The start of a new era within The Mafia Boss has started, it will be interesting to see how players, families and unions will be set up with the new 48 hour time limit for setting families/unions and joining families and unions. Many moaned about IU making the game all 00's but it looks like this game style have been adopted by Titans recently and they have certainly kept this tradition going by hitting IU's ops. Whilst the other way around the killers in IU have done what they would call a "great job" keeping all other collectors not part of them and WC below 200k of ops.

Within the first couple of days Titans, laid their cards on the table and set up a union with all their families joining of the next few days. Their union networth was sitting around the 1trill mark just on the sheer number of members alone. Due to a lot families being part of the growing Titans union, the family ranks were left open for some of the smaller emerging families to come through. Time went by whilst we waited to see how IU and WC would play with the new rules. But within time WC union popped up next but without west_coast_420, was this intentional or had they miss timed joining? Well, apparently it was none of those options. Irish_Mike said they have split "due to an argument" When prodded further Irish_Mike said "no commet" Have the new rules already started dividing the bigger unions up?

Next IU and RU_IU unions popped up, but again IU_OTF family was alone but the family was set at the start of round and looked as if this could be a mistake made by IU. Most players were asking themselves if this would this affect them towards the end of the round? As Titans were boasting a whopping 17 families and 160 odd members whilst the 2 IU unions and WC union only had 2 families each and around 40 members each. Also within Titans, there was a member that had come back to the game and that was Pops. Pulling pops away from the killing quickly he managed to say "I like the rules so far and I do like playing again and that was not the case last time I logged in" Maybe this could be the start of some old faces returning to the game. Ding_dong certainly didn't believe that Titans had a challenge on their hands as his profile read "Change the rules, blindfold us, tie our legs together . . Result is the same . . IU wins"

So with IU, Titans and some of WC all set up in the union ranks, we were hoping for an appearance in the family ranks from somebody new to be battling it out. And with just over a day left and West_Coast_420 and UC_Avengers battling it out as they are still big families our prayers were answered. And the emerging family came in the shape of Warriors run by the less than loved Haggs. We asked how Haggs thought the round was going sadly his reply was "no commet" Another family that was at the top at the end is CapDiTuttiCapi with DN, Roger and Blackswan, which was sitting at the top end of the global ranks all round, knowing that with the new 5% op hitting rule would stop them from being 00'ed due to a high networth. However Ding_Dong kept on top of their ops, as they were in his range. This didnt seem to bother Roger who on his profile said "I love new rules!!! and IU look like noobs )" Not sure what this was meant to mean as they were the ones who ranged themselves into killing territory for people built big.

Back to the unions, with just over a day left WC, IU and RU_IU had all gone above Titans in the union ranks. But we also had a late entry into the union ranking and that was London_elite which was made up by HKU, Loco and Ronin. Had they found an easy way of picking up big turns that wasn't normally on offer or were they going to be challenging for medals?
LE have been around a long time, but with the change in the rules finally gave us something to go for
Gallio (acting don of Ronin
The end of round saw cash being moved between the two iu unions, before ding_dong started to collect. It looked as if titans would have to put all money in union bank to challenge for a top 3 finish. This was not the case as they looked to take some tier ranks. Iu and wc both went big in the union ranks taking the top 3. WC_420 won the family gold with warriors claiming second place. Congratulations to all who won. The question is, many were saying IU were dead, and many profiles claimed that they didn’t know what they were doing yet along with wc they seem to have taken most of the ranks again. So the question is do you think that the end is near for them, after the last impressive round?

Review results:

-Level 4-

rank mafioso net worth
1. DinG_DonG $7,648,092,085,751
2. LOPOV $2,905,494,403,225
3. Saint-Bread $951,198,697,655

-Level 3-

rank mafioso net worth
1. NoGunsAllowed $1,005,118,530,516
2. JJ_PAGANO $511,854,977,039
3. skeet $450,009,500,001

-Level 2-

rank mafioso net worth
1. dieslow $850,633,539,690
2. DIESEL_DOCTOR $542,670,491,693
3. Jumbozo $397,107,037,919

-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth
1. SB $300,195,167,742
2. FondleMyNutz $300,123,687,895
3. hazmoore $200,670,093,623

-Best Supporter Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Del_Meier_West 1,085,395
2. DinG_DonG 968,941
3. Pops 803,184

-Best Free Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Furious 389,568
2. Secret_WeapoN 222,080
3. muskat 212,658

-collecting family-

rank family boss net worth
1. WesT_CoasT_420 BliZzArD_420 $938,342,798,217
2. Warriors Haggs $600,593,440,819
3. CapoDiTuttiCapi Roger $514,241,806,938

-killers family-

rank family boss kills
1. for-now Ravenkc 2,605,820
2. Sup3r_IU DinG_DonG 2,418,922
3. IU_Omerta_ICS_SS NoGunsAllowed 2,098,734

- collecting union-

rank family boss kills
1. RU_IU Davidd $3,597,717,564,535
2. IU DinG_DonG $3,506,158,810,183
3. WEST_COAST CYCLONE $2,778,190,705,837

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