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Blogger here, and i am going to be starting a new article series here with this article. Basically, ive always had an interest in how players pick their game name. Sometimes there are some really great stories to be had there. Some people pick their mafioso name off a whim, and end up sticking with it for years, and some players put a lot of thought into it, and it has deep meaning to them. My goal with this series will be to interview a family or union at a time, ask all of them to offer a quote on how they picked their game name, and then write and wrap it up into one article for the family, all to give you loyal readers some interesting insight into your fellow players and the families that they are a part of.

And after the round results for round 680, with Hollywood of Avengers grabbing a jackpot and finishing his medal set for the game, i figured that there would be no better family to start with than Avengers. So i asked Hollywood to post a message on his business board, and directly messaged some of his longer tenure players, and asked them...what is the story behind your game name? I got some interesting results, and lets dive into them and see what we cna figure out

First of all, I messaged Hollywood, and because of not having the time to get a main round review out in a timely manner this round, i wanted to hear his story on what went into his Jackpot win, how it came about, and who were the major players in it, and he didnt disappoint. So here is Hollywood, and his story on how he got his level four gold:

well, it was pretty awesome. This is how it all went down. I heard it was nino's round so i messaged him and said this "get out of my way or i'll run you over" lol

alright maybe not.

Nino actually messaged me and asked if i wanted to complete my last medal and came up with the plan. Now i have played this game for many years and have got lots of offers like this but this one was different and sounded good to me. Not many people knew about this on both sides my family or the IU drop union. Now to nino's credit he ask if i wanted to join drop union or he could join the avengers but it was just a better move for me to move my family to the union to have union's money backing me.

The plan was simple enough keep everyone thinking it was nino's round all round cause most people in the game knows not to challenge him and then the last 5-10 minutes show are cards and have me build and take the round and if there is a challenge nino has my back if no challenge take union gold too. Pretty much went down like that.

now i will say early in the round i was getting super nervous with KO building like a mad man everyday haha nino kept cool and just said he has to die but this could get expensive. i think righty and 23 were built huge too but weren't that worry about them cause they most likely wouldn't challenge nino but KO was the wild card. KO was killed by coca, i have to say Coca is pretty gangster he did that pretty much on his own having nino's back. Things turned for the better after that KO was frozen and jp was adjusted,things back on plan, relax.

Rest of the round and eor went as planned no one challenged and the plan worked perfectly some tense nervous moments for me with some game lag issues but in the end GOLD is mine and JP wow and got enough banked for union gold too,success!!!!!!!

I have received some hate but mostly got lots of congrats, which i appreciate.

thanks to the IU drop union for their support.

thanks to the avengers that were behind me and sacrificed for me when they didn't even know my whole plan. That is loyalty and the reason i still play this game.

thanks to nino for reaching out in the way he did. A standup dude and super cool, this word is used a lot in this game but respect.

alright all done. i know it's long but i don't win JP gold that often.

one more thing my Hall of fame resume is now complete.

Hell of a story Eli, and thanks for sharing. Always great to see a long time vet of the game make a mjor impact on things.

Now lets get to some name stories. I didnt get a response from everyone in the family, but i still got enough to make it interesting, so here are their stories

From Hollywood:

started in school i was friends with this dude that would always sign his name Matt "nature boy" Noble on his papers and i would always laugh when the teacher called it out. My name being Hubert i had to come up with something and then it came to me "Hollywood" Hubert.

We both were into wrestling at the time Ric "nature boy" flair and Hollywood Hogan were two huge wrestlers.

fun stuff
From Killer-Thug:

Well what can I say I've killed a person went inside came out as a thug lol that's how I chose my name

From Stickycat:

I chose my name StickyCat , because I was 19, and high.. I really couldn't tell you why I made this name.. I like to make vagina's sticky..

From nexus:

I picked my name from a comic book, no, not the wrestlers or the phone like people seem to think. To put it short and simple, Nexus is a space hitman, he dreams/has nightmares about mass murderers( think hitler) on different planets, then hunts them down and kills them off.

Not sure why I stuck with the name through out the years. Guess if you don't stick with a name, you can't make a name for yourself.
From Wesker:

So my original name as some of you know in forums is MrBigCash. I just wanted something related to money. (Although I dont have any) LOL

Later when I took a break of 6 months I came back as Wesker, if you dont know that name, its from Albert Wesker, the main antaganist from the game Resident Evil series, I love the games and he will be always my favorite character.
From mightymax:

My favorite show growing up was called mightymax, it only ran for one year in 1995-1996. The kid Max got to go on all sorts of crazy adventures, time travel, and mischief. when i was 5 that sounded pretty darn cool. So i just logged in picked the name and ran with it. Here I am 9 years later
From Boba_Fett:

Boba Fett is famous and one of the most respected Bounty hunters in Universe even though he is not even a main character, not even a supporting character... he is what he is... a lonely avenger.... And thats me...

Some great responses! Thanks to everyone that sent me a reply. Any of you avengers that have been long time members there but didnt give a response to this article, then please, by all means, comment your story in the comments below.

I am going to keep this series alive and try and do it in rounds where i dont have the time to get a main round review out in the first few days of the round, so it might not be an every round thing, but should be a lot of fun for everyone involved. My next target will be Prophecy, so hoping to get some great stories from them!

Thanks all for the read!