This unusual for TMB story follows the life of good hearted and kind young man named James and how his life changed dramatically. This story takes place in the year 3014 in a modern day New York, still a City of hope and dreams that can be fulfilled...: I don’t know why I came to this city. Maybe I came for the glam life, maybe the opportunity, maybe because I wanted to escape the reality I faced in my home town.....

New York City 3014 – The Greatest City on Earth

James: New York City! Ah…this is great right mom. This is truly a place of opportunity. Look at the Statue of Liberty, the buildings, the businesses, the people too busy to take a glimpse at others. All great!

James Mother: It’s a nice change for once. What do you plan to do James?

James: Same as before. I already have my previous jobs from hometown. I just transferred here.

I was never a lucky person, but I was always known as the jack of all trades. I could do just about anything for any job. Back in my home town I had 3 jobs. I was working police officer. Journalism is something I do as a side job. I try to keep my last job as a secret from my mother. Its something I wouldn’t want her to get caught up in.

*After moving the furniture and setting things up…
James: Looks like everything set up now mom. Here is that check for you. If any mail comes in my name with a star in the bottom right corner, call me RIGHT AWAY!

James Mother: Well this is 7th time we have had to move. Our neighborhoods have never been that bad. I wonder why crime is always around us.

James: raises eye brows and shrugs shoulders. Beats me. New York may be a different start for us.

James Mother: Also sweetie. I have been wondering. How do you get these substantial amounts of money in these checks? I remember you having 2 jobs, but I didn’t know they paid like this today.

James: Really…you know things are a little different than they were back in your time mom. Plus I’m leaving under my means of life. So I save plenty.

James Mother: I was just wondering that’s all. You know James none of this is necessary, I can have your father or your sister help me.

James: Its fine mom. Besides you aren’t in the condition you use to be in. You know that, and dad…well…could you please not mention him around me.

James Mother: I’m sorry dear; I forgot how you felt about your father. It won’t happen again. But wh….

James: Interrupting his mother. Well mom I guess I’m gone now.

James – The Violent Convict

I always keep to myself. I don’t like getting people involved with my own situations. Never like to tell my secrets. Things with my father didn’t work out too smooth in the past. Especially when my father moved on and joined a new family, known as “The Zannidello Family.”

James Mother: You aren’t gonna stay awhile. You just came back after such a long time.

James: It was just 3 years.

James Mother: 3 years! 3 years is far too long you know. I still want to see my boy from time to time. Also what were you doing during those 3 years? I see you been rough lately with those marks on your face.

James: Ok it won’t be 3 years this time, and I’m not a momma’s boy anymore. Alright see ya. *Leaves house

I never told my mother what happened during those 3 years because I was in prison 2 of those years. And no, I didn’t get out early for good behavior.

James: I swear she is always asking too many question. I thought I was the child. Man! I really don’t want to go here.

After walking about 5 blocks, walks into a bar…

James: Slowly opens door. Uh…Is…

Before I realized who it was, I was already punched in the face. I opened my left eye to notice 3 star bruglione of the Zannidello Family, Frank. Everybody calls his Markz because he known to leave knuckle ma rks on all of his lackeys faces when they piss him off. Every time he does this shit it’s always a bullshit excuse.

Markz: Oh my bad bwahaha. Shit I thought I saw a fly on your face. That thing was flying around here this whole time.

James: I don’t even see a fly around here! Markz you know that a load of…...

Markz: Load of what…Lackey?

James: Huh. What are the orders?

Markz: BWAHAHA. That’s more like it. You’re my special lackey. My jack of all trades. Here. The orders. You ain’t killing today; you stealing today. Looting…well more like retrieving what belongs to the boss. Now get the fuck out of here!

I really can’t stand that muscle headed cunt. I swear if I had the choice to get out of this shit now, I would.

Chapter 2: On The Job (Coming Later)

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