Howdy TMB players! Captain West here, and I have a fun new blog series that i am going to be unveiling today. Once a month, I am going to be writing a blog that is going to test your knowledge of TMB and its history! It will be a fun way to see who remembers what has made this game great over the past 11 years, and reward some of you for that lovely TMB knowledge and history that rattles around in your brain.

And yes, there will be prizes! I am going to ask a series of ten questions, some of them will be multi part, some will be straight forward, and each question will have a certain amount of points you can earn based on how much of the question you can correctly answer. Each quiz will have a certain theme to it, so dont fret if this months theme isnt exactly your cup of tea.

Answering and prizes will work as follows...Answers will be sent directly to my staff mailbox, to help keep from people building on the answers of others. Answers posted in the blog comments will not be approved or count. Once the quiz goes live, you will have until the end of the round to get your answers to me. I will keep tally of the answers, and at the beginning of the round after the quiz is posted, will then be posting the results, the top five respondants, and what all of the correct answers were.

Prizes will be...20k turns for the top point getter. 15k for the second. 10k for third. If you have further questions on how the rules are going to work, post them in the blog comments, and i will approve the comments and provide answers so that everyone can see them in the interest of fairness.

So now that we have that out of the way, lets get to our inagural quiz! Our first quiz will be....


Indie families have always had a special place in any TMB players heart, whether it be love or venomous hate. These families over time have a few similar characteristics. The first and foremost, of course, being the fact that they stay independent. These families disdain the idea of a union, and prefer to go their own way, and march to the beat of their own drum. One of them even had a drum! They are usually selective in who they allow to join their ranks, and are often very tight knit groups of people who know each other well inside and outside of the game. Skidmark United, Circus Nuts, and Men In Tights are the classic three, but there have been others over time. I was almost going to make naming them the first quiz question, but in the interest of how i can word the following questions, it makes it much easier for me to ask the questions if we have that groundwork laid out. So lets get into it!


Back in the heydey of the indie run, there was an "invisible union" of sorts. It was basically an unspoken agreement between the indie families that there was a mutual respect that would keep them from being at odds with each other. So the question is, what families were the members of this invisible union? And dont forget to include the obvious!


Each of the indie families had their own iconic leaders. Stalwarts who set the family tone and kept them going throughout their entire run. I want to know, who was the boss and consig of each of the indie families?


Each of the indie families had their own vaunted headquarters, of which each member had a room of their own. Some may not have been a specific place, but a specific item or meeting ground. What were the nicknames for these hallowed grounds for each family?


Of the main indie families, two of them, Skidmark United and Circus Nuts, had their own special drink of choice. What was the name of these drinks of choice for each family?


Although each family definitely had their own iconic members, there was one man who seems to have a place in history with each indie family. Who despite their selective nature, seemed to have a tenure in each family and was one of the only ones who could visit each family and be a welcome member at any time? Who was this man?


Each family had their own iconic medias and icon, color schemes, which didnt change much over time. Even with this, however, there was one woman who was the mastermind behind almost all of their medias. Who was this woman?


Circus Nuts definitely had its run with its iconic leader and trusty consig. But most people dont realize that those two were not the actual founders of the family. Those two took over after a rocky start and dispute between the two original founders, who both moved on from the family shortly after founding it. So who were these two original founders?


Most of the original indie families had staff members among their ranks. These players were not exactly open about their dual role, but over time a lot of them became mods, and the more discerning players figured out these dual roles. So who were these indie stalwarts that also served time serving the game? Each answer has to have their player name and their staff name to count! If there are any current staff members who may be answers to this question, they will not be posted or revealed, but those answers will still count.


Oh the juicy drama! There were more than a few real life relationships that formed between the men and women of the indie families, most of which rocked the back room drama during and after the relationship. However, a few of these relationships actually had long lasting impacts, and resulted in members having out of game relationships and getting married! Who has met in game and actually gotten married outside of it?


One of the most famous and favorite sayings in an indie players profile, is/was FYUU. What does this saying actually stand for?


Here is your chance to rack up points!

Accurately list each family, and who were the long time stalwarts of each family. Each name is worth a quarter of a point! This question can be open to a lot of interpretation, but i want members who spent the majority of their TMB time in each family. Any members who cannot be collectively agreed upon will not count, and this will be transparently reported in the results blog with a list of majority agreed upon members for each family.

So I thank you for playing, and i cant wait to see the responses! Remember, only answers sent to my mailbox will count. I will approve any comments or questions on rules in the blog, and post the answers for everyone to see. Answers will be submitted to both Storm and Tiki for final review, and Tiki will be the one to contact about getting rewards. Any disputes about the accuracy of questions or answers will be discussed in the blog posting the winners.