Howdy all, Blogger here with the EOR results for round 678.

Holy. Jackpot. Battle. Batman. $3,651 was the final tally. Here is a small excerpt from the staff sykpe chat:

DreamCatcher: jp jumped
DreamCatcher: jp iumped again.
Tiki: crikey
Opie Staph: Vito
Ranked 1 in Level 4, and 1 national.

Currently in Hong Kong

This mafioso got 10,028,675 operatives
and 4,110,137 defensives
Opie Staph: networth $86,617,239,852,117

Opie Staph: now THAT's a build
Bellicose: abstract's is better
Bellicose: (chuckle)
Opie Staph: f'n A
Tiki: yes they are both going now
Opie Staph: shazbot! Jackpot $3,651
Storm: lol thats a turn for the books

That about sums it up nicely, even the staff were impressed with the builds, and the jackpot has to be in the top ten of jackpots of all time. We saw Vito, of Enforcers/I-Drop-u, who was the IU picked person for this round, get challenged by ABSTRACT, of the IOU/Drama union. Opie had Vito at 86 trillion with four minutes to go, and these two must have collected their asses off, because Vito finished with 307 trillion, while ABSTRACT just blew him away with 413 trilion in the end. Thats a LOT of cash folks. And thats no half off subs at work, thats a LOT of turns added in. For comparisons sake, if you add up all the cash used to rank last round, you get 172 trillion roughly. So Vito almost doubled the entire game output last round, and ABSTRACT doubled and a halved it. Thats the entire game!

As you might be able to guess after that, the tier medal spots were still a few trillion here and there, but a lot of the mid to lower tier medals were extremely cheap this round. Union ranks were heavily affected as both IOU and IU/Drop threw everything they had behind their guys. Family ranks were still family ranks though, they always seem to operate a bit in their own vaccuum and had some intrigue of their own.

Anyways, without further ado, lets dive into it, and see what we can get as commentary from the people involved!

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Level 4

Most of my intro was the level four battle, so im not going to repeat myself here. Worth mentioning though is that Damien, of the renewed London Elite union, got the bronze with a sizeable 6 trillion himself, the only other medal tier spot to crack more than 2.7 trillion this round.

-Level 4-
rank mafioso net worth

1. ABSTRACT $413,838,120,014,689
2. Vito $307,494,238,991,282
3. Damien $6,004,140,843,813

ABSTRACT offered this on his win:

First of all I have to thank my family and union! You guys rock seriously! Wasn't gonna do it but then Cultivator and Vito hit my family so instead of hitting back we decided we would just take his jackpot. Sorry to my family and union I didn't have time to bank something or set anyone, y’all all did great.

I wanted to congratulate Pizza Fam. I do think its awesome a fam full of lvl 1s ranked themselves

I asked Vito for a quote on his side of the battle, and he had two days to respond and didnt get back to me. In fact, no one from IU supplied me with any quotes about anything for this round, the jackpot battle, tiers, or their union finish. Seems like sore losers to me...

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Level 3

Level three is the start of a showing for extremely cheap tiers this round. Coutinho, of West Coast, got the gold with 2.5 trillion. Fighting_IRISH, of Prophecy, grabbed the silver medal with 2.1 trillion, and in a distant third danielt of ICS/Legends, grabbed the bronze with 230 billion on hand. The ranks REALLY dropped after that. 64 billion got you 20k turns (fourth), all the way down to tenth which was just ten billion.

-Level 3-
rank mafioso net worth

1. Coutinho $2,500,549,776,252
2. Fighting_IRISH $2,102,188,235,049
3. Danielt $230,732,045,831

Coutinho had this to say:
Well Jeff , I can call you Jeff right ? I said to Blizzard " I'm a peacock you gotta let me fly .....and he did . Thanks to WC

My name is not Jeff...but thats just the first of a few movie quotes i got this round. Some people seem to be taking a page from RonBurgundys book hahaha

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Level 2

Level two saw the closest battle for gold of the round, and some other decent efforts put in, having at least a trillion for the top five. Although it did drop off a cliff from there, with tenth getting as low as 16 billion. Bug, of Avengers, grabbed the gold with 2.1 trillion, Gunner, of Prophecy, grabbed the silver with 2 trillion, and Gallio, of London_Elite, grabbed the bronze with 1.3 trillion. Just as an aside...with that thread of Gallio appearing and getting a ton of play on the forums with views and replies talking about him being a rankwhore...seems like it would be a poor time to rank yourself...even if its bullshit, take a round off maybe so you dont feed the fire?

Bug had this to offer about their gold:
it's a honor... and I would like to thank my family, I couldn't have done it without them... Thank you guys

-Level 2-
rank mafioso net worth

1. Bug $2,114,268,372,321
2. Gunner $2,002,526,042,421
3. Gallio $1,329,171,256,992

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________

Level 1

Level one had the most money put into it this round comparatively, but it still wasnt too much to bear. Tenth saw a whole 19 billion, but that was more of a drop off of the other ranks than two and three. Smifter grabbed the gold with 2.7 trillion, and i dont know what that is. I asked for a quote and their response was the equivalent of "whut?" and im pretty sure their current family didnt have three trillion on hand last round. mightymax, of Avengers, got the silver with 2 trillion, and Sep, of IU/Drop, the only IU/Drop member to get a medal other than vito this round, got the bronze with 1.9 trillion.

-Level 1-
rank mafioso net worth

1. Smifter $2,749,333,743,401
2. mightymax $2,000,030,182,058
3. Sep $1,907,526,635,276

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________

Supporter Killer

Supporter Killer saw some pretty decent competition this round. Vito grabbed the gold with 6.5 million kills, which had to be in part of his big build, and Wishing grabbed the silver with 6.3 million kills. RonBurgundy, of IU/Drop, who is usually a star in the free killer ranks, grabbed the bronze with 4.3 million kills.

-Best Supporter Killers-
rank mafioso DUs Killed

1. Vito 6,563,592
2. Wishing 6,324,625
3. RonBurgundy 4,354,240

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________

Free Killer
Free Killer saw another player join the million kill club this round, which is really impressive. Especially when considering the person in second had less than half the kills that he did. So congrats Trent, you earned that gold with your million kills. Leah, of RU/Drop, and mightymax, of Avengers, duked it out in the end for the silver and bronze, with Leah coming out ahead with 488k kills, and Max grabbing 449k. Even fourth was still right in there, with brain nabbing 424k kills. Nice work to all involved.

-Best Free Killers-
rank mafioso DUs Killed

1. Trent 1,000,742
2. Leah 488,410
3. mightymax 449,821

Trent had this to offer:

Yes, I'm honored to join the 1,000,000 killed free killer club . Before I joined this family I didn't know how to kill for shit but there's a lot of experience in this family and union and I've picked up a lot of helpful hints along the way.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________

Collecting family

Family ranks had their usual intrigue to them this round, and some of it can be traced to momentum started in round 676. 676 saw Prophecy come back onto the scene of the family ranks, and Scoller led his family to a fourth place finish. But this round they came out fully prepared to challenge with a full family and some solid hitters. 23 definitely had a big impact on their output, as he got a big build on early in the round, a few million ops and some healthy defensives. Couple his big build and collects with some good looting efforts, and Prophecy looked to be in control for most of the round. Avengers took a more steady pace to the round, and after day five did a great job of collecting up and steadily increasing their bank. NameLess, after grabbing three golds in a row on the strength of their looting and banking efforts, was always looming but pretty steadily held third all round. Have to give it to West Coast as well, after some down time, then seeing murkki and a few others take off to try and give Wolfpack new life, has steadily increased their money output for the last few rounds and brought themselves right back into contention for things.

In the end, Avengers looked to have the gold by unofficial counts with 7.3 trillion in the family bank, but when the official results were posted, Prophecy had a great last minute surge and beat them for the gold with 7.7 trillion. NameLess grabbed the bronze with 5.7 trillion, West Coast got fourth with 1.4 trillion while clearly trying for some tiers, and a new family called Piiza_Party, just 11 free players, grabbed fifth with 700 billion.

-Collecting family-
rank mafioso net worth

1. Prophecy_Aces Scoller $7,721,493,693,693
2. UC_Avengers Hollywood_Hubert $7,344,303,447,876
3. NameLess Domenico $5,726,446,230,135

Scoller had this to offer about the gold finish:
The round went great. Took silver in tiers 2 & 3 and family Gold. Couldn't ask for a better finish. The team worked their arses off all round to make sure we secured that. Won some nice ranks in turbo and mains it was a solid end.
Huge thanks to all at Prophecy and for working their tits off!
Keep an eye out, NYCU and Prophecy are here to stay.
To the future!!!

Hollywood had this to offer about Avengers grabbing the silver:
looks like we got silver. i saw gold but Prophecy_Aces must have got in there right at the end. it was a good round for us. Looking to change things up next round.
we also got 2 tier medals:
level 1 silver (mightymax)
level 2 gold (bug) .

Domenico had this to offer about the bronze finish:
Love my loyal fuckers. We added a couple new people this round, saw some of our regulars take some time off, and then add in a few people going back to college/uni, some of which were our best bankers, so we were a bit down this round as we adjusted to all of that.

Snake ran our EOR efforts, and fourth seemed to be our number this round haha. Fourth in level four and level one, and a random last place rank in level three just because of how cheap it got. Congrats to Prophecy on their gold, thats a family i have a lot of history with back in the day as an original founder there personally, and am happy to see some of the names Scoller has dragged back into the game.

Blizz then added on the West Coast fourth finish:
West Coast focused this time on tiers , we got an easy 4th family rank with no competition, tier 3 - gold , tier 2 - 5th , tier 1 - 5th which is not bad at all for a family that is 10 years around . I am always glad to give my members something back for their loyalty which is the most important thing in the mafia world yet its so rare here.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________

Collecting Union

Well as talked about in my intro, the Union ranks were definitely affected by the battle for the jackpot. IOU, who has been a solid staple in the union ranks since they went union, didnt make the top five as they threw everything they had behind their jackpot winner. I would have done the same myself so no negativeity about that statement haha. We also saw IU/Drop fall out of the top three for the first time in a while, although they did grab fourth with 6.6 trillion.

So the top three were familiar names who just put forth solid effort. LEGENDS grabbed the gold with 22.7 trillion, Brotherhood grabbed the silver with 20.5 trillion, and United Nations grabbed the bronze with 11.5 trillion. London grabbed fifth with 516 billion as well. Thankfully i got some good union quotes this round from mutiple unions, this is usually where i get the least quotes.

-Collecting Union-
rank mafioso net worth

1. LEGENDS SCOUSER $22,735,944,250,416
2. Brotherhood Righty $20,504,646,348,509
3. United_Nations frello $11,002,639,452,369

EddieFitz of Legends had this to offer:

Well it would seem we finally found the winning recipe. Throw in some brilliant work by our bank team, a healthy dash of tireless effort from our looters, a generous helping of fat collects from our supporters, some paprika for color, cup of chives, two scoops of scouse's brilliant eor strategy....bake at 350....and serve with a tall glass of me being off for a round. Fucking delicious.

Seriously though Legends, my hats off to you. You're all amazing, way to settle for first union! Congrats to danielt and the others who got tier spots as well.

Righty had this to offer about Brotherhoods finish, and i have to say, its my favorite quote of the round haha. Solid Taken reference.
I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for a quote, I can tell you I don't have anything to say. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let me play this game peacefully now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.
And if you consult to anyone else about a quote for our union finish, please re-read the above if you're still alive.

I got this lovely quote from IOU. From RoRo:
As i said for the Turbo blog, these idiots never listened to me, so i had to do a hostile takeover as don. We won Turbo, and through my inspirational leadership, Abstract did it in Main also. 2 for 2 how many fucktards out there can say that?

Well there you have it people, another round of TMB recorded into the books. Loved writing this review and was glad i had time to really sink my teeth into it. Also love some of the quotes i got, i'll print whatever you give me! Thanks for reading

As always, please give blogger quotes when he asks for it, and lets continue to have fun in the game.

I always ask everyone for quotes...

Also! If you have questions you want answered, think it would be interesting for me to get a quote from someone on what is going on in game, message me in game! I can either use it and incorporate something into my main round reviews, or give it to the blog team if it warrants a blog of its own!

Until next time...

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