The music was cranked in the warehouse so loud that i could barely hear myself think. We were happy to welcome Loca back to the fold, and we had recently added Hooligan and Keystone15 to the mix. We dont welcome rank whores to the mix, just ask clutch. We added him and Pirated Souls to the family a few rounds ago...and it didnt work out in the end. Clutch was more worried about medals, but almost all of his family stayed with us after he left because he didnt work out, yet they saw us as a true family who looked out for each other above ranks and above medals.

Knoxie kept bugging me to check out his skidmark suit. He took all of his skidmarked undies, taped them into a suit, took his last few bottles of skid water provided by inzane, and dumped them on his head. So he had a glorious skidmark suit that rank of skidwater. He kept muttering something about matty and tussie and kitty, like he thought it was a seance where they would appear...Matty has been NameLess anytime he has been in the game for the last two years, but with a new job and new responisibilities he hasnt been around in a bit. I was able to talk Knoxie off the ledge, but he hasnt been seen since...i think he is wandering the emyty halls of skid mansion...

So this round snake, damien, and i talked about the future of the family. I'm about to take some time off of work, and go do some traveling. Damien and snake are ready to take over boss and consig role, respectively, but then we knew this round would be an interesting one, with the op hit cost lowering from 5k turns to 200 turns.

Then the magic happened. Avengers, one of our strongest frenemies, who always is a combatant in the family ranks yet we have much respect for, they started a union. A mega power union. They got IU and Black Sails to join, and we were like holy shit. Now not to discredit Dynasty, who are back and building up, or Peaky Blunders, this random family who is showing up in the family ranks, but fuck it, we can coast to silver, and if we keep up on looting efforts, we might be able to challenge Inner Circle for family gold.

Tai Pan and Damien warned me...with the op cost reduced, we might at some point be in a war with inner circle. I blew it off. I didnt think a war was worth it when the two families are guarenteed the top two spots. Ive a lot of respect for Torm, and i know they respect us as well, i thought. Boy was i wrong...

It went well for three days. Each family did their own thing. But then Inner circle took umbrage to hits that had happened the last round. Two of our free players, Knoxie and Hooligan, had hit some of their players defensives. At the time of the hits, i didnt even get messages about them myself. I had already established with IC that we dont do naps, we dont do cease fires, we just wont hit big builds and we wont hit ops. Pretty standard to the warehouse. Hit us for loots and hit any small builds for kill points. Tit for tat.

But apparently IC had other plans. Around noon today, i got messages from snake and damien. IC had hit our ops. itastelikecandy had taken a pot shot at my ops and snakes ops. I messaged candy, and i messaged torm, and i said "is this the start of something?" Candy never replied, and torm said they werent sanctioned hit. So we went on with our day. I told our guys, zero candy for hitting ops, but dont hit any of their ops. Shit has potential to go south real quick right now, but we will stand up for ourselves. So after messaging torm about it, and torm saying they werent sancitoned hits, we zerod candy. And it all went south from there, just like i figured it would.

Soon after, dark prophey started hitting mine and snakes ops on the hour. We knew we wouldnt stand for this, so i told the family. Hit them back. Dont spend turns, we stil have our own goals to hit, and we have more op builds than they do at the moment. We have more to lose, but dont let them bully us.

The op hits continued by Prophet. We got more pissed. And strategy started to happen.

Keystone15 was new to us. He had messaged me last round, and told me, hey i used to play the game years ago, but im looking for a family to get back into the game with. I let him in, and we started training him on how the game works these days. How looting works, how banking works, how kill points work. He started to grasp it all, but he made his blunders along the way. He signed up for turbo, used his main round name, and made a nameless family. We told him, bro its good looks, but thats not how turbo works. You dont want people knowing who you are and taking pot shots at you before you even get going in turbo. He learned, we still got some ranks in turbo, and everyone moved forward, him with a lesson in his back pocket.

Fast forward to this round. Keystone, around 11 pm EST, decided he didnt like how Inner circle was bullying us. Because at this point, iD had messaged snake, said that if we took the retaliation in stride, it would just be a one round thing. Snake immediately screen shot those messages, and sent them to me. I rolled my eyes at them. Why message a brug instead of a boss, and make demands on a cease fire? I told the family at this point, its on, fuck it, and fuck them. Its been a LONG time since an indie family can hit ops, which is how the mansion, the tent, the tights, used to be able to battle unions much bigger than theirs, by hitting them where they make their money.

And Key took it to heart. He figured this was how he would make his mark. So he dropped a bunch of turns, and he started zeroing people in Inner Circle.

And then Tony Uncle Johnny got on. GetTheBat in the current round. And he smakced Key down a few times. The jackpot jumped a few hundred dollars as they battled it out, but TUJ, with his experience, he smacked Key down. Key got smarter as he had myself and brooklyn-g in his ear advising him how to hit, he did some damage, but ultimately TUJ got him and put him down.

I got some INTERESTING mail in my mailbox at this point. Some people asking who the noob was, some people wanting to poach him, some people haters who i havent talked to in over a year who just wanted to talk shit. People who had run their own unions and families but still wanted to try and use something that had nothing to do with them to rub shit in my face for Key getting hit (coughblackswancough)

Then two really interesting things happened

One, i started getting mail from a bunch of people, some random, and some friends, saying that Inner Circle has been a bully to them as well, and they were happy to see us stand up to them. I appreciated this mail, of course, but i wanted this to focus on a one on one family battle.

Second...C_Note got on

Some of you may know C_Note as one of the better killers in the game, but most may forget the times he has dropped money on the game just to make a point. And tonight, make a point he did. Unlike Key, he had the experience, and multiple members of the family online to back him and and properly support him while he made some hits. I had myself lined up to bank and supply money, i had brooklyn-g on to follow him as a looter while he made his hits, and i had other members of the family on to spot hits and keep track.

And C went on his own rampage. He zerod almost everyone in Inner Circle, all of who had bigger builds than anyone in our family before he got on. TUJ watched him, just waiting for a shot, while C didnt give him a revenge, got maxed, and made his hits. TUJ got him once while he went out for a smoke break, but then C got back on and kept doing work

All said and done...TUJ had probably hired 15 million DU's throughout the night...he got the best of Key, but C got the best of the rest of his family, using much less turns than Key had.

Now it stand as is. TUJ still stand on a few million DUs. But the rest of his family is zeros. NameLess stands on zeros, but after being dormant for so long and just taking what we could get, has proved they can stand up and kick Inner Circle in the teeth when it matters.

We still have half the round to go, and the jackpot is a thousand dollars richer for what happened tonight. Will a long time supporter like nino rise up to grab a juicy jackpot? Will one of the fighting sides grab it from a family rank, which is very rarely done? Will these two families work something out after so much dropped in a few hours? Will this carry into future rounds?

I cant wait to see how it plays out. But to borrow a line from Hollywood and the Avengers...the underdogs will not be bowed, will not be bent, will not be broken.

For the only family with integrity
For the only family that wont union
For the only family that plays for each other
For the only family that doesnt let rank whores in
For the only family that doesnt bow to bullies