Howdy all, Blogger here with the EOR results for round 666.

Round 666 has to be a milestone. The Devils round! We saw a bunch of families do theme rounds, and in general the red and black colors seemed more prevalant. After the shuffle for level four last round, things calmed down a bit. But it still has been plenty interesting lately. The family size being 30 instead of 20, and seems like Brotherhood has had a bit of an internal power struggle. But hey, i just report it.

Anyways, without further ado, lets dive into it, and see what we can get as commentary from the people involved!

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Level 4

This round the level four battle was a lot more tame than last round. In fact, gold and silver were taken by people from the same union, so you have to think they were ready for a challenge and ended up taking both top spots in response of there being none. Cultivator, of Drop Squad/ I drop U, took the gold with 14 trillion, which wouldnt have even gotten him a medal last round! Murderer, of Drop Squad/ I Drop U, took the silver with six trillion, and Beelzeboss of Avengers took the bronze, with 5 trillion

-Level 4-
rank mafioso net worth

1. Cultivator $14,152,720,353,000
2. Murderer $6,285,898,172,596
3. Beelzeboss $5,001,453,912,000

Cultivator offered this:

The round went great for us. We took Gold and Silver in Levels 4 and 3, Silver and Bronze in level 2, Gold Free Killer, and Union gold. Was a great effort by the team we accomplished everything we set out to do.

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Level 3

Interesting enough, just like level four, level three was dominated by the IU/Drop squad union. They got gold with Roughy at 4 trillion, and silver with donkier at almost an identical 4 trillion. Ten billion seperated them. Who was the EOR manaer that let it be that close? haha. Junelle, of ICS/Legends, grabbed the bronze with 2.9 trillion. And odd enough, opposite of level four, bronze would have gotten gold by a trillion last round.

-Level 3-
rank mafioso net worth

1. Roughy $4,010,906,843,497
2. donkier $4,000,839,256,401
3. Junelle $2,900,633,339,100

Roughy had this to offer about gold:

It never happened.....

it was an illusion......

I blame the servers for fucking it up :O

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Level 2

Level two was more in line with usual results, and was definitely the cheap level to get this round. Schofield, of NameLess, grabbed the gold with 1.4 trillion, Lucianos_Gamble, of Enforcers/I Drop U, got the silver with 1.2 trillion, and TheRider got bronze with almost an even trillion.

Schofield had this to offer about his level two gold:

I saw Jackanapes fam pull ahead of us by 20 billion, so i unbanked and got the gold. It was a good round for NameLess, considering not many of us were collecting.

-Level 2-
rank mafioso net worth

1. Schofield $1,409,208,221,545
2. Lucianos_Gamble $1,200,351,179,002
3. TheRider $1,000,556,965,545

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Level 1

Level one was pretty freaking competitive this round. Top two spots were really competitive at 3 trillion, then third and fourth were really competitive with only 200 billion between them. AKA, who ran the EOR for Brotherhood, grabbed the level one gold with 3.07 trillion, then we saw Drew88, of Hooligans/UN, grab the silver with 3.04 trillion. Thats a three billion difference, one good looting hit on a bank. So congrats to them. Then BillyTheKid, of Jackanapes, grabbed the bronze with 1.28 trillion, and Vinho_The_Serpent grabbed fourth with a trillion. Solid competition between them as well

-Level 1-
rank mafioso net worth

1. AKA $3,077,893,579,615
2. Drew88 $3,040,547,823,733
3. BillyTheKid $1,280,552,630,800

I exchanged three message with AKA about their win, but i couldnt get anything out of them because they were afriad to give a quote that might upset their union leadership. Kinda sucked for me because with them running Brotherhood EOR could have been a good one, but thats how paranoid they are these days...

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Supporter Killer

Supporter killer saw a familiar theme. Its been a while since we have seen a big build early that has just sat on trophies, so when its all on skill, C_Note of NameLess just seems to rise to the top, and he did so again this round, with 5.8 million kills, more than double the guy in second, who was Jikininki, with 2.4 million kills. MonkeyKilla got the bronze with 1.9 million kills. Congrats to C_Note for his continued dominance.

-Best Supporter Killers-
rank mafioso DUs Killed

1. See-No-Evil (C-Note) 5,848,771
2. Jikininki 2,454,618
3. MonkeyKilla 1,918,514

C_Note had this to offer:

NameLess as a family went killing this round, so it was fun for us. With us killing, we were just wiping out targets to wipe them out, not for points, but i claimed the killer spot for the family, and just put in work.

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Free Killer
Free killer trucked this round. No big surprises, but solid people putting in solid work. Trent, of DropSquad. won the gold with 396k kills, Yoga-guru won silver with 263k kills, and Abaddon, of West Coast, won bronze with 262k kills. Hell of a competition between second and third, so congrats Overall the gold winner wouldnt have placed last round though...

-Best Free Killers-
rank mafioso DUs Killed

1. Trent 396,741
2. Yoga-guru 263,573
3. Abaddon 262,567

Have to give credit to Trent, he gave me this"

I did that while I was drunk.

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Collecting family

Every round its like, can i say enough, or not enough, about the family ranks. Seems like there is a power struggle between Avengers, Napes, and NameLess. But at the same time, each family sets goals, and are really happy when they reach them. After those three, West Coast grabbed fourth, and Warriors grabbed fifth.

-Collecting family-
rank mafioso net worth

1. Cult_Of_Gozer Mephistopheles/Hollywood_Hubert $6,828,044,092,992
2. South_Park_Jacks Stuart_McCormick $4,659,851,213,089
3. 6-NaMe-6-LeSs-6 BeastDemonico $3,584,084,540,119

Hollywood had this to offer about the Avengers gold finish:
4 in a row. Beers? no. episodes of games of thrones? no. days of work? no. I'm talking wins.
That is what Avengers did 4 gold medals in a row for family rankings,including turbos where we face unions of 60 members.
We emphasize team play here at UC_Avengers and that isn't always easy and i would like to
thank everyone on my team for buying in on that.
We also had the opportunity to reward a member with a bronze in level 4 Beelzeboss(blind)
great loyal team member who does a lot for the team.
We had a theme round last round for round 666 a satanic theme. that was fun, but i'm glad
that is over crazy names.

Cult_of_Gozer golden UC_Avengers!!!!!

Domenico had this to offer about NameLess grabbing the bronze:
We went killing this round. Last round we all collected to push family money, but this round i told the fam go kill whoever you want, and i look forward to the hatemail in my box. To be honest, i was let down...most people who get shit from us must know i dont give a fuck about it, and i only got a few complaints. (I will just say, i had the entire family killing and it was a flop, matty was threatening to revolt...killing needs to mean something other than just points) But while 18 killed to fuck with people, Snake and I built to collect. And at the end of the round, we got enough to get third family and gold level two. And C_note, the assasin he is, he got supporter gold. Mad props to Schofield for looting his ass off in a return round to the family, so we decided to reward his ass for his effort and he got a gold for it. Just some players without a name trying to make a name for themselves

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Collecting Union

Union ranks are SO INTERESTING if you read behind the lines. I will definitely say, ive given shit to unions for not giving me quotes before, but ive seen a clear pattern since ive been doing these reviews since December. The unions with consistent leadership and who usually finish well, they always give a quote. But the unions in transition, the unions not doing well in ranks, they are afraid to give me anything.

In that sense, i didnt get ANYTHING from UN. They finished a far fifth in the union ranks, and didnt get more than a tier for a Hooligans member. EddieFitz, who always gives me a good/hilarious quote for legends, was unvailable this round, and he tried to direct me to someone who could give me something, but they didnt respond. Love ya Eddie, thanks for trying.

Moving on, we had Brotherhood/SATANHOOD grabbing bronze. And OH WHATS GOING ON with brotherhood. Like i said earlier, ive noticed a good and bad pattern with Brotherhood, when they are doing well, they either give me a good quote, like Hypo and Viking did recently, or when they are doing good but being smug about it, Nick gets half the union to flood my mailbox with "Brotherhood had a good round, congrats to all winners". Now while Brotherhood triews to get back to bases, Nick trying to get things back under control after spending some time away, Twelve Step stepping in to be his consig and help him after running some solid theme families in the family rankings, the wheel keeps spinning. As they deal with their own drama they all ignore me. I will say this though, adding Defiance, a family led by TMB Queen Raven, who has IU/DRop history, then the dissolution of Hitsquad, im sure Chevy and Connie are rolling hard in their graves, (And half of hitsquad landing in Avengers right when the family size increaes, the other half making their own reverse theme family) my goodness gents and gals, all the game is watching!!!

Gone_Doggin grabbed the union silver, which was a twelve step led union, and as has been commonplace, IU/Drop Squad got the union gold

-Collecting Union-
rank mafioso net worth

1. I_DROP_U Murderer $14,111,637,086,402
2. Gone_Doggin Little_Donkey $11,798,701,805,935
3. SATANHOOD Dylan_Klebold $4,684,812,439,463

I didnt get a union quote from Brotherhood,despite repeated efforts with AKA who ran their EOR

Cultivator included his union quote in his comment earlier

Well there you have it people, another round of TMB recorded into the books.

As always, please give blogger quotes when he asks for it, and lets continue to have fun in the game.

I always ask everyone for quotes...

Also! If you have questions you want answered, think it would be interesting for me to get a quote from someone on what is going on in game, message me in game! I can either use it and incorporate something into my main round reviews, or give it to the blog team if it warrants a blog of its own!

Until next time...

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