Chapter 1- Rise of a Harley Queens Empire

Queen Gorgo:It begins as a whisper... a promise... the lightest of breezes dances above the death cries of 300 men. That breeze became a wind. A wind that my brothers have sacrificed. A wind of freedom... a wind of justice... a wind of vengeance.

Ravenkc: OK here in the studio today we have the young lady and a TMB Queen, she is worldwide known as a bad girl in the land of TMB and like all stars there is also a lot of controversy as well, please make welcome today for the sexy little Harley_Quinn!!!!!!

Ravenkc: So Harley, TMB has already been a hard journey for you?

Harley_Quinn: It's been very exciting, I'm the sort of person who likes being a leader figure and so this got me in trouble when I left IU for expendables a long time ago. This of course made my reputation a bad one and when people get an opinion of you it is really hard to change that. So yes it has been hard with IU as they don’t want anything to do with me after i left them. Since i left iu but didn’t tell them, while having different names and not telling them so I understand how its hard to trust me now

Ravenkc: Well I can understand that one, so I actually met you when you came to expendables but Id like to know about your IU journey.Can you tell me about that???

Harley_Quinn: It all began when i came back through complete chance; i hadn’t been here for about 5 years. Now I’ve always been a quick learner and in my first round trying back in hitsquad i got a gold killer with the help of a few people like roughy and trigga who did it just for the sake of helping a noob like myself

Harley_Quinn: i got the gold and then asked roughy if i could join iu, he invited me and i stayed there for maybe 10 rounds? not sure

Ravenkc: haha really its so unlike IU to help a 'noob' I think you have some good luck

Harley_Quinn: through that time i met good people and also since i like to cause drama a few bad experiences, got me in a lot of trouble with iu, obviously the main person at IU is LOPOV and he wouldnt speak to me after i did what I did with expendables so my first chance was the only chance i got

Ravenkc: did you like to prick tease all the IU guys?? or was it basic friendship??

Ravenkc: usually dick teasing and drama goes hand in hand

Ravenkc: hhaha well I was booted and accepted back to IU at least 10 times I was the IU Drama Queen lol Im sorry I think I fucked it for other people

Harley_Quinn: I was friendly with everyone, I just admittedly was rather selfish and lazy as well as being a noob. i didnt understand the real meaning of this game that its all about teamwork and could have done more but i was always trying to help out asking coca what i could do to help. I dont speak much so the time i did speak like with missmack all that came out was negativity and looking back i think how dumb it all is

Ravenkc: Well Im sure we all do things here we wish we could take back! I know I certainly would change a few things... So going by what you have said you still have a strong respect for the IU leaders?

Harley_Quinn: aha! no dick teasing i was flirting though and certain people got jealous

Ravenkc: oh hahah whattt you must have flirted with other Queens guys oh lord did you mess with my Spade?

Ravenkc: come on gimmie the goss I will cut his cock off!!

Harley_Quinn: No no, i liked low ryduh, flirted on the iu boards, missmack saw it and called me out being a guy with no real proof,i left due to that particularly and so wasnt allowed back

Harley_Quinn: spade is an obvious flirt, he likes me even if he wont say it to anyone else

Ravenkc: And we all go a bit nuts on other girls in the game (until they are made Queens) mind you we all have respect for each other. Ok Low Ryduh is a very good friend of mine... *Taking notes about Spade* oh really.. Yes Id say he is a naughty young man after all he is only 21..He is not my boyfriend but I will surely have him executed.

Harley_Quinn: I have a lot of respect for coca as he was always there for me, except when it came to letting me back in! I asked Eck he didnt care either way and said lopov is the one to decide! being that lopov doesnt like me since i lied numerous times to him in the past about dumb shit i cant say i dont respect them they are smart people

Ravenkc: hahahahahaha they always do that- its called the 'IU palm off' they will wheel you around to all the other ones and won’t take responsibility lol

Harley_Quinn: haha i saw the blog about me and spade before it was deleted i bet he wishes that happened with a few details out of it like me cutting his dick off! and cant say either of us appreciated the rape but they made me seem quite badass

Ravenkc: since you told me about Spade, I will be honest Eck has a real sense of power it turns me on (of course I am joking I am imply as much as he wants to make me turn my kettle on for a coffee and a laugh)

Ravenkc: yes I did not like that blog.. you must understand why

Ravenkc: however you are not to blame, infact I think we are very much alike you and I

Ravenkc: both stigmatized for different reasons…Anyways, you have many medals up your sleeve did you get most of those in IU?

Harley_Quinn: haha eck is defiantly unique in the way you have to keep nagging him to get his attention he gets pissed so easy its hard finding a balance between annoying him and him not ignoring me whenever we do speak!

Ravenkc: yes, I doubt in real life you could ignore me ECK! Grrr

Ravenkc: lol

Ravenkc: Im a 6'1 blonde now *wink* .. hahah he is a bastard

Harley_Quinn: I got every indie medal out of iu except from 2 old killers i believe

Ravenkc: So you know what it is like to run the TMB Gauntlet I like to call it

Ravenkc: its when you have all the IU badass killers on your ass all round and still come out with a medal

Ravenkc: yet it is very stressful lol

Harley_Quinn: i got every medal from turbos because it never was a challenge when you know how the game works , the level 4 medal was thanks to seb when we worked together before he left so thats a good memory

Ravenkc: i like how Michael is friends with eck i dont know how but hey

Ravenkc: lol hmm another thorn in my heart so you fucked with my Spade now also with my Seb?

Harley_Quinn: seb wishes, haha he probably really does but his actually a really cool guy and would never have left if i didnt think so

Ravenkc: actually I don’t even wanna go there lol its all toooooooooo much Im too emotional for this shit then I flip out and besides that I have a bf in real life so WHY THE FUCK I even get attached to these cunts in the first place is fucking beyond me ... ok Im am calm now....

Ravenkc: hehe seb- he messaged me on FB the other day I am glad he is well sometimes I miss him

Harley_Quinn: only sometimes ? yeah hes got into a thing where he messages me saying he is coming back,comes back and leaves again seems he has a lot to deal with at home so that should come first

Harley_Quinn: i dont see how anyone could get attached to spade with how he talks... Michael on the other hand is amazing

Ravenkc: Well, Seb was there for me when it seemed everyone in TMB had turned on me….Spade and Seb both stood up for me when no one else would- then of course my father entered TMB -the rest is history…

Chapter 2- A Harley ‘Queens’ Pledge

Queen Gorgo: I am not here to represent Leonidas; his actions speak louder than my words ever could. I am here for all those voices which cannot be heard: mothers, daughters, fathers, sons - three hundred families that bleed for our rights, and for the very principles this room was built upon. We are at war, gentlemen. We must send the entire Spartan army to aid our king in the preservation of not just ourselves, but of our children. Send the army for the preservation of liberty. Send it for justice. Send it for law and order. Send it for reason. But most importantly, send our army for hope - hope that a king and his men have not been wasted to the pages of history - that their courage bonds us together, that we are made stronger by their actions, and that your choices today reflect their bravery.

Ravenkc: So we are here to talk about you Harley and speaking of rumors there are some nasty ones Id like to set aside- here and discuss…

Ravenkc: why the fuck do you get called a guy and who made this all up??

Ravenkc: was it the Low Rydah thing?

Ravenkc: or is it Low Ryduh fuck me ive known the fucker 7 yrs I cant spell his name lol

Harley_Quinn: Yeah pretty much, there were rumors i flirt with everyone which is not true, missmack saw me flirt with low ryduh who im assuming she likes and was like oh your fake blah blah blah, coca and eck and lopov never said anything but only people who didnt know me started talking shit on the boards a lot

Ravenkc: Well MissMack and I go back a long way, I am sure you rubbed her up the wrong way- when we attack we are vicious- have you tried to mend your relationship with MissMack or is this an ongoing thing between you two?

Harley_Quinn: that’s interesting since ive never really spoken to her except when i was being negative to her, but as they say first impressions last

Harley_Quinn: lol i had this thing where i didnt like most of the girls on here if any tbh

Harley_Quinn: but people like bella and b are real fucking bitches so i have an excuse

Ravenkc: To save the stress,, and you know this is speaking from experience I have fought with many TMB Queens and I have later become good friends with them.. yes I think some of this you would have to blame urself you seem to on purpose get every female going in TMB, including myself

Ravenkc: is it kinda like a true blood wolf pack thing.. take out the leading wolves so then you become the alpha LOL we are all mental thats for sure

Harley_Quinn: i dont think girls really like each other do we ? :P

Ravenkc: I get angry about you storm around my house.. go to my dad "Now did you fucking see what Harley Quinn wrote on my blog DAD!! fuckin bitch" Tears "I dont know baby girl she seems nice to me" Raven "Well wtf is her problem" *Sulk * Light smoke

Ravenkc: hahhah

Ravenkc: OK so you grew up in IU- Ran away like a crazy teen with your lover Seb to expendables... now what

Ravenkc: are you a loan wolf…

Harley_Quinn: Ha, your dad is lovely

Ravenkc: yeah u girls are lucky- I can only get him to bash males in the game

Ravenkc: he seems to befriend all the women LOL

Harley_Quinn: Im pretty much solo! Currently in ICS but since i work long hours now I dont have any time except when i get time off and working in a school i get plenty of extra breaks

Ravenkc: you work in a school???

Ravenkc: (Spark of interest)

Harley_Quinn: yeah i support teachers in a primary school now

Ravenkc: oh well that’s a good job- did you know I am a high school and early childhood teacher

Ravenkc: now we can be cool nerds together

Harley_Quinn: aha i wouldn’t say i am very nerdy at work, working with a reception class... but it is a lot of fun!

Ravenkc: I suppose sometimes you can borrow my pink gun**

Ravenkc: hahahah

Ravenkc: Ok so you are busy in RL, but do you see a future in ICS?

Harley_Quinn: sincerely i don’t know, i have not spoken much to anyone here yet since im so busy now, put that is my idea to get to know people, help them, show them what they hear about me isn’t true, i am changing into a better person believe it or not

A Queens Final words:

[i]Queen Gorgo:Queen Gorgo: “The Oracle's words stand as a warning. A prophecy. Sparta will fall. All of Greece will fall. And Persian fire will reduce Athens to cinder. For Athens is a pile of stone and wood and cloth and dust. And, as dust, will vanish into the wind. Only the Athenians themselves exist, and the fate of the world hangs on their every syllable. Only the Athenians exist and only stout wooden ships can save them. Wooden ships, and a tidal wave of heroes' blood.[/b]

A Queens Conclusion
Harley_Quinn has certainly had her fair share of hardships in her rise to fame among the TMB ranks- But can she withstand the test of time to make a comeback? and lead ICS to victory with her leadership skills- the rest of her story is unwritten only time will tell what fate will bestow upon this young queens story- Will That breeze became a wind. A wind that my brothers have sacrificed. A wind of freedom... a wind of justice... a wind of vengeance.”

Reporting to you from the TMB Studios
TMB Queen xXx

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