Howdy all, Blogger here with the EOR results. Round 646 ended up being pretty darn interesting. We saw some really tough competition in spots, we saw Brotherhood grab a jackpot, with a lot of confusion from the other side, and we continue to see the landscape of families and unions change, Avengers even did something they havent done in a LONG time and got in on a union. So without further ado, lets get into the results!

ICE, of Jackanapes/Brotherhood took the Level 4 gold, winning a jackpot of $888. Jackpot wasnt a big one, but it was a change as Brotherhood is seemingly not "in" on the usual rotation of round winners. I have some quotes from some of the people involved in this below. BENNIE of Enforcers took the silver, and DinG_DonG of IU took the bronze. Level four was relative close for most of the ranks, so congrat to all of the winners there.

ICE, DirtyNick, Chrispy and Gasface were asked for a quote on their jackpot win and overall union finish, but at the time of publishing there was no reply. From the other side of it, however, i talked to a few people on why the usual people didnt win the round, rolling with what i had heard, that it was the RU unions turn to win the round, but in the last few minutes they deferred to DinG of IU, and he declined to try and get his build on with only a few minutes to go.

This is what a few people had to offer about it:

Drob offered this:
None of us were here .we are absolved of all blame lol
Cultivator offered this:
We were short handed end of round and had people stepping up to take the round with short notice. When it came time to go for it they felt the risk wasn't worth the reward and didn't make the move. The union took 2nd and a few higher tiers so it was still a strong round. Congratulations to Ice and Brotherhood for the win.
And then DinG finished it off with this:
Well exactly what you've heard is the truth... We were asked with 3 mins left to take the round. Neither me or nino had any turns already added as we were told spade was taking the round so.... ice got himself a cheap win! Given 15 mins notice, we would have easily taken the round, I had a great pre build and wouldn't have been a problem....
KiStY of Avengers won the gold in Level 3 , one and a half trillion above the silver finisher, which was Martyn of Ronin/Brotherhood. Bronze was another trillion and a half behind the silver (funny how that worked out huh) and was Kraken of RU. Just wasnt much competiton here this round, the money really drops off after the top three as well.

KiStY had this to offer about her gold win:
ahem, I'd like to thank, everyone who supported me through the years... lol, my'. Family, that's what made my win possible, I'm lucky enough to be apart of The Avengers family, and thankful to have been chosen to rank. It's always as family, we succeed or (rarely) fail. Not many other families can say that. Good luck to all.
Cyclone of ILLUMINATTI won the Level 2 gold, FTW_310 of Fallen/United Nations got silver, and LuckyNate of Southside/Legends got bronze. Level two was really off this round, just not that much money put in. Ninth and tenth got their spots with just a few billion, and it was just double digit billions from fifth down.

Cyclone had this to offer about his evel two gold, and also about what it was like to work in a union with Avengers for the round:
Teaming up with UC_Avengers was a convo that had been talked about a few times and then Hollywood inboxed me and we took it from there. We already had a nap with them so the teaming up went smoothly, they are a bunch of great and exp players that remind us about ourselves. It was an honor to work with them. And I honestly did not expect to get tiered let alone get a gold , I rather see my family get turns but it was last minute and Hollywood inboxed me and I was like sure and was very grateful . They have always had my respect . It was a good round for both families overall . Our families did well together we look forward to working with them again in the near future.
CraZzy_RajJ of La_Familia/United_Nations took Level 1 gold, second round in a row that someone from La_Familia took the level one gold. cibalia of NaMeLeSs got the silver, and FuryBro of Hitsquad/Brotherhood got the bronze. Level one was well constested, probably the most contested level of the round. Most of the spots there saw decent money and no one person really seperated themselves from each other.

The supporter killer ranks were relatively tame this round. John_Doe got the gold, just breaking 5 million kills, Shot_in_the_D aka Brooklyn-G of NameLess got the silver at 3.5 million kills, and Trent of RU got the bronze with 2.6 million kills. Not much competition at the end.

Brook had this to offer about his silver finish:
t was a good round and I had fun, Was hoping I ended up top killer but I'm happy with 2nd place
Free killer ranks were about the same. A competition but no pizazz to finish it off. Bubbles got the gold with 842k kills, Abraham of Enforcers got the silver with 607k killed, and sluggah of NameLess got the broze with 547k killed, just beating out LegBRO of Hitsquad/Brotherhood for the final medal, who had 536k killed.

Abraham had this to offer about nabbing the silver:
I am just glad I got pass for only one spot, there were too many free players with 250k+ DUs.
Family ranks were a heated battle for the top spot. Capo and NameLess ended up with a lot of money in the family bank at the end as they seemed like they were in a direct competition for the gold. Capo ended up pulling it off with 3 trillion over NameLess. Killers_Inc finished a very distant third, and IU and West Coast rounded it out with fourth and fifth. Seems IU again stuck to just using active turns and taking what they could get.

BlackSwan had this to offer about Capos gold family finish:
Round 646 is in the books and it was by far the BEST round Capo has had in a long time. Member participation was the highest I’ve ever seen it and we kicked ass with 24T in cash! That’s fuckin’ crazy ass money from a bunch of lazy ass slackers like us! I use to think we were rockin’ the TMB world when we produced 8T--- but 3 times that is insane!

EOR was fun and interesting too with Capo, Nameless and RU all holding approx the same amount of cash, and 5 min left in the round. Everyone was waiting to see what the others were going to do.. We knew we were going for Gold family so quickly started bankrolling the cash and with only seconds left I sent the remaining 95bn cash to Alex hoping for a indy rank. Fortunately it was enough and he took home fifth place, tier 2 turns.

Was a Fuckin’ good job by everyone and this time our Family Gold Medal was earned, not handed to us like last round. Now in celebration, all drinks are on Daniele, so drink up! And please make mine a triple in honor of Capo’s third family gold medal!
Domenico had this to offer about NameLess grabbing the silver:
We had a really good last couple days of the round, after drifitng around in third to fifth most the round, we stuffed away a couple trillion a day in the last few days. Once EOR was upon us, we had another solid push to get money to work with. We wanted to try for the family gold, and with five minutes left we had even cash on hand with Capo, but had almost two trillion in our family bank still while Capo just had change. At this point i stopped paying attention to the ranks and just started spreading the money around. Capo ended up collecting a few more trillion right at the end, so congrats to them for grabbing the gold. We got a solid level one tier for cibalia, one of our best looters, the family silver, and second in supporter killer and third in free killer. I dont make all of our guys collect, i tell them to have fun with the game and play how they want. Happy that we always seem to have a top killer in each category, and have some good looters who have fun with that aspect. Any round where you get close to a collective 25 trillion as a single family has to be considered a success. FOR THE 19!
The union ranks were pretty defined this round, no big surprises to be had. Brotherhood grabbed a solid gold with 18 trillion. RU_BWA grabbed the silver with thirteen trillion. Bronze was a solid one for LEGENDS, at 8 trillion. United_Nations grabbed fourth with a trillion and a half, and Realist_UC grabbed fifth with only half a trillion, but had to be happy with the tiers they nabbed for themselves, two of the four golds and more spread throughout. Didnt really get any quotes for the union finishes, some of them were mentioned in quotes above, so this review wont have any union quotes for the first time.

Well there you have it people, another round of TMB recorded into the books. As always, please give blogger quotes when he asks for it, and lets continue to have fun in the game. Also! If you have questions you want answered, think it would be interesting for me to get a quote from someone on what is going on in game, message me in game! I can either use it and incorporate something into my main round reviews, or give it to the blog team if it warrants a blog of its own!
Until next time...

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