hallway no one even realized what happened.

I am in my science class when another friend walks in saying "some one just fucked Kyle up!!". It sort of sank in to me.. I had just punched Kyle in the face so hard that it busted his eyelid open and blood was trailing from where I hit him to the bathroom where he was getting medical attention from other students. He couldn't even make it back to the nurse without help. I know this because I beat him to the office to turn myself in for the assault. I was arrested and jailed and didn't come back for nearly two months.