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Howdy all, Blogger here with some EOR results. This is going to be a


Honestly i was sick as a dog for almost a week and just wasnt able to throw this together, so now you get a two for one to catch up on the action. I dont mind doing these two for one because its always interesting to see how two rounds stack up to each other when analyzing them right side to side. So without further ado, here we goooooo

640 ended up being a really interesting round. We see some new unions forming, based off old unions getting a bit of a blow up, and the family ranks really seemed to fall off money wise and we see a family get a top five with under a trillion. With the new unions forming hoever, we saw some extremely tight union rankings, i mean we are talking some virgin unions just two finger tight squeezing it in there...too much? Ok, well lets get into the gritty...

Visitor_Q(Murderer) of RU_BWA took the level four gold, winning a jackpot of $1410. Jackpot was definitely up over the last few rounds, but interestingly enough there didnt seem to be much competition for it. nino of IU won the silver, and DA_BOOKY won the bronze. Another round of level four being really spread out, not much competition here. Muderer declined to give me a quote, but i know his name was a nod to the anniversary of the passing of Q, one of his friends, so RIP Q, im sure this win was for you.

Lu_Bu of Avengers won the gold in level three. Second was MUZZO of Hitsquad/Brotherhood, and bronze was Otocon of Illuminati. This round seems to start an odd trend of level three being the overlooked level in the game. The money it took to win level three gold was barely half what it took to win gold in level one or two, and even the silver and bronze were low comparably. Odd.

Lu_Bu was kind enough to give me this about their gold win:
i owe my level 3 gold to HH and the Teamwork of UC :-)
Leah of IU won the level two gold, KrazyNutz of ICS/Legends got silver, and Mooner got bronze. Leah and Krazy were less than a 100 billion apart, Mooner of Avengers got the distant third, and Damien had to be upset to get a trillion for the rank but not grab a medal for their efforts

Leah had this to offer about her gold win:
Isn't really much to say, most of the family were subbed up and they wanted to rank a level 1/2 all credit to those guys I didn't really do much with my level 1 abilities ha.
Eck of IU ran away with level one gold, Gallio of Ronin/Brotherhood got the silver, and Flaco of NameLess got the bronze. Not much for surprises, and nothing too close for competition. I didnt bother asking Eck for a quote, because if i want to be told how to shove sharp objects up my behind, well, i dont really know who to ask about that other than Eck i guess, but i dont want to know...so there

The supporter killer ranks were relatively plain for the round. Visitor_Q grabbed the gold, and when the jackpot winner wins the gold, its usually just because of a big amount of DU's off the build and the kill points built up from that. Kudos to him either way, im sure there was some killing that was had anyways. Silentmafiosa of IU grabbed the silver, and Domination grabbed the bronze. Congrats guys on the medals.

Free killer ranks were mostly the same, not much happening at the end. Free killers can be hair raising, because you never know if somoene is going to get a bunch of point quickly from saved reserves or whatnot, but they worked out. DiamonD got the gold, kraken got the silver, and Bobby_Blunts of NameLess got the bronze. Congrats all on the medals.

kraken had this to say about the silver:
I havent even started to kill yet
Family ranks, as mentioned above, just didnt have the money in it this round. IU ended up grabbing another gold with seven trillion and change. NameLess grabbed the silver with five and a half trillion, Avengers grabbed the bronze with 1.7 trillion, West Coast got fourth with a trillion after not showing in the ranks all round, and Illuminati got fifth.

Domenico had this to say about grabbing the silver:
Was an off round for me personally, I let Snake and Brook handle the family for the round and they did the EOR as well. Was glad we got the silver and two decent tiers for Flaco and Pete. Long live the 19!
Hollywood had this to say about grabbing the bronze:
hello, solid very good round for us. the landscape of tmb is getting more competitive and we in Avenger land like this even know it might be more difficult for us. I believe if it's close with UC avengers experience and solid core of vets we'll come out on top and if we don't it's no big thing, we still the best and no one cares. got third place family made the most sense with our money situation. rewarded a loyal member with his first medal Mooner level2 bronze. Always a great thing to reward a loyal player his/her first medal. and the best thing of the round got a super cheap gold level 3 for Lu bu. A vet that has been with me and Avengers for a while now.
unbowed,unbent,unbroken- Uc_Avengers Tmb's proud underdogs
Blizz had this to say about fourth:
]I'm glad that we were able to surprise the TMB community with our family rank. It wasn't planned at all , i signed in last 5 minutes of the round , did my collect , accepted few transfers and then realized an family rank is possible even with an low tier rank, so we took the chance and finished in the ranks last 5 seconds. And i gotta say it always feels good to give our loyals something back with the little ranks .
The union ranks were just balls to the walls this round. This is really the bread and butter of what went down at the end. RU_BWA was the only union to crack 20 trillion, and they got the gold. Nice finish for them as they also got the jackpot. Brotherhood grabbed the silver, with almost 20 trillion, and Jackanapes grabbed the bronze...only 100 billion behind Brotherhood. The Outfit finished fourth, about 700 billion behind third, and United Nations grabbed fifth, a solid ten trillion behind fourth. Im disapointed i didnt get much for quotes on this one. RU_BWA gave me nothing this round, Brotherhood gave me nothing this round, United Nations gave me nothing this round.

Josh gave me this about grabbing fourth:
19 trill ... I aint even mad...... 4th place???? ..Maybe a little mad!
Honestly, i dont blame him haha

David game me this about getting the bronze, and i specifially asked him how it felt to beat out United Nations, who were players that just split from Jackanapes and trying to prove their own ways:
No one got fucked over a couple of rounds ago, the tards left and a couple of decent guys (who are now back)
And they got beat like normal.
Good luck to them.
Well that wraps up round 640, so lets keep moving forward and take another dive right into 642!


642 seemed like a reversal of 640. The family ranks were extremely tight, with one of the mainstays of family ranks missing, and the union ranks seemed a lot more tame in comparison. Also we almost saw some intrigue with the jackpot! Was definitely an interesting last half hour. So lets keep digging, talk to some victors, and see what we can figure out!

Nino of IU ended up taking a jackpot of $1,800. Pretty impressive for a jackpot lately. And to be honest, almost double what the jackpot was with only an hour to go in the round. Brotherhood has added Jackanapes to their already solid ranks, and just had trillions and trillions of dollars stuffed away even before EOR, but once it was all in Chrispys, and then DirtyNicks hands, it seemed it possibly worried Nino that his round was in doubt. There was a certain buzz around TMB as it seemed Brotherhood was possibly looking at trying to take a round. Nino single handedly pumped a few hundred dollars into the jackpot, and built and started doing some massive collects. He ended up with almost 100 trillion on hand as he took his level four gold. With no cap, thats one way to ensure victory. You just have to wonder if Brotherhood scared him into it, because there has not been such a build in a long time, and what Brotherhood will do knowing this moving forward. Hats off to all involved, made for some great excitement. TAMMYGUNZ of Vecchia_Scuola/Brotherhood grabbed the silver level four, and orson/shanesimpson of Jackanapes/Brotherhood grabbed the level four bronze.

Nino gave me this great quote on how the EOR played out for him:
Round 642 was a round i would go for, and the rumors spread fast. I did notice that brotherhood had alot of subs and realized from the start they would be able to collect between 50-60 trill with that, but it did not worry me, i was prepared to go high. My plan was only to just pass their collect, then somebody started to hit me and my OPS, i was like let him if he think that can change anything, he could have killed them all and i would still go for eor... But i knew at that point i would not just pass brotherhoods collect, but i would make a point. No matter that I lost OPS, ill just add more credits in... I spoke with dirtynick very close to eor and he told me they not would challenge if i was going for it. I know Nick a long way back and he has never shown me anything other than he can be trusted. I did not add all in at the same time, and last 2 min when i was way ahead, i added another 300k credits anyway just to make a statement to mister Bill . And just as insurance, i had Coca and Dong around ready in case i would be short on time if there had been a major challenge late, so i was sure about winning the round, maybe it would have been with a loss but round would be taken. Either way hands were shaking anyway lol internet connection can be lost or similar things can happen there is always a risk.
Great retelling nino! Sounds like it was under control the entire time. I asked Brotherhood for their side of things, but like usual, those lames gave me nothing.

SilentMafiosa of IU grabbed the level three gold, LocaWhiteGirl of NameLess grabbed the silver, and joedog of ICS/Legends grabbed the bronze. We all know how much IU likes giving quotes,

so i asked Loca for a quote on her silver:

Nobody ever asks for me to speak. lol normally im being asked to shut up
The silver win...Its always a family effort. I could never do it without the help of the whole family. I have to say, Nameless is the best family of people who work great and play great ..Together.
dejan of MBU/Brotherhood grabbed the level two gold, MUZZO of Hitsquad/Brotherhood (second round in a row he got a medal, huh?) got the silver, and Matty, old school, indie, creator of Skidmark United, now a NameLess member (love ya buddy ), grabbed the bronze

Day-o of Brotherhood grabbed the level one gold, Essenn of Hitsquad/Brotherhood grabbed the silver, and Tai_Pan, of old Gambino fame but recently returned to the game in NameLess, grabbed the bronze.

For conceding the jackpot, Brotherhood really did work this round. Lots of medals for them, congrats on the solid EOR work. I know from personal experience its always more challenging to take a lump sum of cash and spread it all around to the right people in the last few minutes of the round. Is a hell of a talent to have in TMB, and Nick did an awesome job this round with it

Supporter killer ranks were really a battle this round, which was good to see. BONO of IU just went bonkers on the game, did it right, kudos to him, and hit his way to over 6 million points and the gold win. Bill, a newcomer to the ranks but quite possibly an old player to the game, clocked in at a really solid 5.4 million kills. Death got just over three million kills, and then two NameLess killers closed out the top five, Brooklyn-G with 2.8 million and Flaco with 1.4 million

BONO had this to say about his rampage:
Bloodlust from a natural
Free Killer ranks were a bit of an anomoly, as the winner just ran away with the crown, KingFisher killing 751k DUs, well done sir, but then second through fourth were as close as they can be. Bradley_Nowell aka JohnnyTrueLove of The_Order, won the battle for silver with 387k killed. K-I-K-Os grabbed the bronze with 359k, and Schofield, an old hat to the killing game, got fourth with 346k killed. Schofield is out trying to recruit a whole family of killers this round, have to wonder if his miss on grabbing a medal will factor into his recruiting efforts. Quotes were asked for, but no one bothered to respond...lame heads

Now, the family ranks. IU continued their long streak of grabbing the gold, with 21 billion. Seemed like a foregone conclusion with their big gun getting the jackpot. Avengers really stepped up from their 1.7 trillion last round to grab silver with 11.8 trillion this round. It might have been because of the new competition in Capo, which grabbed the bronze at 11.6 trillion. Neither Avengers or Capo had a medal/tier in any other level, so it must have been a knuckle drag fight at the end for the family medals. Warriors got fourth with 3.3 trillion, and LOCO got fifth with 1.6 trillion

Hollywood had this to say about the silver:
close battle with capo, Capo must not know about my mad math skillz. Not the king of mathz but i'm like the Duke of mathz.
Capo were tricky though. haha. For the round overall well played with all those subs out there. I feel stupider for watching that. thanks

BlackSwan of Capo had this to say about the bronze, and added on a bit about leaving Legends and going solo:
Capo had an awesome run with Legends and the decision to leave was not an easy one. We developed some great friendships there, but as often happens, visions and goals between families/people became different so we thought it was best that we leave and go back to being a standalone family like we had been. Legends are still a strong Union, with a good core group of people, so I fully expect to see them continue in union ranks. We parted on friendly terms, with friendships still intact and Legends will always be blood to Capo.

Overall our first EOR as an Individual family went really well for Capo. Family members were very active and we were able to accumulate over 12T of family worth with just 16 members. At EOR, we had our eye on silver but UC Avengers were very strong as well. Unfortunately in the closing moments of the round, server lag caused Peruvian_Slacker not to be able to load his bank page and he was left holding over 500b of unbanked cash. Had he been able to make his deposit, we would have snatched silver from UC. But with a name like Peruvian Slacker, I guess I should have expected something like this. LOL
And this is where the family ranks are a bit interesting.

Capo has been a mainstay in Legends for months now, and ICS volunteered this, courtesy of MrEight, about Capo leaving:
Well all I say it doesn't surprise me one bit it was hard to get capo to join titan's at that time and it was only a matter off time before they went solo again so yeah no surprise I give credit they lasted as long as they did (whats funny how they show that 13 pride guess they don't understand the meaning of loyalty for what ICS and 13 had ). SS and ICS have had a good relationship for many years, there was a time it slipped due to small lame ass attacks, but I'm happy they show what's and understand within our fams hence why legends name should stand for that
Also, NameLess was missing from the family ranks for the first time in almost eight months, Domenico had this to add:

There was a bit of confusion this round right at the start, it seems some people who were longstanding NameLess wanted to go their own way. After the confusion was settled we made the FYUU union, but soon after the two families decided it would be best to just operate as their own entities. NameLess got six tiers this round in lieu of a family rank, three medals and three solid ranks. We wish The_Order best of luck moving forward, but the warehouse is back as just a single family and as always is FOR THE MfkN 19!
And just as how much went down in the family ranks, the union ranks were relative tame. Brotherhood grabbed a sold gold with almost 18 trillion banked. The_Outfit grabbed a solid silver with 11.5 trillion banked, and RU_BWA glided into the bronze with 6.7 trillion. LEGENDS grabbed fourth, a solid showing for losing people at 4.6 trillion, and UN grabbed fifth with 4.2 trillion.

Josh had this to say about the silver, the only one willing to give a word this round on the union front:
We had a pretty phenomenal round. As you know our main focus was capturing our first jackpot as a union in turbo, which we succeeded at and were super pumped about that. And due to what was going on in main we were also able to easily pick up a 2nd place union, along with a 5th lvl 4 for bennie boy and a 5th lvl 1 for jimmy boy. Once again extremely proud of how my players pulled it together...

Well there you have it people, another two rounds of TMB recorded into the books. As always, please give blogger quotes when he asks for it, and lets continue to have fun in the game. Also! If you have questions you want answered, think it would be interesting for me to get a quote from someone on what is going on in game, message me in game! I can either use it and incorporate something into my main round reviews, or give it to the blog team if it warrants a blog of its own!
Until next time...