Howdy all, Blogger here with the EOR results. 638 ended up being an interesting round for a few reasons, feel like i got a really good quote out of Kayle about the Jackananpes situation, and a hilarious one from Mikey about the jackpot win and general RU_BWA shenanigans haha. So lets dive into it!

Cultivator of Bread Winners took the level four gold, winning a jackpot of $880. Jackpot was a bit lower than in previous rounds, but not too bad. Gnasher won the silver, and KillBill of Jackanapes won the bronze. Plenty of space between each winner, level four was really tame this round. Cultivator didnt have a quote about his jackpot win, but i messaged Cult, mikey, and drob about general RU_BWA activites for the round, and that response will be in the union quotes below.

donkier of IU won the gold in level three. Second was NervePain of South Side/Legends, and bronze was NoWay of Madhouse/RU_BWA. Im going to mention that Big_Trin of Jackanapes took fourth, and kraken of Madhouse/Ru_BWA took fifth, because level three was intensely competitive this round. There was only 200 billion between second and fifth, and only an astounding two and a half billion between fourth and fifth. Thats cutting it close haha.

donkier had this to say about his gold (via what harry gave us in the last round review ):

Every time you see us get a gold in any category , you write those fucking cunts are awesome
irish of IU won the level two gold, BaDa_Bing of West_Coast got silver, and Bloodnight got bronze. Miztah grabbed fourth, just barely missing out on the bronze.

Irish had this to say of their gold medal (same quote thanks to harry):

Every time you see us get a gold in any category , you write those fucking cunts are awesome

Ozmosis of Ronin/Brotherhood took level one gold, LeatherNutz of ICS/Legends got the silver, and Fat_Joe of Jackanapes got the bronze

Ozmosis had this to say about the gold win...

No thanks Blogger, I do appreciate your interest however.


The supporter killer ranks were competitive throughtout the round, but there was seperation between all of the spots. King_Kong of IU had almost double the person in silver, which was Drob of RU, and BROOKLYN-G of NameLess grabbed the bronze, only roughly 300k behind him. Congrats guys on the medals.

Free killer ranks were pretty evenly spaced out, not much happening at the end. sluggah of NameLess grabbed the gold, about 150k over second, which was clarkem. Fat_Joe of Jackananpes got the bronze, another 100k behind the silver. Interstingly enough, Fat_Joe got the bronze in both level one and the free killers, must have been a nice round for him to add multiple medals in one round.

Sluggah had this to say about his gold win:

Well I am fairly new to the new killing rules and honestly didn't know how last round was going to go. I was out of town on vacation for the first four days and just had time to sign on and build and sign off. I started getting hit so my first killing run was done on my phone with a shitty connection. Shout out to Clarkem, I saved my reserves pretty late and he had used his early, but it was neck and neck for a bit. And of course to Bobby_Blunts, Brooklyn-G and the rest of Nameless.
For the 19!
Family ranks was an interesting and relatively close battle. IU, after being banked as high as 15 trillion with a day left in the round, ended up grabbing the gold with seven trillion and change. They must have pulled that money in order to get the level two and three golds for their members. Avengers grabbed the silver with five and a half trillion, NameLess grabbed the bronze with right around 5 trillion, just beating out FallenAngels, who grabbed fourth with 4.8 trillion. Loco rounded it out with a fifth place finish and roughly three trillion in the bank.

Hollywood had this to say about grabbing the silver:

kinda jacked it up in turbo and didn't do the right thing, so we had to try to get something in main. dom and i did workout family ranks 2 and 3 the night before as first place was IU by a ridiculous margin. For some reason the fallenangels were cocky about something so we had to shut them up. big up to all the avengers we had a good team effort last round for sure.
Domenico had this to say about grabbing the bronze:

I had talked with Eli the night before the EOR, and we agreed to work together to make sure that Fallen didnt medal in their first, and what turned out to be only, round in the family ranks.

We were happy grabbing the bronze, as we had more people killing and/or looting that usual, props to both Brook and sluggah for medaling there. Real life has been taking a toll on some of our members, as we have seen some of our people taking time away to focus on things outside the game, but have been adding some great new players to help keep us going. Super happy to have added LocaWhiteGirl, PETENASTY, and G_Spot to the warehouse, they all have been long time players in the game who just fit right in with us. FOR THE 19!
FTW_310 had this to add about just missing out on a medal and grabbing fourth:

LOL,Well my blogger friend,,,
How should I say this,...Cest "lavie?,,lol or something similar,,
Back to the drawing board,and with a better plan,,never turn your

The union ranks were extremely interesting this round. The_Outfit bet high, extremely high, and just ran away with the gold at sixteen trillion. Congrats to them for grabbing the gold in only their second round of existence. For how much they ran away with the gold, however, second and third were just ridiculously close. Brotherhood grabbed the silver medal with 8.16 trillion, while RU_BWA grabbed the bronze with 8.1 trillion. I dont think i have ever seen it that close before, a six billion dollar difference. Legends grabbed fourth with 4.9 trillion in the bank, and Jackanapes, who was rolling into this round on a month long gold streak, finished fifth with a paltry 1.6 trillion in the bank. Something must have happened there, so lets look at some quotes and see what we can figure out.

Vito_Vitale/Josh declined comment on their gold win, kinda disapointed on that one.

Brotherhood added this for the silver, from Scrappy:

It was a great round. We enjoyed working together as always - the Brotherhood has gained some wonderful momentum. I ran EOR as everyone else was arriving from work too late. In the final minutes, I was able to pull:

Level 3 7th
Level 2 3rd
Level 1 1st
Silver Union

I watched until the very last moment for the union medals and was able to pull off the silver, getting Ozmosis a gold in level one. It seems a few level 1's and 2's jumped to level 3 at the last moment, because our calculations were a little off for level three - sorry Legacy!

The Union numbers were very close up to the end and it was difficult to know what was going to happen, but I made an educated guess and kept things tight for the union silver - knowing that gold was a little out of our reach if we wanted to get any tier medals. What a wild ride!

Thanks for the questions and keep up the hard work, Blogger!

RU_BWA had this to add about getting the bronze, courtesy of Mikey:

It all started when my dog aka sparky came in to my room

Eor are here is 5 pm, and his old ass wanted to go outside and then eat.
So I'm like hold up Sparky, your ass needs to wait til we sort this shit out because the black dude was meant to be here at 4:40 and his ass hasn't shown up yet, maybe he is too busy stealing something like the typical Negro African American he is.

Then it becomes 4:54 and we have 1 minute to add in turns so that it adds to the jp, since our African American friend was unable to make it, I was about to go, but then Sparky kept barking and I had to find my credit card to get some turns. But I do love my dog more then this game, so went to attend his needs so I yelled at my Eminem friend Cultivator to put the medal to the pedal and he built 0-100 real quick, ya hear me?

Then there was like 2 minutes left, thank fuck for the 99k rule made life easy, but then the hard part was to select which of our personal minions should we rank this round. We spread some cash and then went oh shizzzzzznneeeettt union bank son! Then cult like a true niggga goes deposit
So in end, I love my dog, but I blame the black man for not showing up
Luckily he didn't get arrested.
Now lets try and get some clarification on what happened with Jackanapes...

After reading the thread currently on the GRD about it, which im not going to get too much into, it looks like there are accusations of frello stealing a bunch of the unions money, and spreading it around with some of his friends, and warpath came to his defense. Looks like davidd is none too pleased about it but is taking it in stride. so lets go to the sources and see if we can get some insight

King_Kayle had this to say:

Basically Frello and a few others didn't like the fact that the people who built the union up from the ground were the same people who made the decisions. He felt that he and a few more active members of the union should hold more power than they did, so we decided to add them to our council but when they looked around they noticed they were still outnumbered and felt like they would be bullied into what we found best anyways..

For several rounds we got reports and messages showing that Frello, Warpath and a couple of others were desperately trying to recruit within our union to form their own, when confronted it was always denied and it would go on hold for a couple of days with them saying they would stay ect. Finally last round after several attempts at trying to get Warpath and Frello to send their banks during the round we knew something was up and then midround we got hold of a couple of the messages cycling around and it was very apparent that they were going to leave. A statement was then made on the union boards telling everyone who was wishing to leave to come forward then and there and we could part on good terms and we would understand but if anyone were to try and cross us we would kill them off, at the time no one came forward.

Near EOR I could tell shit was going to hit the fan when Frello and Warpath both seemed dodgy and when I asked for their banks I received no response. I then recieved a message from someone saying that Frello and Warpath had intention on ranking themselves and people leaving with the cash as we suspected. Then with about 30 minutes left in the round Frello approached Dave and I on skype and told us that he would be leaving the union and taking several small families within our union. I gave them the option of passing the cash to me so I could make sure the cash was union banked and I would leave their names on the union prize list but they chose to steal the cash and try and rank themselves.

Personally, I'm not upset about what happened, we lost one round of union ranks and we have lost some active players who even though turned out to be scum were key components in the Jackanapes success but I know we will still be able to be successful without them and more than likely will be on top of them come eors.

Dave first created this family for active people with a laid back attitude who liked to have fun and I think we've forgotten about that these past few rounds. Hopefully we can go back to that family that was full within two minutes of start of round with 100% themed names
Then frello completely ignored my asking for a quote, even after i said i was asking both sides and would like to hear it, for fairness sake. And warpath isnt using his own name this round if around, so i didnt get anything from them.

I just have to say wow. I guess i asked for something like this to happen to spice up my reviews, but when it does, you still shake your head at it. Jackanapes had a solid run of golds as a union, but after hearing Kayle talk about it, i have more respect for them now in how things went down and how they are handling things. Looks like the Napes will be around for a while and ready for all comers, hats off to them.

Well there you have it people, another round of TMB recorded into the books. As always, please give blogger quotes when he asks for it, and lets continue to have fun in the game. Also! If you have questions you want answered, think it would be interesting for me to get a quote from someone on what is going on in game, message me in game! I can either use it and incorporate something into my main round reviews, or give it to the blog team if it warrants a blog of its own!
Until next time...