Round 595 saw 10 to 1 ratio on turns entered into the round. Would 2000 turns keep your op's safe? Would we see a flood of killers? Only time will tell...... only problem being you do not have much of it.At the 16 hour mark we saw 2 killers ("Raise" & "Tricks") in the "supporter ranks" top 3mill in kill points, while the rest in the ranks were far behind.And those kill points from the latter were either all or mostly generated from their large builds.

In the "free killer ranks" we had Bullet-Bill (Soexclusive) at the top, with Godoftmbgods not too far of off pace, both had over 200k in kill points.

We will check in later to see if both or neither stays on top.

Global ranks are currently topped by Chris_Frome who has a nw of over 10 trillion, 10mill in ops and over 6mill in defensive units.
2nd place in the global rankings currently sits with I_Killed_unununu (Jackie_D-Amico), a
1 star player with a networth of 572bill. There are quite a few players with large amounts of ops.
We will see if they are all a part of the same family at the EOR or do they end up joining different families.

The Roving Reporter has just been hit by the dreaded server reset on the good ol' TMB. You can set your watch by it
Back on the scene we see only 2 families currently in the rankings: "Underdogs" with 166 billion and "Work_Work" with 48 billion, with many families waiting till the EOR to form.We are going to see if they'll be there in the end.

End Of The Round

With 4 minutes remaining Trouble held the top spot at 224 trillion, Chris_Frome was at 155 trillion & Vicodin at 130 trillion.
But two minutes later, Vicodin claimed the top spot with 287 trillion and would never look back.

Vicodin AKA Da_secret had this to say:
Turbo was a lot of fun to be honest as it is been a while since the game has seen anybody successfully challenge and defeat IU.
The idea for us to attempt to steal a round actually started last turbo really, as Titans performed extremely well taking I think 7 different medals.
There was a moment that we looked at who was above us and weighed our chances and ultimately we decided to pass on it, but there was that feeling we made a mistake not pushing them and we didnt want to have a repeat of that.
We followed up this main round again being extremely successful in what we attempted to achieve.
So going into the turbo I guess you could say we had high expectations.

Fast forward to about 2 hours left in the round and people from all over the game had started their builds/collects and with each one of them we crossed them off the list as a potential EOR builder.
From the start we always intended on 1 cap build to if nothing else help us take a few tiers/ranks just as we did last round
so we had Saint (Morphine) cap and build with about 30 mins left.

We knew if we were to challenge the round it would be left to me (Vicodin) to put myself up against the clock and fully execute an entire cap build in under 10 minutes so our opponents wouldn't have the time to counter build. Was extremely risky but ultimately the results speak
for themselves with us coming out on top.
It took a lot of risk and teamwork to pull that out and it wasn't a one man job, Saint, Gunchester, Chris, Rio, Pops among others all did their
Kudos to them as without their support this would never have been possible.

-Level 4-

rank mafioso net worth

1. Vicodin(Da_secret) $333,991,083,717,591
2. Trouble $272,115,195,224,176
3. Chris_Frome $134,126,880,132,549

Now we move on to Level 3

With 4 minutes left in the game, we would see Keylar_Navas holding the top spot with 84 trillion, followed by USN at 26 trillion and Calvin_Lott at 25trillion.
With only 1 minute left in the game, Keylar_Navas has dropped from the rankings and everyone had moved up a spot. Wacko had slipped into the bronze position at 18 trillion.

At the EOR USN had dropped and a new player had taken the top spot: Kat AKA Familymatters.
It would seem it does, as her family also took the gold in the "collecting family ranks".

-Level 3-

rank mafioso net worth

1. Kat(Familymatters) $53,012,414,155,055
2. Calvin_Lott $28,511,077,653,705
3. Wacko $18,333,259,120,843

Now we move on to Level 2

Unfortunately the member behind the top spot in level 2 shall remain a mystery, as no one came forward to take the credit for this achievement.
At least not to me.

With 1 minute remaining we saw Flint (Nexus) hold the top spot at 20 trillion, followed by I_Killed_UnUnUnU with 16 trillion and Matty with 10 trillion. But as the clock struck 0 the results had changed

-Level 2-
rank mafioso net worth

1. Lucenzo $23,578,822,975,189
2. Flint(Nexus) $20,009,023,226,546
3. dinGospo $16,717,393,590,301

Last, but never the least Level 1

Nobody from Level 1 contacted me, but perhaps next turbo we can shine a bright light on the free players.

With 1 minute remaining we saw Ajmo_picke holding gold at 8.2 trillion, followed by Bullet-Bill (SOE) right behind him at 7.9 trillion. And IL_Pedrino held the third spot at 7.2 trillion.
But as we jump to the EOR we saw a couple of changes:

-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth

1. Turbo $10,001,490,216,469
2. IL_Pedrino $9,925,892,421,303
3. samball $9,502,258,370,293

No "Killers" came forward to claim their glory so as punishment all they get is the EOR results

-Best Supporter Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed

1. Raise 5,026,522
2. Tricks 3,776,898
3. Nacho 3,358,430

-Best Free Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed

1. Fear 1,153,209
3. sob 462,142

Collecting families seemed to be shaken up by the chase for level 4 gold; it gave an oppurtunity to a family that seems to always be waiting for it.

-Collecting family--

rank family boss net worth

1. The_Collective(UC_Avengers) MC_GOT $28,082,416,932,228
2. The_Kool_K__Tz(IU) The_Money_Team $16,426,980,905,827
3. 187(WC) AmA $11,367,826,658,431

"we did great. I am very happy with the results. First we took family gold. That is great, but for me the best part is how with a family of all UC_Avengers.
We do our own thing and we owe no favors are successes family gold, level 3 gold,level2 silver. My main goal at the start was to get Familymatters level 3 gold she has been a loyal and awesome member and does so much for us to be a better family

A quick shout out to the family that challenged IU whoever that was.
That really helped us out a lot.

Response from IU:

"Go shove your report up your ass
results are their for view"


Nothing much i can say about the last Turbo round (595).
It was pretty much straight forward for West Coast.
We mobilized our members to form a collecting family.
We weren't even hiding , we started the family early and went for hustlers to collect as much as possible.
Last day we did the collection spree banked what we could and tried for few indi's.

And somehow we ended 3rd as family and took some low indi's , we were pretty much lucky when it comes to the family prizes i guess it was cause of the IU - Titans JP fight , but still well-deserved cause most of our family members were free players.

I would like to thank the TMB Community for all the replies & information I received.
If you see something missing please keep in mind that I sent out messages to every major family (and most small ones as well). Also, if you have not been included, please message me in the future turbo rounds so that this can be avoided.
My goal is to make a review that allows you to know something you did not before you read it. Additionally, I'd like to help turn the TMB community into a fun place for everyone.

I will always have news briefs on my profile until the turbo begins so feel free to message me.

Congratulations to all the winners from the turbo round 595. And once again thank you to everyone that added a little depth to this review.

I will be back next turbo to bring you the news.


If you're interested in writing a blog or have the desire to give information for a future blog, contact Blogger, Mohican, Storm, or Tiki in game.

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