Howdy all, Blogger here with the EOR results for round 654. This round seemed like more of a return to form. We saw the family size go back to normal, and no surprises with how things played out. The family ranks were more competitive than they ever have been, while the union ranks didnt even see five unions to fill it out. So without further ado, lets dive into it, and see what we can get as commentary from the people involved!
Level 4

Cultivator, of the Squad union, took the Level 4 gold, winning the jackpot after an intense competition for the jackpot last round. We saw two players, Cultivator and FreddieRoach of Enforcers, seem to be in a competition, but with them being in the same union, Freddie backed down and Cultivator took the top spot. Perhaps a recoup on his big sepnding of last round? St_Leon of Warriors took home the bronze. Level four definitely seemed to mellow out this round, not nearly as much money involved in the ranks as seems to be the trend from recently

-Level 4-
rank mafioso net worth

1. Cultivator $9,262,424,804,000
2. FreddieRoach $5,548,746,406,954
3. St_Leon $1,293,061,984,479

Cultivator offered this:
Yes. Last round went great. I was cutting my grass EOR and the team handled everything. Teamwork makes the Dreamwork. Great job fellas.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________

Level 3

macabre of ICS/Legends won the gold in Level 3.

Silver was Maxx of SouthSide/Legends, and Bronze was Yakzi of RU/Squad. Only three billion seperated the silver and bronze. Level three saw some intense competition but not a big money seperation, as fourth through seventh all saw numbers a little above a trillion. Seems like a lot of families took a set it and forget it approach to level three this round.

-Level 3-
rank mafioso net worth

1. macabre $3,232,274,580,759
2. Maxx $2,510,642,817,433
3. Yakzi $2,507,568,773,837

macabre had this to offer about thier gold win:
want to say it's not my medal, it's a Legends medal, Legends rewards the
hardworking players so here i am

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________

Level 2

BigChief of SouthSide/Legends won the Level 2 gold, AKA of Ronin/Brotherhood got silver, and KiStY of Avengers got bronze.

Level two was the "forgotten" rank this round, with a trillion getting the gold, and 700 and then 639 billion getting the other medal spots. Hindsight is always 20/20 when trying to figure out what ranks to attack...haha

BigChief had this to offer about thier gold win:
Just want to thank all in the Legends union and the Southside families for helping me get that gold. Means a lot. Legends live forever.


-Level 2-
rank mafioso net worth

1. BigChief $1,004,111,481,697
2. AKA $700,215,688,199
3. KiStY $639,226,617,000

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________

Level 1

OG_BloodyD of Hooligans/United Nations took Level 1 gold, CortoMaltese of Avengers got the silver, and DaZ of Capo got the bronze, juuuust beating out Tai_Pan of NameLess by under a billion dollars.

Level one saw the numbers calm down quite a bit after last round, where they were pretty expensive.

-Level 1-
rank mafioso net worth

1. OG_BloodyD $2,093,231,996,106
2. CortoMaltese $1,500,169,214,760
3. DaZ $1,001,244,142,775

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________

Supporter Killer

The supporter killer ranks were pretty interesting this round, as it was all about that killing, with no big builds just creeping up the ranks because of DUs. So give these killers extra credit as they got their kills from actually killing. Brooklyn-G of NameLess got the gold, Trent of Bread Winners/Squad got the silver, and KeepUp got the bronze.

-Best Supporter Killers-
rank mafioso DUs Killed

1. Brooklyn-G 3,371,754
2. Trent 2,910,218
3. KeepUp 2,279,875

Brook had this to offer:
I had fun and Im happy I finished the round getting gold

Shout out to my family

Nameless "For the mutha fuckin 19!"

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________

Free Killer

The free killer ranks were relatively tame this round, as CortoMaltese of Avengers just ran away with the gold, almost 250k above the silver, which was Still-New. Smokey of NameLess got the bronze.

-Best Free Killers-
rank mafioso DUs Killed

1. CortoMaltese 600,200
2. Still-New 356,030
3. Smokey 270,321

Corto had this to offer:
Haters gonna hate! ;D ROFL


__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________

Collecting family

Family ranks saw some intense competition this round. We had seven to eight families trying to fit into five spots, which is a bit more than usual. Money was on point, and the families played each other well, with no one too far ahead or behind each other. Seems like great strategy was had by all.

Capo got gold, with 8.1 trillion, IU got silver, with 7.8 trillion, NameLess grabbed bronze, with 5 trillion, Avengers got fourth, with 4.8 trillion, and Warriors got the final spot, with 2.1 trillion. Missing out on the family ranks this round were LOCO and West_Coast among the usual competitors.

Capo seemed surprised to walk away with the gold over IU, and NameLess grabbed the bronze over Avengers within the last thirty seconds, something Avengers didnt have enough time to counter

-Collecting family-
rank mafioso net worth

1. CapoDiTuttiCapi BlackSwan $8,133,984,183,202
2. IU_HQ siilentbob $7,896,331,171,151
3. NaMeLeSs Domenico $5,094,827,820,488

BlackSwan had this to offer about Capos gold family finish:
Gold turned out to be a bit of a surprise to us. We really thought IU would take it and were expecting a 2nd or 3rd place finish because Nameless looked like a possible contender as well. With 30 minutes left in the round, IU was in first so we set out to family banked what we could and then started to set individual ranks with the cash that was left. When EOR came, we saw that IU had dropped to second and we were in the Gold spot. I can only assume they used some of the cash for indy and that’s what caused the drop. We ended with the Gold and indy ranks in all 4 levels—the best being Bronze in Level 1. Capo is an amazing family with amazing people…and teamwork is what gets it done! You guys ROCK! .

Domenico had this to offer about NameLess grabbing the bronze:
We were quite satisfied to get back to normal a bit. We had a killer grab supporter gold, and free bronze. We managed to sneak into getting a family medal, and we just missed out on a level one medal while also nabbing something in level four. Just glad to get a well balanced approach and finish to our round. For the MFKN 19!!!

Jumbo of Avengers had this to offer as well:
We had a fine round, we ranked Kisty bronze in level 2 and CortoMaltese got a silver in level 1, to go with his free killer gold. As a family we grabbed 4th. Nameless banked just a bit more than us to grab 3rd. Congrats to all the winners. As for wars while they do not exist for the most part, we are currently hitting donuts that think it is ok to hit us at the end of rounds for kill points.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________

Collecting Union

The union ranks were pretty interesting this round, if for the reason that they werent completely filled out. With only four unions competing, we saw three compete for the top three spots, and one shrewdly say eff it to the union rank and use their cash to get two tier golds plus more this round.

So while Squad, Brotherhood, and United Nations all squabbled for the top three spots, i have to give hats off to Legends to playing smart, just taking the fourth, but really pulling off some tiers. It worked well for them, as they got mutiple top spots while the other unions didnt get as much as they normally do.

-Collecting Union-
rank mafioso net worth

1. The_Squad Cultivator $11,002,128,956,051
2. BROTHERHOOD Hypocrisy $10,596,778,387,794
3. United_Nations frello $8,933,971,196,716

shanesimpson had this to say about BROTHERHOOD:
We had a strong round union wise this round. As a lot of our more active people were out For various reasons. We had hypocrisy in the boss seat and he did excellent. We managed several good tiers as well as a silver medal in tier 2 and silver union. As always the leaders of the union strived for a sucessful round And did outstanding

As always for the BROTHEROOD

Well there you have it people, another round of TMB recorded into the books.

As always, please give blogger quotes when he asks for it, and lets continue to have fun in the game.

Also! If you have questions you want answered, think it would be interesting for me to get a quote from someone on what is going on in game, message me in game! I can either use it and incorporate something into my main round reviews, or give it to the blog team if it warrants a blog of its own!

Until next time...

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