Titans have split up.AGAIN.The first split which wasn’t noticeable as the recent one, happened a few rounds back where we saw Scouser and a few others leaving Titans.Now ICS have broken away from the union with half,if not more, of the union's players.There were about 140 members in the union last round but now we see only 56 players remaining. Most of their families left with ICS, and HS also seem to have left because we see them playing indie this round.Last round(main 594 before the split happened) we saw Titans playing well, sacrificing the tier ranks to get a silver medal as RU_IU took the gold union medal once more with WC finishing 3rd. Have the Titans fallen or will this split not affect them at all? Will there be some bad feelings between Titans and the new union that ICS formed? What fueled the split?

The split have clearly crippled the Titans but just so we don’t get ahead of ourselves, let us wait till EOR and see how the Titans’ remnants will do.We managed to get a comment from Domenico a few days back about their success from the previous round and about the split. Hopefully his words still hold even though many days since he made the comment have passed.
The silver medal was a culmination of everyone working together for one goal, putting the union first. We didn’t get much for tiers last round, but we medaled as a union, which i was extremely happy for. Special thanks to Shanesimpson and Jackie_D-Amico for how much time they put into the bank last round.

In hindsight the split was inevitable. I became Don of Titans a month ago because ICS was planning to leave the union, they were unhappy with Max being Don. It got us an extra month as a union and we did some great work in both the turbos and the main. Phoenix also joined Titans when I became Don because of my history with some of their leaders, and they also have decided to go with ICS. Pops coming back and reviving the Omerta name, well thats just history to anyone in the game that they would go to ICS.

People want a strong union Don to handle things, but they also want a council where everything gets decided together. Its an expectation that is extremely hard to meet. It is also hard to take seven to eight families, who all have history in the game, good and bad, and try and keep everyone on the same page. When you have that many people, who want to keep their own family identities, have their own agendas, but also claim to work under one union agenda...its a small sandbox we all share at the end of the day…

I wish Legends the best. Titans is smaller, but who has stayed is the team of people who get along the best with each other…

With the news about Titan’s split out of the way, we get to last round’s recap…

After an extremely interesting previous round where most players, families and unions finally got to understand the new rules a little better it was going to be extremely interesting to see the plans for the bigger unions and the smaller families that after seeing warriors perform so well the round before now had new found hope that they too could get amongst the ranks.

The eventual winner of the round was Her_Miami_Boy AKA Spade. Spade built with a technique which haven’t been seen for quite a few rounds, and one that seemed to be frowned upon by IU. This was to build early in the round and then collect with the sub turns. Due to such a larger build early in the round, unless there was to be a challenger meant that not only was the JP going to be won but also the supporter killer gold medal would be taken. This surely will annoy the killers of the game that a collector can still easily win the killer medal. After trying to get some kind of comment or information from Spade with the answer of “no comment” we moved onto others in IU and every time we hit a brick wall. It seems that no one within IU is willing to put any comments forward.

CapoDiTuttiCapi once again in the individual family ranks showed everyone what they are about gaining a 3rd place finish. This was only behind IU who took the top family gold medal and ICS_FIRM who took silver. We managed to get a few words from DN concerning his family’s achievement.
Although Capo are a family with few, they are hardworking team players and that is what really matters and makes the difference in a family.
The family ranks is where the surprises were, with IU’s main family winning gold and not being part of the union. Again we had no response from any of IU regarding the matter so if somebody has any reason as to why please comment below to inform the rest of the community. Another family with great history that was pushing for a medal all the way was the LOCO family. It seemed that London Union wasn’t set up which allowed their family to get close to the top of the family ranks.

Review results:

-Level 4-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Her_Miami_Boy $10,798,512,549,584
2. Yakzi $2,080,030,935,678
3. SerbiaBoss $1,426,654,666,119

-Level 3-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Roughy $2,270,358,193,554
2. lebanon_levi $600,033,033,700
3. samball $500,051,840,860

-Level 2-

rank mafioso net worth
1. T-Rex $1,305,079,251,197
2. CortoMaltese $550,677,347,666
3. shell $400,241,887,708

-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth
1. harryverderchki $1,401,677,943,335
2. Berdugo $1,000,015,345,000
3. thewhitemonkey $287,119,934,478

-Best Supporter Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Her_Miami_Boy 2,025,223
2. ZNUG 1,300,665
3. Goalllll 1,243,648

-Best Free Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. SOE 436,686
2. Furious 257,666
3. KOYOTER 203,146

-collecting family-

rank family boss net worth
1. IU Her_Miami_Boy $3,305,305,305,305
2. ICS_FIRM Gunchester $200,098,203,505
3. CapoDiTuttiCapi HuMaNiTy $149,973,044,124

-collecting union-

union boss
1. RU_IU Goalllll $3,305,818,603,598
2. TiTaNs Domenico $2,955,747,403,816
3. WesT_CoasT BliZzArD_420 $2,805,512,303,730

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