Howdy all, Blogger here with the EOR results for round 662.

So i have a bit of a story here for myself, and dont worry, but i will tie it into TMB. I just got a second job as a bouncer at my favorite bar, which ive been frequenting for about a decade now. Ive found that being a bouncer isnt exactly what people expect it is. Sure, i stand at the door and check ID's, and im supposed to deal with people who get rowdy or disrespectful.

But ive already found that the stereotypical view of the bouncer, just a guy that uses force to throw people out and is a goon about it, is far from the truth. To be honest, getting physical with anyone is the last thing you want to do, because it not only opens you up to lawsuits and crap like that, but it also is only a form of escalating things.

And this is where it ties back in. People in TMB can take much the same approach. Sure, you can force your way in by getting a massive build on and just trying to force your way into a rank or to initimdate an enemy, but its much more cost effective and smarter to use your guile and experience to get people to do what you want, while you are making them think they are doing it for their own good.

Just something to keep in mind the next time you get some dumb shit talking in your face with shit you know is crap!

Anyways, without further ado, lets dive into it, and see what we can get as commentary from the people involved!

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Level 4

nino, of IU/I-Drop-U union, took the Level 4 gold, grabing another jackpot to add to his collection, without any clear competition. He grabbed it with 26 trillion, definitely a healthy cushion. DezL got the silver, with about 6.8 trillion in hand. The bronze went to Diego_Maradona of the FIFA family, with roughly 2.1 trillion on hand. Level four seemed to have a solid funnel effect. A bunch of money for the gold, about a third of that for second, about a third of second for third, and on down the line. Towards the bottom we saw two people with double digit billions and one person with single digit billions fill out the last few spots.

-Level 4-
rank mafioso net worth

1. nino $26,073,549,977,129
2. DezL $6,896,692,200,803
3. Diego_Maradona $2,112,706,690,285

I found nino in the current IU letter theme family, but he didnt offer a comment.

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Level 3

Level three was about as balanced as it seems. Hypocrisy, Don of Brotherhood, won the gold in level three with 3.5 trillion, silver was sellz of IU/I-Drop-U, at 3 trillion. Bronze followed up with Yuichi_Nishimura of FIFA with 1.2 trillion. The money saw an equal decline after that. Third through seventh still saw a trillion to a half trillion numbers, then it pewtered out just like level four did.

-Level 3-
rank mafioso net worth

1. Hypocrisy $3,595,920,383,605
2. sellz $3,002,058,072,138
3. Yuichi_Nishimura $1,271,270,027,740

Hypocrisy had this to offer about his gold win:
Even with getting stuck on the transfer screen in the last few seconds trying to send the money to the correct person we were still able to take gold. Shout out to everyone in Brotherhood that made this rounds results so successful.

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Level 2

Level two was pretty competitive this round. No big gaps in the ranks, but we see some decent numbers right on through. Bomp, of Avengers, won the Level 2 gold with 1.8 trillion, Icepik of Ronin/Brotherhood got silver with 1.1 trillion, and Leonard of Drop_Squad/I-Drop-U got bronze with almost an even trillion. Things stayed competitive after that.

Bomp had this to offer about his level two gold:
Very good round. Level 2 gold was a great gift from the family. Congrats to the rest of the winners.

As for the prior round, I was late starting so Avengers were filled by the time I came on. I'm not always active so I think it was 3 days before I checked in from sor. Jumbo got Nameless to invite me. I chilled there but was a quiet observer. They are a good team, very similar in style and leadership as Avengers so it was almost like being at home.

-Level 2-
rank mafioso net worth

1. Bomp $1,800,490,913,400
2. Icepik $1,187,157,135,866
3. Leonard $1,007,114,279,778

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Level 1

Level one definitely had some intrigue to it this round. FIFA family was apparently trying to pass some money around in the last minute, and their level one banker got hit by lag and had a ton of cash on hand for the level one gold. GarethBalesLeftPeg of FIFA took Level 1 gold with a hefty 5.4 trillion, Fighting_IRISH of Drop Squad/I-Drop-U got the silver with 1 trillion, and catdog, which was actually MightyMax this round, of Avengers, got the bronze with 855 billion in hand.

Seemed to be the same funnel effect after that. No one rank was too cheap, but ranks sorted themselves out after that. Seems people have become wise to the ranks being cheap in the last few spots so sharing the money around

-Level 1-
rank mafioso net worth

1. GarethBalesLeftPeg $5,421,551,873,925
2. Fighting_IRISH $1,000,229,362,524
3. catdog/MightyMax $855,478,607,966

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Supporter Killer

Supporter killer was relatively dominant this round. C_Note/Vaffanculo of NameLess just blew away the competition, finishing with five million kills. Silver went to Maximus, with 2.1 million kills, and bronze went to Drizzle, of Vecchia_Scuola/Brotherhood. Even in rounds where people had big builds and auto generated kill points, we havent seen such a domination as C_Note showed. 3 million points ahead of second speaks for itself.

-Best Supporter Killers-
rank mafioso DUs Killed

1. Vaffanculo 5,104,337
2. Maximus 2,163,801
3. Drizzle 1,867,250

C_Note/Vaffanculo had this to offer:
We had an internal battle for killer points this round, where three guys were going for free. Dom said he didnt want to see too many people going for one rank, so i waited it out a bit and just claimed killer supporter for the family two days in. Once i claimed it, i just put in the work and got it done. Cant believe the margin of victory, i missed EOR so was worried, but thanks to the 19 for always giving me gun cash and helping stash money, a good round all around for us. Congrats to Tai for getting the free killer gold as well. FOR THE MFKN 19!

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Free Killer

I got lucky this round, the free killer gold medal winner was someone who always uses the same name. Tai_Pan, of NameLess, but who cut his teeth with Gambino, got the free killer gold, sweeping the killer gold medal for NameLess, with 655k kills. 655k kills is a fuck ton for free killer, they arent usually that high, so mad congrats to him. funk got the silver with 600k kills, and catdog, which was MightyMax of Avengers, got the bronze with 591k kills. Bronze would have got gold last round, so again, mad congrats to all the people involved in free killing this round. Free killing comes down to skill more than any other rank in the game, so im much impressed.

-Best Free Killers-
rank mafioso DUs Killed

1. Tai_Pan 655,694
2. funk 600,523
3. catdog 591,723

Tai_Pan was gracious enough to give us a quote:
Round 660 was my try-out round for killing with kill points. After i had read your blog with blind saying i should keep up the good work i decided to do it better this round. Started building until grandma hit me, which was the starting sign i needed. Could stay out of the rankings for a while because henn of my family was killing too. Thnx buddy. Between me, henn, sluggah, we at NameLess always have a killer going in the free rankings.
Other fam members have been helpful as well. FOR THE 19!

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Collecting family

Im just going to be honest and say that I always love covering the family rankings. And its just as much for what happens there as much as what doesnt happen there. For the last month the game has seen the fifth union spot be a free for all, so when that six day mark happens, there always seems to be two or three families who remove themselves from the family rank to try and get themselves an easy union rank. Im not knocking the strategy at all, but it seems to make it easier for the families who are just simply dedicated families. Avengers usually happen to be the serious wild card here, as they seem to do well to either pick up a family for the round and go union, or they stay family and still have an impact. Either way they do, they seem to have adopted a strategy of going for tiers whether they stay family or go union.

This rounds family ranks was also super interesting, because as mentioned in the level one ranks, one family got stuck on trying to bank and pass in the last sixty seconds, and their member wasnt able to pull it off in time. The EOR lag has been documented enough, and it seems the experienced families know better enough to not wait until the last sixty seconds to make moves. When lag affects everyone equally, it seems the people who account for it do better than those who get enraged like they didnt expect it.

Jackanapes this round grabbed the family gold, with 5.6 trillion in the family banks. NameLess grabbed the silver, with 3.5 trillion in the family banks, weirdly almost identical to what they put in the family bank last round, and Avengers grabbed the bronze, with 725 billion in the bank. FIFA finished with only 241 billion in the bank, as they tried to bank up their level one player last second and the game got away from them. ILLUMINATI grabbed the easy fifth with 116 billion.

-Collecting family-
rank mafioso net worth

1. Jackanapes King_Kayle $5,614,955,934,976
2. NameLess Domenico $3,563,173,546,542
3. Avengers nexus $725,123,329,876

King_Kayle had this to offer about the Jackanapes gold finish:
Yeah great round for the apes was nice to bounce back and take a well deserved gold. There were multiple Indy family's with more subs than us so it was nice to see us come out on top.
In regards to the soccer fam, shit happens we've all been there.

Domenico had this to offer about NameLess grabbing the silver:
We were surprised to get the silver, to be honest we were expecting between bronze and fourth, with the money FIFA had on hand and Avengers too. But FIFA had a miscue, Avengers went for tiers, and we just stuck to our plan and it worked out silver.

I cant congrats enough to C_Note and Tai_Pan for both winning the killer gold in their respective levels. Snake nabbed a by default level four ranking and we got fourth in level two, which until the final rankings came out we thought was third. This is why i love my guys and let them do what they think is best, two killer gold, a family silver, and two tier ranks....thats a hell of a lot for a single family.

Everything i do in this game, its for the 19 motherfuckers next to me. I cant take credit for what they accomplish, i can only be happy for them. Love you motherfuckers and thanks for being there and keeping the family consistent up and down every round.

nexus of Avengers had this to offer about their bronze:
EOR is always exciting. All the family's/Unions moving cash around the last few minutes. Having to guess best as you can as to where to put the family's money to get the best possible outcome, to achieve your goals. We had a good round, when everything was said and done. We ended up with bronze in family, level 2 gold, level 1 bronze, bronze free killer and a low rank in level 4, so it was a good round.

As for the change in leadership, there is none. Our fearless leader went on vacation, so I was called back to duty to help run things(Being boss is not new to me, I was made Boss when Splooge left UC, I got burnt out after a while and had HH take over, he's done a great job ever since), course everyone knows what they are doing here, so I don't need to do much. UC Avengers are a great family to be in, no egos, no drama, everyone pulls together as one.
UC Avengers
Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken

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Collecting Union

Union ranks are always interesting to me. Most of the people in the game are in unions, and its such a big impact, both in tiers and the union ranks itself, that it always seems to have a huge impact on the game how they shake out. I've no excuses for past comments or drama to add to this finish for this round, so my comments will be straight forward.

I-drop-U got the union gold. Had a solid 13.5 trillion in the union bank. Now that the IU/RU split seems to have come back together, coupled with the Drop Squad efforts of Mikey and Drob, they just have a solid handle on things. Are they to become the renewed bad guy of the game? I will say that when IU was out on its own, i used to get quotes from them, escaping from the Eck and Coca mindset of giving me nothing. But i asked around this round, with IU having a letter theme, and found nino, and he wouldnt giv eme anything on the round win for him. He has always been forthright with me, so im hoping its a one round misstep, and not a flash back to Coca and Eck ways.

Either way, congrats to them. Brotherhood and/or United Nations seemed to have a finger on things, they have both done really well for themselves. But with Brotherhood migrating leadership roles, and UN having the numbers but not the clout, seems like IU/RU/Drop is laughing and just getting back to their old role of leading things.

Silver was Brotherhood with 9 trillion, and bronze was Legends with 5 trillion. UN rounded out with 3.6 trillion, and the one round bond of West Coast and Warriors got the fifth while pouring actual money into tiers. Lets look at the ranks and what i got people to give me as comments

-Collecting Union-
rank mafioso net worth

1. I-DRop-U LOPOV $13,596,080,425,941
2. BROTHERHOOD Damien $9,042,294,786,830
3. Legends EddieFitz $5,011,175,067,643

Hypocrisy gave me this to work with about Brotherhoods finish:
We were able to pull together some great tiers this round, including gold in t3,family silver,3rd in tier 4 and silver in tier 2. We had a great round, congrats to all winners .

As for un... There's not much to say about a desolated union really.

Viking_Slap added this:
ABOVE ALL ELSE -- not for rank, wealth or honor, but for personal worth and character. These are values separate us from the infidels in UN… So - Lo there do I see my father; Lo there do I see my mother, my sisters and my brothers; Lo there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning. Lo, they do call me, they bid me take my place among them, in the halls of Valhalla, where the brave may live forever.

EddieFitz had this to say about Legends:
What a round for Legends! We had a strong turbo showing and were able to build on it for main. It would appear that adopting Blackhawks recommendation of having the union use face time for mandatory pilates classes really came through in the clutch and enabled us to secure third union.

Lol, in all seriousness though, we fought hard for third and got it and were able to tier eck, shane, and blind's multi. Couple that with another strong showing from harry v. In the free killer ranks and it was a round to be proud of.

Ajax gave me this about Warriors strategy:
We had an opportunity to win some easy turns in the union ranks partnering up with our friends at West Coast. Seemed rude not too really? It enabled us to relax this round, and use what cash we had to boost some of our members. We had mid tier ranks in all levels, so a fairly good, chilled out result really - just what we like in the Warriors!

Well there you have it people, another round of TMB recorded into the books.

As always, please give blogger quotes when he asks for it, and lets continue to have fun in the game.

Also! If you have questions you want answered, think it would be interesting for me to get a quote from someone on what is going on in game, message me in game! I can either use it and incorporate something into my main round reviews, or give it to the blog team if it warrants a blog of its own!

Until next time...

If you're interested in writing a blog or have the desire to give information for a future blog, contact Mohican or Tiki in game.

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