Howdy all, Blogger here with the EOR results for round 674.

Sorry to everyone that gave me a quote for round 670, and 672 was just a lost round for me. Been working six days a week and havent had time to do reviews. Staff had someone set up to do last round and it fell thru, then this round just kinda fell into my slow time at work, so im pumping out a review while i can. Next round might be a miss as well, but im working on a really good blog series that might be a continuing bit, so if you see me in game asking questions, please give me what you can, i think it might be a great recurring article without me giving away the subject matter just yet.

That being said, what a round 674 was. This was our first round with the NPC looter accounts loose. The game deciided to let loose 400 accounts with billions of dollars on hand, all of which re upped every few hours. Trillions of dollars out there to be had. Factor in a sale on subs AND turns for this round and last round, well hey, tons of turns, active players, money and the like out there. The jackpot itself was really high, usually when we see a jackpot jump its in the last hour as its contested, but for most the round it was around 1800, and it jumped well over two grand in the last few hours.

Anyways, without further ado, lets dive into it, and see what we can get as commentary from the people involved!

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Level 4

Nino, of IU/Drop, got the jackpot of $2,330. Definitely a solid jackpot to grab! drob of the same union, got the silver with 16 trillion, and KO grabbed the bronze with 8 trillion.

-Level 4-
rank mafioso net worth

1. Nino $54,826,278,192,539
2. Drob $16,232,944,355,165
3. KO $8,004,026,488,001

Nino offered this:

All the round looked like you could expect anything to happen on eor, High JP always bring the chance for a Challenge With it..
But it Was cheaper to Secure the win then i had expected it to be

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Level 3

Level three was not cheap this round, we saw the top five all have at least three trillion on hand. Lucianos_Gamble got the gold with four trillion, harry of IU/Drop got the silver with 3.8 trillion, and Sharkoon of NameLess got the bronze with 3.5 trillion, just a billion over fourth which was Circean.

-Level 3-
rank mafioso net worth

1. Lucianos_Gamble $4,015,471,998,232
2. harryverderchki $3,801,277,376,529
3. Sharkoon $3,501,550,306,433

Sharkoon had this to say:
Had a lot of fun looting this round, and am honored my family gave me a medal. Glad we got family gold too, that is always our main family goal. FOR THE 29!

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Level 2

Level two was the interesting level this round. We saw some really high numbers for the top spots, then it dropped off a lot after that, more than any other level. Rockem, of Avengers, got the gold with 5 trillion. JaXx, of Jerks/Brotherhood, got the silver with 4 trillion, and John_McClane, of Capo/IOU, got the bronze with 1.6 trillion, a healthy drop off from the top two.

Rockem had this to offer about his gold:
Thanks to my new family the Avengers This Gold Is dedicated to all you Underdogs .Hollywood and Jumbo and all you Avengers thanks for having me now Rock On!

-Level 2-
rank mafioso net worth

1. Rockem $5,002,974,419,752
2. JaXx $4,000,030,981,446
3. John_McClane $1,600,934,873,089

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Level 1

Level one was a money sink this round...solid competition all the way from first to seventh. Jumbo, of Avengers, ran away with the Gold with a solid 4.2 trillion invested. Jimmy_Finger, of Enforcers/Drop, got the silver with 2.6 trillion, and sellz, of IU/Drop, got the bronze with 2.5 trillion.

-Level 1-
rank mafioso net worth

1. Jumbo $4,200,845,675,353
2. Jimmy_Finger $2,600,326,940,815
3. sellz $2,555,313,607,960

Jumbo gave me a quote but was more about the Avengers overall finish, so will include it in the family quotes

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Supporter Killer

Supporter killer saw some awesome numbers for the top two spots. trent, who got the gold with almost ten million kills, was just trying to achieve a goal for himself. Just fell short of the ten million mark, but still an amazing effort. Machete grabbed the silver with a really solid 7.5 million kills themselves, and then bronze was a distant number, with candy_suck grabbing it with 2.2 million kills
-Best Supporter Killers-
rank mafioso DUs Killed

1. Trent 9,535,907
2. Machete 7,565,074
3. Candy_Suck 2,253,547

Trent had this to offer:

I had some free time last round so wanted to kill. Got on a roll and kept going. We had some big builds and fights earlier in the round so I knew some guys could have passed me in my union if they wanted, but they let me do my thing and didn't take advantage of their builds which was pretty respectable.

I wanted to get 10 mil kps, but was trying to do it without adding any credits and everyone was dead by the last couple days anyway so maybe next time.

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Free Killer
Free killer has just been more and more impressive as the rounds have gone on. I never thought i would say this, but we had a free killer win gold with 1.1 million kills. Over a million kills for a free killer! Thats nuts! sellz, of IU/Drop, grabbed it. Next we saw TotalNewb, aka Sluggah of NameLess, grab the silver with a very healthy 745k kills, and then JohnnyTrueLove, of the Drama/IOU, grab bronze with 683k.

-Best Free Killers-
rank mafioso DUs Killed

1. sellz 1,106,968
2. TotalNewb 745,819
3. JohnnyTrueLove 683,173

sellz had this to offer:

A 1 mil round as a free killer was a concept me and Tai-pan spoke about and I've been trying to get it for the last few rounds. I had a couple failed attempts at getting the desired start to the round but I finally achieved it this round and managed to surpass my goal getting gold in the process. Then getting level 1 bronze was the cherry on top of a good round for me. I just want to thank the guys who helped me out and those who offered to help. I also want to thank everyone who sent me messages of congrats.

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Collecting family

Family ranks have been interesting yet predicatable for the last two rounds. Most of the families in the game have decided to go union, so it leaves a bit to be desired in the family ranks. NameLess and Avengers have been in heat for the top spot the last two rounds, then we see West Coast and Illuminatti fill out after them.

-Collecting family-
rank mafioso net worth

1. NaMeLeSs Domenico $8,882,607,876,680
2. UC_Avengers Hollywood_Hubert $2,729,790,161,369
3. WestCoast_420 Darfel $1,965,747,893,984

Domenico had this to offer about the gold finish:
FOR THE 19/29 isnt just a slogan, its a mindset for our family. We would rather win a family medal as a group than go for individual tiers. I am really glad we got two silvers in a row, then the last two golds in a row. If you look at the two golds, in hindsight its easy to say we overpaid, but with two mins to go in each round would tell a different story. Each round we banked enough to make sure we would get gold over Avengers, our prime competition. But they pull for tiers in the end, so we dont get cute and try and switch everything around in the last minute when lag can be a factor, and we get our family medal.

I am extremely proud in how our team handled this round, we were double, if not more, of anyone in second for the entire round, as our guys looted the shit out of those NPCs and more importantly we had multiple bank rolls a day to protect that looted money. The tiers we did give were to reward those who helped the most. Love my loyal motherfuckers

Jumbo had this to offer about Avengers grabbing the silver:
We play for turns, if the medal happens to be there for a reasonable price, we of course will take it. However if people want to overpay for it we will just take the tiers . Either way we win. Congrats to Nameless a very nice family, well deserving of everything that comes to them.

I got multiple quotes from West Coast this round, as i asked them about their finish and also about Murrki breaking out of their womb to try and get Wolfpack back going.

Darfel offered this:
Unfortunately I missed the EoR so will have to leave it to Blizz to fill in the details. that's 2 bronzes from the last 2 rounds and we will aim for a third in 3 or better.
As for wolfpack the guys talked about it last round and asked our opinion and thoughts which we gave and we can't stop anyone doing their own thing and they seemed to have a lot of support for setting it up but that seems to have been just talk with the current size of the fam but its eary days.
Blizz then added:
i was busy during eor, so i just collected to make sure we get that bronze, murkki was handling the rest.
I do not see it as a breakout , murkki wants to try something new we are still connected and he will always be WC .. i wish them all the best , hope it wll be a success.

Cyclone also had this to shout out about Illuminatti:
sorry was busy this weekend shooting a video in real life , hands down my family brings it we adapt well to the rules and we all support each other as a collective we couldnt have done it without those who put in the work.

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Collecting Union

Union ranks have seemed to tame down a bit since the last time i wrote a review. It used ot be that you always wondered who the fifth union would be, but at this point we seem to have six unions competing for spots. you have the usual entrants like IU/Drop, Brotherhood, Legends, and UN, but the two new additions are London Elite popping back up on their own, and the IOU union, led by the Drama family and Capo family combined. London has yet to crack the top five the last two rounds, but they have some really solid players there, so i wouldnt be surprised to see them there soon.

IU/Drop grabbed the gold as they usually do, this time with 27 trillion in the bank. The surprise this round was IOU grabbing the silver, with 21.8 trillion of their own. Brotherhood fell back to third with 18 trillion, and then Legends got fourth with 16.5 trillion, and UN got fifth with 16 trillion. Unions are definitely more expensive now as well, fifth would have gotten gold by five trillion last time i wrote a review.

-Collecting Union-
rank mafioso net worth

1. I-Drop_U Cultivator $27,313,202,155,771
2. IOU iLoVeBiTeS $21,887,249,458,743
3. Brotherhood DirtyNick $18,122,799,170,575

Legends gave me this to work with:

Firstly I'd like the laugh at UN. You think you could drop $200 and take us for 4th Union. Not when I'm running EOR. Learn your place.
4th and 10th Tier3. 5th Tier1.
As always Legends rock.
End of communication.
No oher unions gave me quotes, even though i asked them all. Im sure Brotherhoods quote would have gone something like this though if they had given one:
Brotherhood had a great round, congrats to all winners

Well there you have it people, another round of TMB recorded into the books.

As always, please give blogger quotes when he asks for it, and lets continue to have fun in the game.

I always ask everyone for quotes...

Also! If you have questions you want answered, think it would be interesting for me to get a quote from someone on what is going on in game, message me in game! I can either use it and incorporate something into my main round reviews, or give it to the blog team if it warrants a blog of its own!

Until next time...

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