A lot of the newer players won't believe this, but there once was a time, long, long ago when there were cities full of dus, whole families of un-zero'd players and the occasional looter family that would rank by their own hard work.I'm going to give you a day by day account of war time in the Circus_Nuts. This is how it used to work back in the day when air was clean and inflation was unheard of:

Day 1. (or 9, whichever way you count, I'm talking about the first day of the round)

Log in and build. Now there was a difference of opinion here as to which was the best route to take in terms of the initial build. Some people would hire with their starting 2500, and gain themselves around 30,000 dus, while others dumped in their 5000 reserves and built right up to 90,000 dus from the start.Whichever you were, it didn't really make much difference, as collecting back then was left to the supporters. I'm talking about your average joe, the minion of the supporter, like the Russians when they went into battle, the ones at the front died first.

Day 2. Log in, and yay! still have dus,... build again!

By now, family bosses and consiglieres are having discussions about which family or union pissed them off the most last round, and who could be a possible target for this round (believe it noobs, people actually hit different families back in the day, not just same hits, same families all of the time!) "Lets hit Foundhell", someone would shout. "No, they aren't as big wankers as those Genovese bastards", someone else would yell!

Day 3. Log in, and you guessed it, build some more!!! yay!!
The potential family to hit would quite possibly now, be set in stone.On a personal note,(Just to point out that I have been an Indy since round 85 or somewhere around there), war times used to worry me! Having nutcases like Buck_Nasty and Powderpuff leading us into battle, they would usually pick on the toughest target. Once our target was announced, I used to roll my eyes and think "oh ffs!!"

Day 4. Log in and............... build some more!!! woohoo.
My all time pet hate was being told we are going to war against ICS. It probably happened every 4-8 rounds. An indy family of just 30, we would roll into Montreal at war time and literally hit a brick wall of Hitmen (ICS have always been a collecting family of Hitmen & Hustlers)

Day 5. Do I need to say it again!? Build some more!! woohoooooo!!!
Today is the day we receive our war target! Pressure is mounting..... we all sit, touching each other in a circle waiting for Buck to take the stand. Everyone is silent...Bach has just farted, and Coley stumbles in still drunk.... drum roll......... Fuck it's ICS again. Pair of cunts.We are given the time and day according to the game clock (nobody used real time back then, it was whatever the game clock said!)

Day 6. No more building, the time has come...
As an indy player, we used to just build dus, and although by war time we would have racked up possibly 600-800k dus, hitting someone with 300k hitmen would leave you totally knackered. We would be given the name of a bank, normally one of the larger supporters that would be online to help out with transfers etc.. everyone would be set with fully armed dus, and just enough to travel to the same city. Watching the clock, we would start posting targets to the fam board of who we would hit...
And go!!!!!!! We all roll into a sleeping city at the same time, hit anything and everything in range, we didn't just take dus, we cleared out and went straight for the 0/0. If someone was too big, pre-war co-ordinated hits would have been organised between 2 / 3 / 4 people to take it in turns to bring them down.
As soon as networth was high, sell up, send to banker and get straight back in there.
We would never leave with dus. Why bother? They will just come back and kill them, so if there was nothing else worth hitting, suicides were the way.

Day 7
Those that couldn't make the war would start to log in and start making their hits now, killing off any that were left from the day before. By now, their allies would have been involved, which then were Omerta, UML and many others...
The very best part of war times has to be ***CHATZY*** hahahahaha the fucking fun we had invading another families war chat! If anyone remembers that you will understand. For those that don't know, this is how it was...
Someone spied on family, (they posted chatzy link and password to their business board) we would all then log into it, steal someone's name and really fuck with them, and see their battle plans lol.

Day 8
Here comes the revenge and the shit talk. This is what we live for. Tell us we are wankers, call our mothers horrific names, wish us cancer, we didn't care. Shit talking was always posted on fam boards for others to laugh at anyway!

Day 9. The unwind
Things are calming now, the collectors are doing what they can to rank, the shit talking has pretty much stopped as by this point in the game we would have blocked by around 50% of the game anyway.

Day 10. The end.
And that really is the end. Things didn't carry over to the next round, people didn't hold petty grudges, people moved on. A new round is about to begin, new friends, new foes and a new battle target.(Lets hope it isn't ICS again!

All my bats
bLiNd x

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