Ravenkc: Ok so I am sitting with the man who has been recognized in TMB as the 'Golden Boy' with 100's of gold medals, this guy is worth more than any TMB player to date…I interviewed him as the Golden child a few years ago, but now he has upgraded to TMB God, once again I would like to get the insight into the Mafia Life of the one and only Lopov!!!

Ravenkc: OK so I am going to get straight to it Lopov, tell me how did you become a TMB God? Do you remember the round?

LOPOV: Can’t really remember the exact round, but it was when some guy named MR.Criminal and the other one called Dasher thought they can fuck around. So I decided to prove them wrong, I also made that GOD thing for the badger only

Ravenkc: Yes well I was lying in bed before thinking about you (non sexually) (this time) and I wondered about that, I do remember the honeybadger thing slightly- but both of your points there are interesting can you tell us more about it, wasn’t MR.Criminal some kind of Don and you killed his entire union?

LOPOV: TLR union I think it’s called. And yeah, he firstly claimed to be with IU, but in fact was working for UT. And tbh I don’t rly like people that says they with you and then screw you right next round, I despise those kinda people and I will probably do my best to find them and kill them whenever I’m around

LOPOV: I also made them put LOPOV IS GOD on their profiles

Ravenkc: Oh dear, so you bashed them then humiliated them, do you think that’s how you need to be: 'rule with an iron fist' so to speak, I have noticed your game play has changed a lot over time, watching you, you used to be this sweet guy now you’re like a killing demon

Ravenkc: is this just your strategy due to game maturity or you becoming the sexy man you are?

LOPOV: Could be that I spent too much time killing, but then again, due to my time here in IU I seen lots of things. Friends would screw you over just like that. So I try to keep it simple, as long as you work for the fam and team you are ok with me, but if you only here to rank and use that to hit us back, I will surely hunt you down

Ravenkc: Yes you must see a lot of that- IU have ruled for a long time, I’m sure you have seen your good share of rank whores- but they don’t bother as much as a good mate leaving or turning on you after playing for years?

Ravenkc: Sometimes but Lopov, perhaps you are being too suspicious! Like before my son messaging you on my dad’s computer then you went and bashed him LOL

LOPOV: I would agree that there’s some minor rankwhores around for sure, but I’m still watching them. But as I said, I seen a lot and from my experience its always good to know a lot.

LOPOV: And yeah that stuff with the tears I had earlier is funny now that shell told me your son is able to message people around

LOPOV: I was like, wtf this guy tears was always cool, what hit him all of a sudden

Ravenkc: Oh Lopov he has too much respect for you to be fucking around like that

Chapter 2- IU ‘The Well Oiled Machine’

A true knight is fuller of bravery in the midst, than in the beginning of danger.
-Philip Sidney
Ravenkc: So Lopov because this is your second interview for your TMB fans I will make it quick- can you just give me the current update on IU and how are things going for the undefeated union?

LOPOV: 2 secs just to hit one guy

Ravenkc: Im adding that in the interview (even when he is in the studio the guy is ordering hits)

LOPOV: ok done

LOPOV: As everyone probably know, we are a well-oiled machine, there was a few rumors that IU gonna quit the game and stuff, but it’s not like that. What would make us really happy is a brand new challenge if people aint scared:P

LOPOV: IU are going nowhere

Ravenkc: well that’s great to hear and I am sure with the game rule changes the game is ready to challenge IU!! But I am sure your master minds have already come up with plans on how to dominate these new rules!! Do you think it will bring the game new life?

LOPOV: What I would like to see is a rule where u have to arm up all ur dus and not hiding down at low networth like a little bitch. As for the challenge, we are ready!

Ravenkc: well it was a great strategy that had to be learnt to get down LOW hahaha with IU chasing you it’s a must!!

Ravenkc: So apart from the usual IU gang, eck coca, lopov, spade ect are there any new upcoming warlords in IU the game should be watchful of?


Ravenkc: lmfao you are as bad as shell- trying to get info out of you guys is like pulling teeth from a horse!
Ravenkc: So I see you in your pro pic you are very good looking do you work out?

Ravenkc: lol

LOPOV: I used to train football for a couple of years till I went to college actually

Ravenkc: tall and plays football; Im sure the TMB ladies will enjoy this hahaha

LOPOV: after that I been into any kind of sports except basketball now which I play now during the summer time with friends

Ravenkc: I can picture you lifting weights working out the IU ranks hahah - I usually do my gym ball and plan ways on how to talk with you and eck ahah

LOPOV: Hehe.. I been into gym for about 5-6 months with some breaks, then tried some kick boxing, but I’m just too tall and I aint fast enough for that

Ravenkc: OH!! Well I think you just need to keep training, my Dad is 6'8 and a 7th Dan in Zen Do Kai and also taught Kickboxing so it can be done for tall guys don’t give up!!.....So IU appears to be shrinking do you think they still have the stamina to take on the rest of tmb?

LOPOV: god damn that’s the second person I’ve heard that’s been taller than me

LOPOV: dong also

LOPOV: and yes we pretty much can take it with just few of us, I wonder what would happen if we are all here though. One thing is certain if UT couldn’t beat us with all their cash, I doubt anyone can

Ravenkc: now we know why he is called Ding Dong.LOL

LOPOV: he was wearing his wife’s shoes at the time he was measured I’m sure :P

Chapter 3: From Ronin Killer to IU God

Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.
-Theodore Roosevelt
Ravenkc: Yes I agree the leaders of IU are very smart and have ruled the ranks for a long time- even if you think you can work the system out before them they have already considered all options!! - So do you think your entire TMB experience has made you the player you are today? Or do you owe most of your training to IU?
LOPOV: I would say a bit of both. Back in the days while I was with Ronin I used to kill for fun not paying too much attention into who’s who and who gonna rank or who wont etc. After I joined IU which was becoming the new powerhouse of TMB I started learning other stuff too, which eventually made me the player I am today. Only one more thing to be learnt but I won’t tell you which one :P

Ravenkc: yes I remember you and Marlies the crazy duo!! You guys did the turbo collect fams as I recall??

LOPOV: (shake)

LOPOV: killer families only

Ravenkc: oh ok hah sorry my memory is very poor these days, I knew you guys ran something as I remember you two being meanies to me

LOPOV: yeah it was great back then, till he left

Ravenkc: I also may have been on drugs as well so

LOPOV: (chuckle)

Ravenkc: yeah I miss him too I wasn’t sure if he was gay but he was certainly fun

LOPOV: that’s what I thought when I got a message from your son, I though hmm tears is on drugs


Ravenkc: it is possible but not that night lol

LOPOV: shell explained to me then, that your son is able to fuck shit up with keyboard

LOPOV: I was like omg

LOPOV: I was owned by a 5 year old

Ravenkc: Well he has been exposed to TMB all his life since I have played for 7 yrs hahah I mean he used to attack people from my account also- lol and text people!! I guess when I have said in the past "sorry that was my son Archer" they thought I was just being a dickhead lol

LOPOV: he’s pretty fast

Chapter 4: No Challenges for the Undefeated Union and Setting the Record Straight – The Rumors of IU’s Depletion are False!

Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.
Winston Churchill
Ravenkc: So you must have had some pretty huge build offs or gun battles - can you share your favorite ones for your TMB fans or enemies to enjoy??

LOPOV: I actually can’t say I had any huge build off after the UT left. That turbo was hilarious 360k cap gone in like a day or so

Ravenkc: so really no actual challenge except for when UT were around?

LOPOV: Nah not a single one. Saint bread was talking around, but I think he is scared to do it

Ravenkc: I am not even sure what happened; but I enjoyed the rounds I played with Untouchables - I was hiding in there as I wanted to play but I had some IU guys chasing me round after round.. They were honorable enough to let me play with them, so I will always remember them for that- they also just got down to biz no BS no personal stuff just to play the game

Ravenkc: Ok Lopov so the rumors of IU's demise are false?

LOPOV: Yep, we all go crazy sometimes and say shit like that when we had enough of something. But it takes a day till it all calms down

Ravenkc: Ok some last few short answer questions!! Ahahha

Ravenkc: who is your favorite collector in TMB?

LOPOV: That’s a hard one

Ravenkc: (chuckle)

Ravenkc: come on Serbian Knight you are dragging the chain!!

Ravenkc: Coca? Realt? Danzig? big dick Ding_Dong lol there’s a few

LOPOV: Sheikh also

Ravenkc: oh yeah that pretty boy

Ravenkc: I forget him as he was one of lethal’s bfs

Ravenkc: Ok fav enemy killer???

LOPOV: Hmmm, i would say maybe DN and Roger

Ravenkc: hmm interesting choices

LOPOV: they are insane protectors

LOPOV: once in turbo, Dn protected like almost 48 hrs

Ravenkc: ok Lopov I have kept you long enough!! You have come a long way from Ronin killer to an IU god!! You have an army to command so I will send you on your way!! Take your time to have some shout outs to your mates in TMB you have bled for on the battlefield and I wish you all the best as one of the Knights of the Round Table

LOPOV: First I would like to thank you for the interview

LOPOV: And shout outs to all my friends and enemies, if I go with just names I might skip someone’s

So the Tall brave Serbian Knight placed his sword ‘Excalibur’ into its sheath, in that moment I realized he must have been the one to pull the sword from the stone, the boy king. He stood like a giant; it was great to be around a tall handsome guy fully clad in iron with his brown; curls falling down past his brow. We exited the studio door and he climbed upon his black stallion; it was as if I were placed in a fairy tale book; hoping I was the fair maiden to be rescued by the gallant knight- but I realized I was actually the wicked queen. I placed my notes in Storms office and decided it was time to meet Spade at the bar; I had hoped Tiki had uncovered the stolen horcrux by now we still had one to destroy in our online game we played during work hours while Storm was on his lunch break.

Reporting to you live @ the TMB Studios
TMB Queen

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